Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey


Men’s favorite aesthetic choice; male rhinoplasty! Every year thousands of men prefer to visit Turkey for rhinoplasty. Turkey is known as an aesthetic solution for many people with experienced surgeons in male rhinoplasty. We have also touched on the details of male nose surgery in Turkey for you this week. We wish you good reading.

Male Rhinoplasty Process in Turkey

Surgery Time 2-3 hours
Anesthesia General
Hospital Stay 1 nights 
Sensitivity 1 weeks 
Stay in Turkey 7 days

What is Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that shapes and improves the structure of the nose. Male nose surgery gives aesthetic beauty to the shape of the nose. Basically, male rhinoplasty is a customized version of rhinoplasty surgery. Men prefer rhinoplasty to improve breathing functions and aestheticize facial tissue.

The Best Candidates For Male Rhinoplasty 

The best candidates for male rhinoplasty are people over the age of 18 who have breathing problems or who do not like the structure of their nose. Male rhinoplasty can generally correct the following nasal functions and appearance:

  • Large and wide nose size
  • Curvature of the bridge of the nose
  • Hump and depression
  • Drooping nose tip
  • Impaired nasal function
  • Imbalance in the structure of the nose

How is Male Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Male nose aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery takes about 2 hours on average; depending on the details of the procedure, it may take up to 3 hours. Depending on the patient’s condition, open or closed aesthetic method is preferred in surgery. The nose is reshaped with the help of incisions. After the desired structure is obtained, it is completed with aesthetic suture methods.

Common Goals For the Male Nose

Each nose structure has different anatomical details. For successful male rhinoplasty, the nose type and thinness of the person should be examined in detail and the rhinoplasty procedure should be decided accordingly. Every person is similar and their wishes differ within this framework. Therefore, male nose aesthetics goals are also personalized. However, in general, men want their nasal structures to be strong. They apply for a male nose for prominent nose lines.

Rhinoplasty For Men

Rhinoplasty is an operation that men attach importance to in terms of their health and physique. The male nose, which has a thicker skin structure than women, has an aesthetic appearance with rhinoplasty. The benefits and advantages of rhinoplasty for men can be summarized as follows:

  • In male rhinoplasty, back hump is corrected and respiratory functions are improved.
  • The crooked and deviated male nose is repaired with aesthetics.
  • Airway obstruction is one of the treatments improved by male rhinoplasty.
  • In the surgery, a natural masculine appearance is given with a shaped nose tip.
  • Male rhinoplasty offers a solution to the humped male nose.
  • It is also known that men who have rhinoplasty have increased self-confidence.

Preparing For Male Rhinoplasty

As in every surgery, male rhinoplasty requires preparation before surgery. The process before and after male rhinoplasty is the critical period for the success of the surgery. Taking good care of yourself in this process means that you will get the full reward and permanence of the surgery. Therefore, it is important and necessary to follow the instructions given by your doctor in male rhinoplasty surgery. What we need to do while preparing for male rhinoplasty is briefly as follows:

  • To support the success and permanence of male nose job, stop smoking and alcohol consumption 3 weeks before the procedure.
  • If you are taking any medical medication, inform your doctor before surgery.
  • Do not use blood thinners before male nose job.
  • Take care to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.
  • If general anesthesia will be used in the surgery, you should come to the procedure hungry.

The Process After Male Rhinoplasty

The recovery period of male rhinoplasty surgery can take up to 1 year. However, this period refers to the complete fitting of the nose shape. Pain and swelling will end 1 month after the surgery. The things to be considered after male rhinoplasty for a healthy healing process are as follows:

  • After male rhinoplasty surgery, you can use the medicines and creams given by your doctor.
  • Especially in the first 2 weeks after surgery, you may have swelling and edema. These side effects are quite normal and do not cause pain.
  • For your edema, you can apply a cold compress without touching your nose.
  • You should protect your skin from sun rays. You should use sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Eat a healthy diet and do not smoke.

Male Rhinoplasty Before and After

Even a small change in the structure of the male nose can positively affect the facial appearance in a natural and aesthetic way. It is possible to see and examine how the general facial line has changed from male rhinoplasty before and after gallery photos. You can examine the changes if you wish on our rhinoplasty gallery male page.

Cost of Male Rhinoplasty Male in Turkey

Turkey offers affordable price policies in male rhinoplasty costs as in most aesthetics. So, how much does male rhinoplasty cost in Turkey? Male rhinoplasty costs in Turkey are around 4,000 dollars. It should also be noted that male nose aesthetics prices vary according to certain factors. You can contact us for detailed and affordable male nose aesthetics fees.

Male Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey

Men who undergo rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey continue to express their satisfaction with its functionality and beauty. You can start your preliminary interview for male nose aesthetics in Istanbul immediately. Let Dr. Hasan Duygulu accompany your male nose aesthetics process and support your handsomeness with safe procedures. Contact Dr. Hasan Duygulu immediately to put an end to aesthetic concerns and to make breathing function healthy. Visit our Rhinoplasty in Turkey service page to browse the surgical process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Male rhinoplasty is performed in Turkey. Turkey has advanced technology and experienced surgeons in favor of male rhinoplasty. The country’s price policies in health tourism also make male rhinoplasty in Turkey attractive for people.

Rhinoplasty involves the same procedures in men and women. The procedures performed during surgery are similar. Only the goals of male rhinoplasty may be different. The nasal tissue is completely customized according to the person’s wishes. For example, the problem of low nasal tip is reshaped according to the desired height of the person. While men want a more fixed appearance, women commonly desire a lifted nose.

The most suitable age range for rhinoplasty for men is between 18-25. Because in this age range, the development of men’s facial features is completed.

No, male rhinoplasty is not a more difficult surgery. However, the scope of the aesthetics can be more complex and detailed than for women.

Rhinoplasty is good for men in terms of physical and physical health. In people who have difficulty breathing, the nasal structure is improved through aesthetics and a charismatic appearance is given. Therefore, rhinoplasty is definitely a worthwhile surgery for men.

Yes, you can trust surgeons in Turkey for male rhinoplasty. Turkey is a country that has proven itself in male nose surgery.

Men usually do not prefer to straighten the nose structure. They often prefer to improve the dorsum of the nose so that it is straight and reshape drooping nasal tips.

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