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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

In nose surgeries, nose types are generally divided into African, Asian, Eastern and Caucasian. Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey is a special rhinoplasty technique applied to individuals with different nose characteristics such as Caucasian, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a more individual approach depending on ethnicity. For this reason, there are special anatomical features that should be taken into account during the rhinoplasty operation. In the content of our article, it is possible to reach details about ethnic rhinoplasty. We wish you good reading.

What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is one of the rhinoplasty methods. The aim of ethnic nose surgery is to perform aesthetics based on the face type in line with the ethnic origin of the person. The nasal appearance of the person is improved without disturbing the characteristic features of ethnic groups. In this aesthetics, it is important to organize the surgery in accordance with the person’s own origin.

Ethnic rhinoplasty Turkey is an aesthetic nose surgery performed to change the appearance of the nose of individuals with different facial anatomy, including different ethnic groups or even in the same ethnic group. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a method that also includes elements such as nose augmentation and cartilage insertion to correct a flattened nose, nostrils, or various aesthetic defects. Ethnic rhinoplasty is usually; it is practiced for patients of Latin American, Far Eastern or African descent.

Who is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Suitable For?

Patients with a very small and flat nose, inconsistent nasal imbalance with the chin and forehead structure, wide nostrils, disproportionately low or excessively raised nostrils are suitable for Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Suitable candidates for ethnic rhinoplasty are basically people who want to correct the appearance of the nose while preserving their ethnic roots. For ethnic rhinoplasty, the person must complete the body development.

How is the Best Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The best ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is performed by the best ethnic rhinoplasty doctors. Because ethnic nose surgery is a procedure that requires special techniques and skills. Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, it is ensured that the patient does not feel any pain related to the procedure. Then, incisions are made inside or outside the nose according to the need for shaping. After the cartilage and bone structure is improved, the incisions are closed with sutures. The operation can take up to 2 hours on average.

How is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Performed?

It can be performed by experienced surgeons who require extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of facial standards of different ethnicities. The study includes more subtle surgical techniques than other methods of rhinoplasty. In these operations, materials such as grafts and implants may be required to obtain a more prominent and upturned nose structure. To obtain a nose that matches the patient’s face shape and ethnicity, reliable implants with natural texture and pores are used.

As a result of ethnic rhinoplasty, the patient’s facial features are balanced without suppressing the patient’s ethnic origin. It can reshape the shape of the nose and improve the appearance; achieve a significant change in contour. The face is made symmetrical, the patient’s eyes, chin, cheeks and other facial features are redefined. The patient’s mood and self-confidence improve, and breathing problems, cartilage curvatures and other structural defects can also be corrected with rhinoplasty.

Types of Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedures

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The types of ethnic rhinoplasty surgery may vary according to the patient’s wishes, facial anatomy and concerns. The best type of ethnic rhinoplasty for the person is decided by the specialist doctor by considering the patient’s expectations. Common ethnic nose surgeries can be listed as follows:

Augmentation (Rearranging): Nose augmentation is a common procedure in ethnic groups. In this method, which involves rearranging the nose, the disliked nasal structure is repaired to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Revision nose surgery is a procedure that corrects the previous nose surgery. In this surgery, the nasal structure is reconstructed by preserving its ethnic values. You can review our service page for information about revision rhinoplasty.

Reduction: The reduction in ethnic rhinoplasty is the reduction of the nose. In this surgery, the nose structure is corrected in proportion to the face. The cartilage and bone in the nose are reduced with light touches. It is mostly preferred by people with Middle Eastern ethnic origin.  

What are the Advantages of Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

In ethnic rhinoplasty, the application of closed techniques that minimize tissue damage and thus protect the anatomical structures of the nose in the most effective way ensures much more successful and natural results. Rhinoplasty was a rather difficult operation in the past due to the fact that the technology has not yet been developed, and the healing process was also quite long. But as a result of technological advances, rhinoplasty operations can now be performed quite easily and successfully by doctors. The degree of difficulty of the operation depends on the problems that are present in the nose. Apart from these, the advantages of ethnic rhinoplasty are as follows:

  • In ethnic rhinoplasty, the cultural physical characteristics of the person do not change.
  • The nasal structure both carries ethnic values and has an aesthetic appearance.
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty has fewer side effects than other surgeries.
  • As a result of the surgery, the person feels better.

