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A POC female before and after she got her Ethnic Rhinoplasty

A Guide For Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Turkey 2022)

What Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Mean ?

Nose surgery is not always the same for every patient. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specific kind of nose surgery in which the nose is adjusted to complement the patient’s face without erasing their ethnic traits. This procedure also takes into account how the outside and inside of a person’s nose reflect their culture body tones. 

If you are Hispanic, African American, Asian, or Indian and want rhinoplasty surgery, you must choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in non-Caucasian rhinoplasty.

Different ethnic groups have different noses, both on the outside and on the inside. To get beautiful results that look natural, don’t take away from the patient’s ethnic identity, and heal properly, these things must be taken into account. In the section below we discover the nasal characteristic for each ethnicity.

Nasal Characteristics of Each Ethnicity

Asian, Hispanic, and African American noses, for example, tend to have wider nasal bases, thicker skin, a lower dorsum or bridge, and less support in the back of the septum. Among the common requests for rhinoplasty are: narrower tip, a higher bridge, and a narrower base of the nose.

To get these results, the surgeon must use a very different operating method on a person of color than on a person of European descent. Most of the time, cartilage and soft tissue must be added to the bridge instead of breaking the nose to make it narrower. 

Because “ethnic” noses often have thin tip cartilage and weak tip support, it usually takes a specialized balancing graft taken from the patient’s cartilage to give the tip of the nose more definition and make it thinner.

Thick skin is also a problem because it can make scars and swelling more likely. Rhinoplasty on people of color is usually done in a way that keeps the cuts inside the nose.

Types Of Nose Ethnicity

  • Augmentation (rearranging): All different kinds of people use augmentation. We don’t add or take away from the nose to make it look right. Instead, we make small changes to the angles and definition of certain areas to make the nose look right. We do this by moving cartilage around.
  • Revision rhinoplasty: Some people might benefit from a second surgery to fix or improve an earlier one. Revisional ethnic rhinoplasty is one of our specialties, and for the best chance of a good result, it takes a lot of skill. Each procedure leaves scar tissue, which makes the rhinoplasty about ten times more complicated.
  • Reduction (taking away): Taking away cartilage and bone from the nose’s underlying structures to make it smaller. The goal is to make parts of the face that were sticking out closer to the rest of the face. This happens more often in people from the Middle East.
: A POC female with marker lines on her nose prior to nose job
: A POC female with marker lines on her nose prior to nose job

Common Nasal Issues Across All Ethnicities

There are many different body types and face shapes within each ethnic group. There are also four common problems or traits of the nose that make people think about rhinoplasty, regardless of their race.

  • Bulbous Tip: The end of a bulbous nose is big and fleshy.
  • Wide, narrow, or bumpy bridge: The bridge of the nose is too big, too narrow, or too bumpy for its size.
  • Flat or broad tip: The internal cartilages that make up the outside look of the tip are spread out too far, giving the tip a broad look.
  • Breathing problems: A deviated septum and/or a droopy tip, for example, can make it hard to breathe.

Based on our experience and knowledge, this general overview shows the most common worries of people of color who are getting rhinoplasty. Any plastic surgeon with years of experience on their sleeve, like our Dr Hasan Duygulu,  should give you options based on your goals and how you look.

Take a look at our variety of rhinoplasties in the Gallery here. 

How Much Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Cost ?

Each cosmetic procedure has a different price for a number of reasons. Some of them don’t require surgery and can be done quickly, so you don’t have to stay in bed for a long time. 

While others tend to take a long time to both be effective and useful. Costs also change depending on whether the client chooses an all-inclusive package or pays for the surgery on its own.

It’s likely that prices will be different, but just in case, the ethnic rhinoplasty surgery would cost anywhere from 1600$ to 4350$

Your face will glow with the a Ethnic Rhinoplasty with Dr Hasan

The price you pay shouldn’t be a burden on your finances. Dr Hasan will assure affordable and professional cosmetic services for all of your aesthetic needs.

Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you might have about the procedure. Feel free to contact us on our Email , Phone number, or write to us on our Contact Us page. 

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