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➤ Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Celebrities, who are constantly on television and in front of the camera, have minor aesthetic procedures just like us, both to look good on television and to look better for their fans. Facelift procedures are among the most important of these procedures. The facelift operation, which offers flawless results if performed by professional hands, makes celebrities look younger and make them feel psychologically better. However, although facelift procedures are kept secret and hidden by celebrities due to the beauty pressures of their fans and the magazine, they are often deciphered by paparazzi. At this point, the procedures that celebrities have had done are curious and started to be researched. If you are wondering which celebrities have facelift procedures, you can take a look at our content. We wish you healthy days.

Who Hads Male Celebrity Facelift?

The facelift operation, which has recently become widespread among male celebrities, is of interest to many famous men. Thanks to this frequently preferred facelift operation, celebrities look more beautiful to their fans by having a smoother and younger appearance. They also feel better psychologically. Here are the male celebrities who had facelift surgery;

Marc Jacobs’ Facelift

Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Marc Jacobs, the founder of the world-famous Marc by Marc Jacobs brand, makes a name for himself with his designs and fashion shows in the fashion world, while also making a name for himself with minor aesthetic operations. Jacobs, who has signed many successful designs, fascinates many women and men with his appearance. World-famous designer Marc Jacob’s announced on his personal Instagram page that he had a facelift operation in recent years. The 58-year-old famous fashion designer also expressed his happiness in the post he shared with the tag “#LiveLoveLift”. Jacobs, who has flawless facial features and a smooth appearance with a facelift operation, had his surgery performed by New York plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono. Dr. Jacono said that he applied a deep facelift technique to Marc Jabos so that he treated both the middle part of the face and the neck at the same time. Marc Jacob, who gained an impressive expression after the procedure, had a sharper expression and achieved a masculine appearance.

Mickey Rourke’s Facelift

Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

The successful actor, who starred in cult movies such as “Sin City”, “Man Of Fire” and “Iron Man 2” and fascinated with his roles, is one of the rare celebrities who still manages to remain young and dynamic despite his advancing age. At 71 years old, the famous actor has a flawless facial profile compared to most of his peers. Mickey Rourke, who has these flawless facial features, does not have deep wrinkles in the center of his face. Mickey Rourke states that he owes this secret to the facelift technique. When we examine the images of Rourke, who has not yet announced his doctor, we guess that he applied ponytail facelift and mini facelift. Especially when we examine his face in detail, Mickey Rourke, who achieved slanting around the eyes, provided a flawless appearance in the middle part of his face with the mini facelift application. As a result of these procedures, Rourke, who had a flawless and natural appearance, also got rid of the wrinkles in the forehead area and appeared before his fans with a younger appearance.

Tom Cruise Facelift

tom cruise plastic surgery before and after
tom cruise plastic surgery before and after

Tom Cruise, one of the successful and charismatic names of the Hollywood movie industry, still draws attention with his appearance despite his advancing age. Cruise, who had deep wrinkles on his face at an advanced age, underwent facelift surgery to look more flawless to his fans. When we examine the image, we can say that wrinkles and sagging occur on the famous actor’s neck and facial features. The successful and handsome actor, who has not yet announced his doctor, is said to have had scarless facelift when examined by doctors who specialize in facelift procedures. Especially in the images where there is a noticeable difference in the neck, cheeks and chin, we can say that the neck circumference is more tense and the cheeks have a fuller and smoother appearance. The 61-year-old famous actor does not show his age at all thanks to the successful facelift surgeries he has had and manages to stay young despite the advancing years.

Gene Simmons’s Facelift

Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

American-born, world-famous rock star Gene Simmons is one of the legendary names of the 70s. Gene Simmons, the founder and vocalist of the alternative rock band “KISS”, which took the world by storm, took the world by storm until the end of the 70s. The 74-year-old famous artist, who left his mark on the period with his hit songs, took a break from his music career when he started to get older and made a reality show program called “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. Simmons, who appeared on the screens despite his advancing age, admitted to his fans that he had a facelift procedure to look better. The Simmonses, who also included the facelift procedures he had done with his wife Shannon Tuvit in the reality show program called “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”, preferred Dr. Frank Rya in Bevery Hills for the facelift procedure. When we examine the procedure performed by Dr. Rya, we estimate that he performed a full facelift procedure. The prominent cheeks, sharp jaw line, raised eyebrow profile and tense neck appearance confirm that he had a full facelift procedure.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Facelift

john travolta facelift before after
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

John Travolta, perhaps one of the most popular and hit actors of recent times, is one of the artists who does not compromise his charisma despite his advancing age. The famous actor, who has a considerable fan base with the movies he has made and played in, has starred in hits such as “Pulp Fiction” “Grease” “The Punisher”. John Travolta, who still looks vigorous and young despite his advancing age, owes this appearance to the facelift procedures he has done. When we examine the pictures of the 70-year-old famous actor, we can say that there is a tense appearance around the lips, chin, eye area and forehead area. John Travolta, who has not yet made a full statement on this subject, can state that he did smas facelift based on the images and based on his age. Because if we assume that Travolta’s age is 70, we can say that the fat melts on the skin surface and for this reason, focusing on the bones.

Who Hads Female Celebrity Facelift?

