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Preservation Rhinoplasty Turkey

Preservation rhinoplasty, which is a frequently preferred technique due to the advantages it offers, is a very beneficial procedure for both the surgeon and the patient. Thanks to this procedure, the patient achieves a rapid recovery process and achieves the desired appearance in a short time. If you want to find answers to all your questions about this very advantageous operation, you can review our content called “Preservation Rhinoplasty Turkey”. In this way, he gets to know this magnificent technique closely. At the same time, you will find answers to all the questions you have in mind.

What is Preservation Rhinoplasty?  

Preservation rhinoplasty, which has become very popular lately and which we are used to hearing about frequently, is an advanced and modern surgical technique in the field of rhinoplasty. This technique generally prevents the changes in nasal anatomy caused by traditional rhinoplasty. In this regard, preservation rhinoplasty protects important structures such as the nasal bridge and nasal dorsum and shapes the nasal structure with minimally invasive interventions. Thus, instead of completely removing the bridge of the nose, the cartilage and bone tissue under the bridge is resized. It also greatly accelerates the healing process by ensuring that the skin and soft tissue on the nose are less traumatized. After this procedure, the patient achieves superior results both aesthetically and functionally and regains his self-confidence.

How is Preservation Rhinoplasty Done?

Preservation rhinoplasty, which is a frequently preferred method for difficult nasal structures, is a rhinoplasty technique that aims to make aesthetic and functional improvements by preserving the natural anatomy of the nasal structure. This method is generally performed under general anesthesia, aiming for the patient to feel less pain and pain.

The patient is under the influence of general anesthesia and incisions are made using a closed technique, allowing the operation to be performed inside the nostrils. In this way, the surgeon preserves the natural slope of the nasal dorsum and thins and reshapes the structures under the arch. After the procedure, the skin and soft tissues on the nose are less traumatized. In this way, the patient can recover faster and achieve the desired aesthetic and functional results.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Types

There are 5 different types of Preservation Rhinoplasty surgery. These types are determined according to the patient’s needs and nose structure. If we need to examine these Preservation Rhinoplasty types in detail, they are as follows;

  • Let-Down Technique: Let-Down technique, one of the Preservation Rhinoplasty operations, is a technique performed by pressing the lower part of the nose bridge downwards instead of partially removing the nasal bones. This technique aims to correct the nasal profile while preserving the natural appearance of the nasal dorsum.
  • Push-Down Technique: Push-Down Technique, another Preservation Rhinoplasty technique, is similar to the Let-down technique. However, in this technique, the upper part of the nose bridge is pushed down. In this way, the nose profile is regulated by preserving the natural contours of the nasal dorsum.
  • Subdorsal Strut Preservation: Aiming to protect the support structures under the dorsum of the nose, the Subdorsal Strut Preservation technique is an operation that aims to shape the tip and bridge of the nose. This operation aims to protect the nasal dorsum and tip structures.
  • Minimal Resection: In this approach, which aims to remove the nasal structures in the least amount, it is generally aimed to preserve the cartilage and bone tissues to a large extent.
  • High Strip Technique: In this technique, the dorsum of the nose is protected and the bridge of the nose is narrowed from top to bottom. Thus, an aesthetic appearance is achieved without distorting the natural lines of the nose dorsum.

Am I the Right Candidate for Preservation Rhinoplasty?

In order to perform the Preservation Rhinoplasty procedure, the nose structure must have certain characteristics. In this regard, Preservation Rhinoplasty operation can be performed. If you are wondering whether you are the right candidate for the Preservation Rhinoplasty procedure, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points.

  • If you have a flat caudal septum between your nostrils that makes breathing difficult
  • If you have never had a rhinoplasty before
  • If the nasal bone and cartilage structure is sensitive
  • If you have a small to medium-sized nose lump and want to get rid of it
  • Finally, if you want to correct the projection of your nose structure, we can generally say that you are the right candidate for the Preservation Rhinoplasty procedure. To get more detailed information on this subject, you can contact the expert team of
  • FaceAesthetics and have a preliminary consultation for the Preservation Rhinoplasty operation.

What is the Difference of the Preservation Rhinoplasty Technique from Other Closed Rhinoplasty Techniques?

To mention the differences of the Preservation Rhinoplasty operation, which has certain differences compared to other closed rhinoplasty techniques in terms of its performance and purpose of application, it has the following differences.

  • When we examine the anatomy of the nose in detail, we can say that 1/3 of the upper part of the nose structure consists of bone and the remaining 2/3 of the lower part consists of cartilage. In this direction, incisions are made all over the nasal bone and the nasal cartilage is lowered. Thus, the shape of the nasal bridge is corrected
  • without damaging the naturalness of the nasal dorsum.
    In the protective rhinoplasty procedure, the nasal skin and subcutaneous tissues are removed from the deepest plane. In this way, all soft tissues in the nose remain up; vessels, nerves and soft tissues are much less damaged.
  • If in any case the nose structure requires revision, it can be applied more easily.
  • There are two main reasons for this. The first of these is to lower the dorsum of the nose directly. For this reason, the nasal anatomy is better preserved. The second reason is that since nasal cartilage is needed in revision nose surgery, this need is met more easily in the Preservation Rhinoplasty operation. Thus, revision nose surgery is performed more easily.
  • Finally, after the protective rhinoplasty procedure, it is easier to shape the nasal dorsum with massage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Preservation Rhinoplasty

As with every operation, Preservation Rhinoplasty has certain advantages and disadvantages. To talk about these advantages and disadvantages;


  1. Natural Appearance and Functional Protection: Preservation Rhinoplasty operation provides aesthetic and functional results by preserving the natural anatomy of the nose structure. This clear provides a more natural appearance as the natural slope and structure of the nasal dorsum is preserved.
  2. Less Trauma and Recovery Time: Less tissue trauma occurs compared to traditional rhinoplasty techniques, which can shorten recovery time. There may also be less bruising, swelling and discomfort after surgery.
  3. Long-Term Results: Preserving the natural nose structure can provide long-term and permanent aesthetic results after Preservation Rhinoplasty surgery. Thus, nose shape and functionality can remain stable for a longer time.
  4. Less Need for Revision: Preserving the natural nasal anatomy can reduce the need for post-operative revision. This may reduce the need for additional surgical interventions for patients.


