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Signs of a Botched Facelift

Today, many people have aesthetic procedures in order to challenge old age and resist time. One of the most important of these is facelift procedures. Facelift procedures are very safe and offer the desired results. However, in some cases, the results may not be quite what we want. At this point, we have prepared the content “How to Spot a Botched Face Lift?” For you. By browsing the content, you will have detailed information about why unsuccessful face lift procedures are caused and what you can do in such cases. We wish you all good reading and healthy days.

What Is The Botched Facelift Operation?

The term “botched facelift operation”, which we have heard frequently in recent times, is used to express situations where the facelift operation applied to the person does not provide the desired or targeted appearance. This expression can occur throughout the face or it can also occur in a single area of the face. This situation affects the person both psychologically and financially in general terms. For this reason, if you are thinking of having a facelift operation, we recommend that you do a deep research in order to avoid unsuccessful facelift results. Thus, you can achieve the results you want in facelift surgeries.

What Are the Telltale Signs of a Botched Facelift?

After having a facelift procedure, there are many reasons why you can understand whether the operation you had was successful or unsuccessful. Observing these reasons well and analyzing them correctly allows you to get detailed information about the results of the procedure. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the items we have listed for you below. In this way, you can have revision surgery before long after unsuccessful facelift procedures and have the facial appearance you desire.

  1. Overly Tense Skin
    The surest way to tell if you have had a failed facelift is undoubtedly the amount of tension on your face. After a few days after the facelift procedure that makes the face taut, the amount of tension on the skin surface returns to normal. However, in some cases, the tension level does not return to normal even after the procedure. However, in unsuccessful facelift procedures, the skin surface is excessively stretched and the skin surface resembles parchment tissue. In such cases, we can say that the facelift operation performed on the skin has failed.
  2. An Expressionless Face
    Successful facelift procedures do not cause difficulty in using facial expressions because they look very natural in general. However, since the skin barrier is exposed to too much tension in unsuccessful facelift operations, facial expressions cannot be used easily. Therefore, the person may have an extremely expressionless facial appearance. Because people who have unsuccessful facelift procedures cannot smile clearly or cry comfortably. If you cannot laugh comfortably after the operation or if you cannot use facial expressions to reflect your emotions, we recommend that you consult the doctor who performed the procedure immediately.
  3. Excessively Slanted Eyes
    The excessively slanted eye appearance, which is another consequence of botched facelift surgeries, takes the person away from naturalness as much as possible. In particular, eyes that are pulled upwards or backwards cause the person to have an artificial appearance, as well as temporary or permanent eye diseases in the person. When we compare normal facelift operations and unsuccessful facelift procedures, the eyes have a slanted expression in both. However, while a natural slant is obtained in successful facelift procedures, in unsuccessful facelift surgeries, an artificial slanted eye appearance that does not fit the facial features of the person is obtained. For this reason, if you are concerned that you have an excessively artificial slanted eye appearance, we recommend that you contact a plastic surgeon immediately.
  4. Too Hard Lips
    Since facelift procedures literally target the entire area of the face, it helps the lips to look taut and smooth. Face lift procedures, which add a natural tension to the lips, help the lips look younger if done correctly. However, in some cases, the lips look too hard. The reason for this is the failure of the facelift procedure. Because in unsuccessful facelift surgeries, the lips have a hard texture like wood. This situation both causes the person to suffer from tension and does not create a natural appearance. If you are experiencing such a situation, contact a plastic surgeon immediately.
  5. Disproportionate Face Appearance
    The most important thing in swimming operations is that the facial appearance is proportional after the procedure. Because proportional facial appearance is very important in the procedures performed. Especially the distance between the eyes and the nose, the distance between the tip of the nose and the lip indicate whether the facelift is successful or not. If you want to understand a failed facelift, you should pay attention to the distance of the eyes from the nose. In addition, the nose tip and lip distance should also be proportional. Otherwise, it may cause an artificial appearance. If you suffer from similar situations, you can contact your doctor and perform a correction operation.
  6. Moved Hairline
    The hairline, which plays an important role in framing the face, greatly affects the appearance of the person. For this reason, the hairline should be in direct proportion to the face. However, in unsuccessful facelift procedures, the skin barrier may be stretched too much and the hairline may shift. In this case, the facelift procedure loses its realism and naturalness. These and similar situations affect the person psychologically. Because when the hairline moves, it creates the appearance of baldness. For this reason, if you are going to have a facelift surgery, make sure that the hairline does not move. Otherwise, a bad appearance will occur.
  7. Fairy Ears
    The ear, which is one of the first striking points on the face, is slightly stretched backwards during the facelift procedure. This is a quite normal situation. However, this situation can be the opposite in unsuccessful face lift procedures. In such cases, the earlobe may have an eroded appearance or the ear area may be completely stretched backwards and have the appearance called “fairy ear”. This appearance causes the person to have an artificial appearance. For this reason, if you have a “fairy ear” appearance after a facelift operation, contact your doctor immediately and request a revision facelift operation.
  8. Visible Scars
    Under normal conditions, visible scars do not occur in facelift operations. Because the procedures performed with the latest technology are quite invasive. Therefore, possible scars are not visible from the outside. However, in unsuccessful facelift procedures, scars are largely observable and permanent. In addition, even suture scars are visible in some unsuccessful facelift surgeries. This can trigger mental problems of the person. If there are scars and stitch marks that do not go away after the facelift procedure, do not waste time and contact your doctor urgently.
  9. Excessively Raised Eyebrows
    Eyebrows are one of the elements that add meaning and depth to the looks of men and women. In addition to making the flows more impressive, these elements ensure that the person’s facial area is more proportional. For this reason, make sure that your eyebrows are proportional in face lift procedures. Otherwise, you may have a disproportionate and irregular eyebrow structure after a failed facelift surgery.