Female celebrities who want to look flawless in front of the camera undergo minor operations in order to look more attentive to their fans. One of the most important of these operations is the face lift procedure. Female celebrities, who achieve a flawless appearance thanks to the face lift procedure, both feel better and refresh their image on television. Here are female celebrities with face lift operations;

Kris Jenner Facelift

kris jenner facelift before after
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Kris Jenner, who is both the manager and mother of the Kardashians, often makes a name for herself with her career guidance to her daughters and her quick wit. The famous star, who impresses with her beauty as well as her intelligence, does not fall off the agenda of the magazine with the sensational events she has recently made. Especially the reality show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which was realized under the leadership of Jenner, has added fame to the family’s fame. The 68-year-old famous star, who is constantly visible in front of the screen, pays great attention to her beauty, just like her daughters. In this direction, she performs a series of small operations. Although her daughter Kylie Jenner is the queen of the beauty industry, Jenner, who does not lag behind aesthetic operations, recently announced that she had a facelift procedure on her face. When we examine the images of Kris Jenner, who preferred Dr. Garth Fisher, known as the “celebrity makeup artist” for the facelift procedure, we can say that she had a deep facelift surgery. With this procedure, which her daughter Kim Kardashian had done 1 month before her wedding, she achieved a smooth and youthful appearance.

Jane Fonda Facelift

jane fonda facelift before after photos
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Jane Fonda, the world-famous actress of American origin, has played roles in many successful films in the past. Fonda, who impresses with her acting and is one of the most sought-after actresses of American films, still meets with her fans in front of the screen despite her advancing age. Stating that television has a special place and importance in her life, Jane Fonda manages to attract attention with her beauty. Despite being 86 years old, the famous actress, who has impressive facial features and smooth expressions, owes her beauty to a series of aesthetic procedures she has undergone. The talented actress, who experienced deep wrinkles in the chin, cheek and temple area due to her advancing age, admitted that she had a facelift procedure. However, he did not make a statement about the procedures he had done. When we examine his picture, we can say that Fonda had a smas facelift. When we take into account her advancing age, we think that fat melting occurred in Jane Fonda’s skin barrier, so we think that the bones under the skin were treated. For this reason, smas facelift has made Jane Fonda quite young.

Tamra Judge Facelift

tamra judge facelift before after
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Tamra Judge, one of the most famous businesswomen in the USA, is also one of the favorite actresses of “Bravo Reality” and “Real Housewives of Orange County”. Despite her advancing age, the beautiful actress, who defies time, still manages to attract attention with her flawless facial features despite being 56 years old. Judge, who is both a successful businesswoman and a talented actress, has little beauty secrets like every successful and beautiful woman. One of these beauty secrets is the facelift procedure she had done. The beautiful actress, who did not hide the facelift procedures she had done, also shared a statement about it on her Instagram account. American, Dr. Milind Ambe performed the facelift procedures of the famous beauty who is at peace with herself. When we examine Tamra Judge’s images, Dr. Ambe, we can say that Judge targeted the lower part of her face. In this direction, we estimate that Tamra Judge underwent a mini facelift procedure. Thanks to this process, we can say that the talented actress has a very young appearance.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Facelift

courtney love plastic surgery facelift
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Courtney Love, the lead singer of the world-famous alternative rock band Nirvana and the beloved wife of Kurt Cobain, is still actively acting in television series and movies despite her advancing age. The famous actress, who has starred in many movies, comes to the forefront with her beauty as well as her talents and attracts the attention of the media. The beautiful star, who hides the procedure she has just undergone and hides her doctor, has not lost anything of her beauty despite being 59 years old. Love, who has fuller facial features and a sharp chin structure compared to her peers, also has a tense neck appearance. Although Courtney Love has hidden her doctor and the facelift operation she had done from the media, when we examine the pictures taken by the paparazzi and consider the age factor, we estimate that she had a deep facelift facelift operation. Deep facelift operation, we can state that Courtney Love undoubtedly looks 15 years younger

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Facelift

joan rivers plastic surgery facelift
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Joan River’s, whose real name was Joan Alexandra Molinsky and who was undoubtedly one of America’s most talented celebrities, was a comedian, writer, producer and presenter as well as an actress. Rivers, who was very dynamic despite her advancing age, was a host and fashion commentator on the “Fashion Police” program until 4 years before her death. Joan River, who had an active business life, also had many fans. River’s always made little touches to look attentive to her fans. These touches also gave her a beauty that defied the years. She had undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries. River’s, who did not regret the procedures she had done, had her last facelift a few years before her death. When we examine the photos of Joan Rivers, whose doctor and facelift operation is not yet known, we can guess that she did a Smas facelift. Thanks to this procedure, Joan’s face has achieved a permanent smoothness and fullness. Because Smas facelift has permanently treated all the deep wrinkles on River’s face.

Christie Brinkley facelift

christie brinkley facelift before after
Best Celebrity Facelifts Before and After

Christie Brinkleys, one of America’s most popular and beloved models, was the most sought-after catwalk face of the 80s. Brinkey, who was highly talked about with her career, had come to an even stronger place in her career by acting and entrepreneurship. She continues to act actively. Christie Brinkley, who has been on the catwalk for years and is still one of the most sought-after celebrities on television, does not hide that she has had a series of beauty procedures in order to look even more assertive on television. The beautiful model, who made a statement about this issue on her Instagram account, had her facelift procedure done by American Dr. Anthony Youn. When we examine the photographs of Christie Brinkley, who achieved a very successful result, the first thing that catches our eye is her flawless neck appearance and wrinkle-free appearance in the crow’s feet areas. Based on these donations, we can guess that the famous model had a full face lift procedure. Thanks to this procedure, the famous model looks at least 20 years younger than her age. In this way, she has become a woman who defies time.

If you, like celebrities, suffer from wrinkles on your face due to genetic reasons or age and do not know what to do about it, you can have a smooth facial appearance like celebrities by having a preliminary consultation with the expert team of Faceaestetics, which specializes in facelift in Turkey.

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