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➤ The Popularity of Italian Lip Lifts: What You Need to Know

The Popularity of Italian Lip Lifts: What You Need to Know

The Italian Lip Lift is the newest trend in cosmetic surgery that is gaining popularity among those looking to add a more youthful appearance to their face. The procedure involves removing skin from the upper lip to create a more voluminous and lifted look.

What is an Italian Lip Lift?

As a surgical method of facial rejuvenation, a lip lift involves reducing the distance between both the upper lip and the nose. Usually, when people talk about “lifting their lips,” they mean lifting their upper lip. To achieve a fuller, poutier top lip and a closer fit of the lip to the nose, a surgical procedure known as an “upper lip lift” is performed.

We use our lips more than any other part of our faces because they are so crucial to our ability to communicate. The shape and size of our lips greatly influence how happy, sad, or excited we appear. The lips and teeth work together for a number of important purposes beyond just communicating. There is nothing more attractive than a person with full, plump lips and bright, white teeth.

Lip issues can affect either the upper or the lower lip’s appearance. The upper lip region includes the skin that sits above the nose and below the red lip. The ideal length for this section is 12–15 m. It can differ from person to person based on factors like facial size and proportion. 

To achieve a more youthful appearance and fuller lips, lip lift techniques like lip lifts aim to close this space. The “bull horn” or “Italian” lip lift is a variation of the subnasal or “under the nose” lip lift (Horn lip lift). A plastic surgeon will perform this procedure while you relax with some intravenous pain relievers. The incision is different from what is used for a subnasal Lip Lift.

In place of a Bullhorn lip lift, an Italian lip lift can be performed. If you only want a slight lift, your surgeon can make smaller incisions in the skin just below your nostrils. As opposed to the Bullhorn lip lift, this one requires a shorter incision. 

After removing excess tissue, the incision is stitched closed and the spacing between the patient’s upper lip and nose is minimized in order to effect a lip lift on the right and then left side of the mouth. The Italian lip lift’s recovery time is shorter, its risk of visible scarring is lower, and its results are more subtle.

Benefits of an Italian Lip Lift

If you are a frequent user of fillers and would like permanent results, a lip lift may be the procedure for you. This surgery is effective for those who want fuller lips and a closer lip to nose line without having to constantly retouch their appearance. 

The operation takes only an hour, and you’ll be capable of returning home and standing up the next day. Women who care about their appearance often opt for the surgery procedure, which gives them permanently plump, angel-winged lips.

The following outcomes are possible with lip lift procedure:

  • It reduces the asymmetry between your lips and nose.
  • The lines around your mouth starts to smooth out.
  • The volume in your lips increases, making thin lips look fuller.
  • Because the results are long-lasting, you can skip out on lip fillers.
  • The appearance of your upper teeth improves.
  • Your smile becomes more apparent.
  • The look of exhaustion leaves your face.
  • Your idealized representation of your lips achieve harmony with the rest of your facial features because of the presence of proportion.
  • Your lip appearance is gradually enhanced.
  • The top lip is filled in at the vermillion border.
  • Longer red upper lip line.
  • The upper-to-lower lip ratio shifts.
  • Shortening of the space between the nose and upper lip.
  • Inducing a more youthful appearance in the face.
  • Improve facial aesthetics and symmetry.
 A lady who feels self-confident with the result of italian lip lift
The Popularity of Italian Lip Lifts: What You Need to Know

Who is an Ideal Candidate for an Italian Lip Lift?

Younger and older patients with an elongated upper lip, a white lip, or a height discrepancy between both the white and red lips are excellent candidates for an Italian lip lift. An Italian lip lift may also help those whose cupid’s bow is too prominent. 

The consultation for an Italian lip lift will begin with a check of the patient’s facial harmony, lip position, and teeth. Medical professionals will take a measurement of the space between the patient’s nose and lip while the lips are relaxed but still in place. 

Lip-nostril distance should mirror chin-lip distance for an attractive profile. This surgery can correct an asymmetry by decreasing the distance between the patient’s upper and lower lips.

If you want to improve the appearance of your lips but have tried other methods, such as dermal fillers, without success, a lip lift may be the way to go. It’s possible that men and women who are otherwise healthy and who want fuller lips would benefit from a lip lift. 

The goals of lip lift surgery are the same for people of any age:

  • To improve the appearance of thin or flat lips, lip fillers can be applied.
  • Cut down on the space between your nose and upper lip.
  • Enhance lopsided lips.
  • Minimize the constant frowning expression.
  • Lips that are too long can be shortened.

Consultation with a Professional

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has worked in his field for more than ten years and is seen by many as an expert. You’ll know you’re in good hands with his expert staff, and you can count on achieving your goals to feel good in the long term and regaining your self-esteem, including self-assurance.

You’ve found the best clinic to take care of your lips with the Italian lip lift method. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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