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How Much Does a Mini Facelift Cost?

The cost of facelift surgery varies from hospital to hospital. The hospital that the patient chooses directly affects the price of the surgery. The cost of the operation varies according to how much the face will be stretched and which applications will be applied together with the face lift operation. If you are considering to get a facelift surgery, you should definitely consult to your doctor.

How Long Does a Mini Face Lift Last for?

With the mini facelift operation, the stretched skin and sagging cheeks and lower jaws are repaired. The cheekbones reach the image decided by the patient and the physician, and the depths on the edge of the nose are repaired. Mini facelift operation takes 2.5 hours on average. Mini face-lift operation is performed using local or general anesthesia or sedation methods.

This operation can also be performed together with some major combined operations. A mini face lift operation is also performed together with eye bags removal, fat injection in the face area or hair removal operations. Thus, a much more tense, healthy and youthful skin is obtained.

What is Done in a Mini Face Lift?

For the signs of aging and skin sagging in the facial area during periods when the skin does not lose its flexible structure, this tiny intervention can easily be brought on by the physicians without making too many incisions. Face-lift operation, which is performed with local or general anesthesia methods, is applied by lifting the facial skin in a limited area. The mini face-lift operation is performed without making too many incisions, and the skin for which the basting method is preferred is recovered without cutting the facial muscle. This operation takes a short time. Since no incision is made in the facial muscles, there are no problems such as bleeding and swelling. Starting from the anterior part of the earlobe, a mini face-lift operation is performed by making an incision of approximately 7 centimeters, which is hidden in the inner ear area.

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What is The Best Age for a Mini Face Lift?

Face-lift operations are operations that are performed as you get older. However, some non-surgical applications are needed, for example; botox, laser, filler, radio frequency applications. In cases where these applications are insufficient, surgical procedures are preferred. Even if there is no specific age limit for surgical procedures, they are generally preferred after the age of 50. The age range varies in certain face-lift operations. For example, a mini face-lift operation should be between 40 and 50 years old. The reason why there is a 40-50 age limit in mini face-lift surgery is that the face-lift operation is not applied to the individuals over 50 years of age, since skin sagging occurs in the chin area. In addition, it is not correct to apply face-lift surgeries to the patients younger than 30 years old.