  1. Technical Challenges: Preservation rhinoplasty can be more technically challenging and time consuming for the surgeon. Therefore, it is important that it be performed by an experienced and specialized surgeon.
  2. Appropriate Candidate Selection: This procedure may not be suitable for every patient. More invasive surgical techniques may be required, especially for large nasal deformities or complex cases.
  3. Cost: It is more costly compared to other rhinoplasty techniques. This is because special techniques and surgical equipment used to preserve the natural nose structure may increase the cost.
  4. Limited Aesthetic Changes: The obvious aesthetic changes that some patients want may not be possible with preservation rhinoplasty. Other techniques may be preferred, especially in cases requiring major changes.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Post-Surgery Recovery Process

The recovery process after preservation rhinoplasty is generally similar to other rhinoplasty techniques, but may differ in some features. In addition, the healing process may vary from individual to individual. However, the preservation rhinoplasty process is as follows;

  • First Week: In the first days after surgery, there may be bandages and swelling on the nose. These bandages are usually removed within a few days and swelling and bruises around the nose will decrease over time.
  • First Few Weeks: Sensitivity and swelling around the nose may continue in the first weeks. This is a completely normal situation. At this point, the nose should be cleaned and the stitches should be checked as recommended by your surgeon. In addition, the feeling of congestion in the nose is also quite normal.
  • First Month: Physical activities should be limited in the first month. Additionally, swelling and bruises around the nose decrease over time. In order for the bruises to disappear faster, cold application can be applied to the nose area as recommended by your surgeon.
  • First Three Months: The healing process may continue for up to three months. Sensitivity and swelling around the nose decrease over time. The shape and contours of the nose become clear and stable over time.
  • Six Months – One Year After: After the surgery, the nose shape and contours begin to take their final shape. However, full recovery may take a year or longer. This period varies from person to person.

Why Turkey for Preservation Rhinoplasty Surgery?

There are many reasons why Turkey is preferred in preservation rhinoplasty procedures. One of these reasons is that Turkey has world-renowned and experienced surgeons in Preservation rhinoplasty operations. The main reason for this is that rhinoplasty specialists in Turkey are trained at international standards and have professional experience. In addition, the fact that Preservation rhinoplasty procedures in Turkey are more advantageous in terms of cost compared to other countries increases Turkey’s preferability. Thus, patients coming from abroad can have the Preservation rhinoplasty procedure done in Turkey in a more affordable and healthier way, instead of paying more in their own country or in other countries.

Finally, thanks to Turkey’s natural and cultural beauties, patients coming from abroad can visit all over Turkey and make their treatment process enjoyable. Thus, patients can turn their recovery period into a holiday opportunity and have their surgery done comfortably and have a pleasant holiday.

How to Choose the Best Preservation Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Turkey?

If you are looking for a Preservation rhinoplasty surgeon for Preservation rhinoplasty surgery, we recommend that you do an in-depth research. In this way, you can achieve positive results in Preservation rhinoplasty surgery. For this, you should make sure that your doctor’s area of expertise is aesthetic and reconstructive and that he/she has experience in Preservation rhinoplasty. Thus, you can achieve the nose appearance of your dreams.

At this point, Hasan Duygulu, one of Turkey’s most famous Preservation rhinoplasty surgeons, stands out both with his success in his operations and with being a surgeon who uses different techniques. Therefore, you can achieve the impressive looks of your dreams by contacting Hasan Duygulu, one of Turkey’s most famous Preservation rhinoplasty surgeons.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Cost of Turkey

Türkiye is a very advantageous country in terms of preservation rhinoplasty costs. The main reason for this is that Turkey is in an advantageous position in terms of exchange rate. For this reason, it becomes logical to have Preservation rhinoplasty in Turkey.

When we examine the Preservation rhinoplasty prices in Istanbul, we can say that Istanbul is more affordable than other cities. In addition, transportation facilities are easy and fast in Istanbul, where the costs of Preservation rhinoplasty operations are low. Therefore, if you want to choose a city for Preservation rhinoplasty operation, Istanbul will be the right alternative in this regard.

If you want to achieve professional and perfect results in Preservation rhinoplasty in Turkey, you can immediately contact the specialist doctors of FaceAesthetics. In this way, you can achieve the nose structure of your dreams in a short time.

FAQ About Preservation Rhinoplasty

Preservation rhinoplasty is generally performed on people whose nasal cartilage and bones are sensitive. Because in the protective rhinoplasty procedure, care is taken not to erode the bones and cartilages. For this reason, if your nasal bone and bones are sensitive, you can have a protective rhinoplasty procedure.

Unfortunately, revision rhinoplasty should not be performed on your nose before conservation rhinoplasty. Because cartilage and bone are eroded in revision nose surgeries, good results cannot be obtained.

If your nose structure is extremely sensitive, we can say that you are the right candidate for protective rhinoplasty surgery. However, we recommend that you contact our experts for detailed information.

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