What is the Impact of Bad Facelift on Patients?

Bad facelift procedures can have financial and emotional effects on patients. Although these effects are sometimes psychological, they also have physical and financial consequences. To examine these consequences;

  1. Physical Problems
    Physical disorders that occur as a result of botched facelift surgeries can harm the health of the person. For example; Problems such as possible infection problems, scars, asymmetry or deformities may cause post-procedure discomfort.
  2. Emotional and Psychological Effects
    Unsuccessful facelift operations can seriously affect a person’s self-confidence. Therefore, the person may become sad, unhappy, depressed and irritable due to the fact that their expectations are not met. This situation may cause the person to exhibit inappropriate behavior and movements.
  3. Financial Losses
    Bad facelift procedures can have a huge impact on costs. Because after unsuccessful facelift surgeries, additional payments have to be made for compensatory operations (revision).
  4. Trust Problems
    Botched Plastic Surgery can shake the patient’s trust in medical professionals and plastic surgeons. This situation causes the person to hesitate to have possible health problems treated.
  5. Societal and Social Pressure
    As a result of botched facelift procedures, the person feels socially excluded and this situation causes the individual to become very lonely in his/her social life. In such cases, the person may become irritable and exhibit unwanted behaviors because he/she feels lonely.

What Does a Botched Facelift Look Like?

After a facelift procedure performed by an expert plastic surgeon, the person may have a very artificial appearance. Because every procedure that is not applied correctly has its own consequences. However, this facelift procedure performed by a specialized plastic surgeon is important to achieve a natural and balanced result. However, sometimes, as a result of improper techniques or excessive interventions, a person may have an artificial appearance. This situation can often manifest itself with symptoms such as excessive facial tension, asymmetry, unnatural facial features or skin irregularities. The goal of a facelift should be to help the person achieve a rejuvenated and fresh appearance; however, overdone or incorrectly performed procedures may result in an artificial or aesthetically unpleasant appearance on the face. Therefore, the surgeon’s experience, taking into account the patient’s anatomical features and the use of appropriate techniques to achieve a natural result are extremely important.

What to Pay Attention to Avoid Bad Facelift Operations?

“What should be considered to avoid bad facelift procedures” is one of the most curious questions in failed facelift procedures. We can say that a lot of research should be done on this subject. Because the error rate is minimal in face lift procedures performed professionally. For this reason, it would be better to examine the quality of the doctor as much as possible, whether the clinic complies with hygiene conditions and the previous studies of the doctor who has performed a facelift operation. You should also pay attention to patient comments. Thus, you will avoid bad facelift operations.

How to Fix Botched Facial Aesthetics?

Today, it is very easy to correct failed facelift procedures. Because new possibilities and technologies have developed. Therefore, there is no need to worry. The only thing you need to do at this point is to contact your doctor and ask him to analyze your facelift procedure. As a result of the analyzes made by your doctor, a secondary revision procedure may be required. This revision facelift procedure helps to eliminate the failures that occurred during the facelift procedure. In addition to facelift procedures, injectable substances such as fillers or botox can also be used. These substances can be used to compensate for the loss of facial volume, reduce wrinkles and correct facial contours. Your doctor will guide you to determine the most appropriate treatment for your skin’s needs and correction of unwanted results.

Why Are There So Many “Botched” Face Aesthetics?

There are many reasons for the increasing number of searches for “Botched Face Aesthetics Surgery” in recent searches for aesthetic operations. One of these reasons can be considered as the increase in the number of patients. Increasing the number of patients can increase the number of negative experiences. This leads to an increase in searches.

A secondary case is the experiences of social media influencers abroad. After social media influencers share a negative experience with their followers, it can be heard very quickly in their own countries and other countries. As such, the search for “Botched Face surgery” also increases.

If you want to avoid a failed facelift surgery and have a healthy process, you can contact the expert team of Face Aesthetics Turkey to have Facelift in Turkey. In this way, you can have a healthy facelift surgery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

I had a botched facelift procedure. Can this situation be corrected?

Yes, it is quite possible to correct this situation today. You do not need to worry about this. You can get rid of this problem completely with correction surgeries.

If I have a revision facelift, can I get rid of its bad appearance?

With revision facelift surgery, you can get rid of the bad appearance in a short time. We recommend that you talk to your doctor about this.

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