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➤ Droopy Nose Tip Surgery in Turkey

Droopy Nose Tip Surgery in Turkey

Do you have a low nose tip or a so-called drooping nose? If the droopy nose appearance bothers you; you are in the right place! In this week’s article, we will talk about the treatment of low nasal tip, which is frequently encountered in nose types. In our content; How Do You Fix a Droopy Nasal Tip? you can find the answer. We wish you good reading.

What is Nose Tip Drooping?

A drooping nasal tip is a condition in which the tip of the nose bends downwards. Low nasal tip is caused by the lack of the structure supporting the nose. Nasal tip sagging may occur in people due to genetics, aging and as a result of impact. People often have nasal tip aesthetics for aesthetic reasons and to improve respiratory problems.

Causes of Droopy Nose

There are many causes of low nasal tip. Low nasal tip can be genetically transmitted from parents after birth. Genetic reasons are considered the main cause of a drooping nose. Apart from genetic factors, the conditions that cause low nasal tip are as follows:

  • With aging, skin tissue tends to sag over time. Weakening of the cartilage and tissues in the nose causes nasal tip drooping.
  • Fracture of the nose after trauma causes nasal tip sagging.
  • Unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries can disrupt the nasal structure of the person.
  • The soft structure of the cartilage and excess cartilage tissue are other factors that cause low nasal tip.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Low Nasal Tip Treatment?


If you have a drooping and low nose, you are a suitable candidate for low nose tip surgery. Nasal tip aesthetics is frequently performed by people over the age of 18; nose and facial development is completed. For the treatment of low nasal tip, the health status of the person should be under control. In order for general anesthesia to be applied, your health must be in good condition. Therefore, health checks before the procedure are important. Before the treatment, your specialist surgeon examines your nose structure as a whole according to your body. It applies the necessary tests for your general body health. Whether you are a suitable candidate for nasal tip aesthetics is determined as a result of these tests. In this process, you should be ready to quit smoking completely.

How to Measure Nasal Tip Rotation

If you have a low nasal tip and want to take a step towards treatment, the first step is to schedule a consultation with your doctor. Your specialist doctor will measure the low nasal tip using the nasolabic angle and determine your treatment. Careful measurement of nasal tip rotation before surgery directly affects the success of the procedure. In nasal tip rotation, the angles are different for men and women. Generally, the nasolabic angle in women is between 95 and 108 degrees. In men, it is between 90 and 100 degrees.

Correcting a Drooping Nasal Tip

Due to physical appearance and functional needs, people often desire correction of nasal tip sagging. Rhinoplasty is the definitive method to reconstruct the shape of the nose. Treatments such as Botox treat nasal tip sagging for a short time. Rhinoplasty surgery offers permanent solutions to improve the contours of the nose. Nasal tip sagging can be repaired with several techniques. In cartilage-induced nasal tip drooping, the surgeon improves the area by removing excess cartilage. The missing cartilage tissue is taken from other parts of the body.

The Nasal Tip Rotation Procedure


Nasal tip rotation is a method applied to correct the angle of the nose. Nasal sagging can be improved with different techniques within the scope of people’s needs. Often, low nasal tip; rhinoplasty is repaired with rhinoplasty, nasal tip aesthetics and revision rhinoplasty. For personalized low nasal tip treatment, your specialist doctor will decide on the most suitable low nasal tip treatment for you after completing your controls during the examination.

Droopy Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a method that comprehensively treats low nasal tip. During the examination, the structure of the nose is examined in detail and the person’s special demands are asked. Rhinoplasty surgery is organized for low nasal tip within the framework of the person’s wishes. The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. With the help of the incision, the cartilage and bone structure is repositioned and the low nasal tip is eliminated. In rhinoplasty, nasal sagging is repaired perfectly in an average of 1 hour.

Nasal Tip Aesthetics

Nasal tip aesthetics is a surgery that repairs the tip of the nose individually. Nasal tip aesthetics is performed to lift and reposition the tip of the nose. It is generally preferred to improve the sagging nasal tip caused by genetics and trauma. Nasal tip aesthetics is a permanent procedure when performed by a specialist doctor. At the end of the surgery, a natural looking nose structure is gained.

Revision Nose Surgery

Revision nose surgery is a procedure performed if the tip of the nose is low as a result of rhinoplasty. Unsuccessful rhinoplasty can lead to disorders in the nasal structure. Therefore, you should have your low nasal tip surgery performed by a specialized revision rhinoplasty doctor. The specialist revision rhinoplasty doctor permanently repositions the nose tip that falls during surgery.

Why Should I Get a Droopy Nose Rhinoplasty?

You should have droopy nose rhinoplasty to improve the droopy nose tip appearance and for a more attractive face. A droopy and low nose appearance can disturb the person aesthetically. With nasal tip aesthetics, a symmetrical structure and harmony is achieved on the face. Droopy nose rhinoplasty offers you a natural and sexy appearance by shaping the tip of the nose. However, severe low nose can sometimes affect the person’s ability to breathe well. In nasal tip aesthetics, your airways are improved and you can breathe more comfortably.

The Cost Of Dropping Nasal Tip Treatment

The cost of nasal tip reduction will vary according to the detail of the procedure, the type of anesthesia, the condition of the clinic and hospital, and the success of the doctor. Turkey is known as the country offering the most affordable costs for nose tip aesthetics. Competition in health tourism and the exchange rate are among the main reasons for affordability. You can contact us to have nasal tip aesthetics at affordable prices.

Droopy Nose Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey

Specialist Dr. Hasan Duygulu has years of experience in comprehensive droopy nose rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul. The droopy nose surgery performed by Dr. Hasan Duygulu promises a more proportional and pleasant facial appearance. If you are complaining of low nose tip; If you desire a more aesthetic facial appearance, you can get information by reviewing our Nose Job Turkey page and contact us for a preliminary consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nasolabic angle refers to the angle between the upper lip and the tip of the nose. The ratio of the angle is used to measure the asymmetry of a person’s face and nose.

Low nasal tip surgery is not a risky surgery. As with any nose surgery, mild bleeding and pain may be experienced after the procedure. Nasal tip aesthetics should be performed by a specialist doctor to avoid infection and possible complications. Postoperative care should be applied carefully.

Nasal sagging is mainly caused by the weakness of the cartilage tissue at the tip of the nose. Over time, the weak cartilage sags downwards and causes a low nasal tip.

As a result of a failed rhinoplasty surgery, the tip of the nose may fall off.

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