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Revision Rhinoplasty price in Istanbul

Revision Rhinoplasty in Istanbul (Details & costs)

What is Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as a nose job, is a cosmetic/reconstructive procedure for the nose and/or nasal passages. Sometimes the desired aesthetic results are not met after the first procedure; therefore, the specialist surgeon opts for a revision rhinoplasty, which is an operation done to fix the permanent structural problems, breathing issues, or aesthetic issues resulting from the previous surgery. 

After having a rhinoplasty, the chance of needing a revision rhinoplasty may range from 3% to 15%, even if the procedure was done by the most experienced surgeons. During the revision surgery, very limited corrections and/or positional repairs are made, however a comprehensive surgery to eliminate serious structural issues is needed for extreme deformities.

In cases of significant tissue loss in the nasal structure, more complex techniques and experience are needed for the operation, which is the opposite of operating on a nose that has not been operated on before.

When is the optimal time for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Patients can determine whether they need a revision rhinoplasty or not within the first 1 to 3 months of recovery, which is the healing  period of the swelling nose. It is also a period to inspect for any  signs of structural damage.

If there is a very obvious asymmetry in the nose, revision nose surgery may be performed in the early recovery stages . It is necessary to wait at least 6 months, ideally a year, to decide on the revision rhinoplasty and to determine the best nasal parts needed for revision.

On the other hand, there may be some exceptional circumstances which require a revision earlier. Such cases include: visible or occurring respiratory problems, the nose being reduced too much, or other complaints. A revision nasal intervention is suitable in the early stages, wehen the nose did not develop any tight connective tissues or adhere to contacting skin.

How many Revision Rhinoplasties can a person have?

Both the doctor and the patient hope for the desired results as much as possible within a single operation, but sometimes it is not possible to get the targeted nose shape after only 1 session. Revision rhinoplasty should not be performed for minor nasal issues, because sometimes they can exacerbate and lead to bigger issues.

Revision rhinoplasty is an operation like many others that has risks. However, a revision can be done if the problems that occur after the primary nose surgery are interfering with the client’s life and second surgery seems viable.  Even a third revision surgery can be performed once more or even a fourth or a fifth one, there is no limit or a rule of thumb regarding that matter.

However it should be known that after each surgery, the nasal tissue gets a little thinner every time, and the risks of the tissues not developing enough nor nurturing properly increase. Therefore, it is desirable to reach the nasal figure goal by undergoing as few surgeries as possible.

A young woman after her revision rhinoplasty in Turkey

How Long Does Revision Rhinoplasty Take to Heal?

The surgical duration of secondary rhinoplasty takes longer than the one from the first rhinoplasty. However, as long as no complications occur, patients are usually discharged on the same day of the revision rhinoplasty. 

After the procedure, bruises and swelling may occur around the eyes. However, these bruises are healed between three to four days, as the edema gradually decreases. Patients can return to their normal lives in about 10 days after revision nose surgery.

How Much does a Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey?

In order to determine the price range of revision rhinoplasty, the person interested should be examined by a specialist surgeon, because some respiratory problems may need to be resolved prior to the procedure. In short, the price of revision nose surgery varies according to the needs of the patients due to the varying nasal structures. However it is expected that a Revision Rhinoplasty can cost anywhere from 1500$ to 5000$, depending on the complexity of the nose structure and the operation itself.

Get your Revision Rhinoplasty in Istanbul now !

Revision nose surgery, one of many aesthetic surgeries we offer, can be performed on patients living in Turkey as well as patients coming from abroad. Our clinic will provide detailed information about how many days the patient should stay in Turkey before and after the surgery too. To get more information about the prices of rhinoplasty performed in Turkey, you can visit our website and contact our specialists, who are always there for your service..

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