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➤ The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Face Lift in Turkey

The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Face Lift in Turkey

Vertical Vector Facelift in Turkey with Dr. Hasan Duygulu

The first address for all your medical and plastic surgery needs is Dr. Hasan Duygulu. Completely eliminating the signs of skin aging, Dr. Hasan Duygulu promises you a smooth and young skin. The team, which aims at the unconditional satisfaction and happiness of the patients in its private clinic, listens to your wishes; It determines the vertical facelift treatment method that is most suitable for you.

What Is A Vertical Restore Face Lift

Vertical restoration facelift, which has a slightly different form than traditional facelift operations, is a procedure that generally aims to correct the signs of aging in the face and neck area. This procedure repositions and tightens the appearance of sagging skin on the cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin and neckline. Thus, the face and neck line gain a younger, fresher and renewed appearance.

In the Vertical vector facelift procedure, which is a rather invasive method, the lower layers of the face and jaw line are stretched upwards, minimizing the sagging appearance and skin laxity on the face. In this way, a natural and smooth appearance is achieved on the chin and neck line, instead of a very dramatic or artificial appearance.

Vertical Facelift Surgery Treatment Summary

The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Face Lift in Turkey

Vertical facelift aesthetic process varies from person to person. However, if you want to get general process information, you can review the treatment summary we have prepared below.

  • Anesthesia (General)
  • Duration (2 hours)
  • Hospital Stay (1 night)
  • Shower (3 days)
  • Sensitivity (3 days)
  • Work Permit (1 week)
  • Full Recovery (1-2 weeks)
  • Duration of Permanence (10-15 years)

Who is the Best Candidate for Vertical Restore Facelift Surgery?

Vertical facelift surgery is a method preferred by many people. However, this procedure gives clearer results in certain people. If you are wondering whether you are the right candidate for Vertical restoration facelift surgery, you can take a look at the following items.

  • If there is significant sagging in the neck and jaw line
  • If you want to have a more invasive operation
  • You also want to achieve a natural and smooth look rather than a very dramatic or artificial look.

We can say that you are the right candidate for the vertical vector facelift operation. However, if you want to get information about whether you are a right candidate for Vertical facelift operation, contact DR immediately. You can have a preliminary consultation by contacting Hasan Duygulu.

Advantages of Vertical Face Lift Surgery

Vertical restoration facelift aesthetics has many benefits. These benefits vary from person to person and are also shaped according to the person’s expectations. However, in general terms, the benefits of Vertical vector facelift surgery are as follows:

  • Compared to other facial rejuvenation techniques, Vertical Facelift can provide more natural results. In particular, it corrects sagging and laxity on the face in a more natural way, preventing an artificial and dramatic appearance.
  • Since it is made with smaller incisions, it may require less tissue manipulation. For this reason, the healing process is quite short.
  • Vertical restoration facelift generally makes the jaw line more prominent. Thus, it helps to gain a more prominent and youthful appearance.

What Are The Differences Between Vertical Restore Face Lift vs Deep Plane?

There are many differences between the vertical vector facelift procedure and the deep plane facelift procedure. These differences cause both processes to have their own advantages and disadvantages. If we need to talk about these differences;

  • In the vertical facelift procedure, tissues are lifted vertically. In the deep plane procedure, the surgeon works in the deeper layers of the face. Thus, no tissue manipulation occurs in the Vertical restoration facelift procedure.
  • Deep plane facelift works on deep layers and is therefore effective for correcting deeper sagging and looseness. It specifically targets obvious signs of aging in the mid and lower face.
  • However, Vertical vector facelift focuses more on lifting the skin and surface tissues. For this reason, it is generally preferred to correct more superficial sagging and looseness.
  • Vertical facelift usually provides a shorter recovery period because it is less invasive. However, on the contrary, deep plane facelift is a more invasive procedure and the recovery process is a little longer.
  • While deep plane is applied to denser wrinkles, vertical facelift is applied to less dense wrinkles.

You can visit our page to get more information about Deep Plane Face Lift in Turkey.

How Long Do the Results of Vertical Vector Face Lift Last?


One of the most frequently asked questions is how permanent the results of the vertical vector facelift procedure will be. It may be quite wrong to say anything clear about this. Because the permanence of Vertical facelift surgery depends on the person’s skin structure, genetic history and how much attention he pays after the operation. For this reason, the vertical vector facelift operation process may vary from person to person. At the same time, the doctor’s experience also comes into play at this point. Thus, the permanence of the operation increases even more. However, if we were to give an average duration for the permanence of the Vertical facelift operation, we can say that it is 10-15 years. This period may vary depending on the reasons mentioned above.

How to Find an Experienced Vertical Restore Facelift Surgeon?

Vertical vector facelift surgery is an operation that must be carried out very meticulously and carefully. For this reason, you should definitely have it done by a good vertical facelift surgeon.

For this, you need to pay attention to certain points. At the beginning of these points, the surgeon you have chosen must be trained in head and neck and specialize in the field of aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. At the same time, he must have many certificates in the field of facial aesthetics. Finally, your surgeon must have performed Vertical vector facelift aesthetics on many different face types. Therefore, pay attention to these factors when choosing your face lift surgeon.