Characteristics of Major Ethnicities

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Afro-American Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Instead of focusing on creating a uniform nose on noses of African-American ethnicity, a nose shaping operation should be planned that reveals the natural beauty of the ethnicity. For this reason, closed rhinoplasty technique is preferred to protect the anatomical structures of the nose and ensure that it has a natural appearance in rhinoplasty operations to be performed in African-American patients. In general, people of African-American origin have a thicker nasal structure and a wide and low nasal bridge. 

Latino / Hispanic Ethnic Rhinoplasty

In general, Latinos have thicker noses and a bulbous nose tip. Their nostrils are wider. With ethnic rhinoplasty, the nostrils are narrowed and an image suitable for facial anatomy is obtained. Hispanics prefer ethnic rhinoplasty to shape the tips of the nose.

Asian Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty requires more expertise than others. Asians have lower nasal structures. They have indistinct nasal tips, a flat nasal bridge and a wide nasal base. In Asian rhinoplasty, the nose is reshaped and made more prominent. Generally, in ethnic rhinoplasty, Asians’ nasal bridges and nasal tips are improved.

Middle Eastern Ethnic Rhinoplasty

People of Middle Eastern origin have larger nasal structures. Commonly, people from the Middle East resort to ethnic rhinoplasty to correct a curved nasal bridge, bulbous or drooping nasal tip. During the surgery, the nasal structure is improved both functionally and aesthetically in accordance with the ethnicity.

Caucasian Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The Caucasian ethnic group is a broad group that includes people of European descent. Caucasians generally have long and thin noses. They have high nasal ridges and low nasal tips. Caucasians prefer ethnic rhinoplasty mostly to correct the hump in the nose.

Common Nose Traits and Procedures by Ethnicity


Common Concerns


Wide Nostrils

Low Nose Tip

Big Nose Structure

Thick Skin

Wide Bridge

Narrow Bridge


















Middle Eastern







The data given in the table are averages. It is normal for individual characteristics to vary. Each body structure is basically unique.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Price in Turkey

Ethnic rhinoplasty price are determined by the detail of the surgery, the expertise of the doctor and the services. Ethnic rhinoplasty price in Turkey are among the most affordable in the international arena. Please contact us for affordable ethnic rhinoplasty prices.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey

The best ethnic rhinoplasty surgery is the procedure performed in accordance with the anatomy of the person. Dr. Hasan Duygulu is an expert with success in ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. The details of Duygulu’s ethnic rhinoplasty surgery can be found on our Rhinoplasty Turkey and Revision Rhinoplasty Turkey pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe to have ethnic rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey. Because rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey have very successful results in ethnic aesthetics. Ethnic rhinoplasty in Istanbul is performed in clinics with high quality standards and offers comfort to the patient.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specific kind of nose surgery in which the nose is adjusted to complement the patient’s face without erasing their ethnic traits. This procedure also takes into account how the outside and inside of a person’s nose reflect their culture body tones. Different ethnic groups have different noses, both on the outside and on the inside. To get beautiful results that look natural, don’t take away from the patient’s ethnic identity, and heal properly, these things must be taken into account.

Ethnic rhinoplasty can be performed on people with a very small nose, people with a flat nose, people with a nose appearance that is incompatible with the chin and forehead structure, and people with too wide nostrils. Apart from these, people with a low, disproportionate, asymmetrical nose, bulbous nose tips, excessively upturned nose are among the suitable candidates for ethnic rhinoplasty.

Smoothing the crooked nose hump,Correction of nasal asymmetry,Improvement of respiratory disorders,Proportional nose width,

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