How is Vertical Facelift Surgery Performed?


While the patient is examined for the vertical facelift procedure, the face shape is analyzed in detail.


Then, the necessary tests are performed and it is examined whether there is a condition that prevents the patient from receiving anesthesia, and if there is no obstacle to the patient receiving anesthesia, general anesthesia is applied.

Incision Procedure

In vertical vector facelift surgery, the procedure begins by making small incisions behind the ears and at the hairline.


The face and neck line are lifted up by carefully removing the tissues and fat under the skin. In this way, the natural looseness of the skin is ensured.

Last Touch

After the vertical restoration facelift procedure is completed, the incisions are closed with stitches. These stitches are usually made to be hidden in the hairline or behind the ear.

What You Need to Know About Vertical Face Lift Before and After

There are many points you should pay attention to before and after vertical facelift surgery. These points help the procedure provide more positive results. Therefore, you can have a perfect process by taking into consideration the suggestions given below.

Things to Consider Before Vertical Vector Facelift Aesthetics

The points you should pay attention to before vertical vector facelift aesthetics will not only make the surgery easier but also affect your recovery process. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the following points.

  • Before the procedure, be sure to have a preliminary consultation with the surgeon who will perform the procedure. State your expectations and wishes clearly during this interview process.
  • Before the procedure, make sure you are mentally prepared for the procedure.
  • You need to stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least 2-4 weeks before the surgery.
  • Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and some herbal supplements can increase bleeding. Therefore avoid using them.
  • Definitely stop using caffeine products before the procedure.
  • Finally, take care to eat as balanced and regular a diet as possible until the day of the procedure.

Things to Consider After Vertical Facelift Aesthetics

There are some points you should pay attention to after the vertical restoration facelift procedure. These points greatly affect your healing process. You should definitely pay attention to these mentioned points.

  • To reduce post-operative swelling, keep your head in an elevated position. Thus, blood circulation accelerates and swelling decreases.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical activities during the first weeks of the recovery process. Such activities increase tension in the surgery area and negatively affect the healing process.
  • Keep the wound area dry for the time specified by your surgeon and be careful when showering.
  • Avoid anything that could put pressure on your face. This may cause damage to the stitches.
  • Be sure to stay away from smoking and alcohol after the procedure. Otherwise, swelling will continue and cause damage to the stitches.
  • Never miss your follow-up appointments.

How to Choose the Best Vertical Restore Facelift Surgeon?


When choosing the best vertical restoration facelift surgeon, you need to pay attention to many points. For this, you need to do in-depth research. Because it is necessary to work with expert surgeons to achieve positive results in vertical facelift procedures. For this reason, you should pay attention to the fact that your doctor’s area of expertise is aesthetic and reconstructive. At the same time, you should make sure that vertical vector facelift is applied to all face types. This way, you can achieve the look of your dreams.

At this point, Hasan Duygulu, one of Turkey’s most famous vertical facelift plastic surgeons, stands out with his success in the operations he performs. For this reason, in order to achieve the impressive facial features of your dreams, you can have the look of your dreams in a healthy way by contacting Hasan Duygulu, one of the most famous vertical restoration facelift aesthetic surgeons in Turkey.

Who is Turkey’s Best Vertical Vector Facelift Surgeon?

There are many famous vertical vector facelift aesthetic surgeons in Turkey. These surgeons perform many successful Vertical restoration and facelift procedures in their field. Hasan Duygulu, who has accomplished these successful works and is one of the most famous Vertical vector facelift aesthetic surgeons, provides his clients with a natural appearance and at the same time offers excellent results. In this way, we can help our patients achieve their dream facial features effortlessly.

Hasan Duygulu, who performs the operation by taking into account the facial types and sagging skin tissues of his patients, as well as the wishes of his patients, offers perfect and perfect results in Vertical vector facelift aesthetics. If you want to have these results, you can achieve perfect results by having a preliminary consultation with Hasan Duygulu, one of the most famous Vertical facelift aesthetic surgeons in Turkey.

Vertical Face Lift Cost in Turkey

Vertical vector facelift procedure is in a very advantageous position in Turkey in terms of cost. The main reason for this is that Turkey is also a good option in terms of exchange rate. The advantageous situation in the exchange rate makes it beneficial to have a Vertical facelift procedure in Turkey.

Vertical restoration facelift costs in Istanbul are quite affordable compared to the other cities we looked at. In Istanbul, where vertical restoration facelift costs are low, transportation is also very easy and fast. Therefore, if you want to choose a city for Vertical vector facelift operation, Istanbul will be the right alternative for this.

Vertical Restore Facelift in Turkey Price$2000- $4000
Vertical Restore Facelift in UK Price£10.000- £12.000
Vertical Restore Facelift in Europe Price€15.000- €17.000
Vertical Restore Facelift in  USA Price$8.000-$10.500


For stunning results and a naturally stunning appearance in facial aesthetic procedures, you can trust us for vertical face lift in Turkey. If you want to get more information about facial aesthetics in Turkey, visit our page.

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