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➤ Face Lift Recovery Time Week to Week

Face Lift Recovery Time Week to Week

The facial area is undoubtedly the place where wrinkles and signs of aging appear directly. Wrinkles caused by many reasons such as age, harmful effects of the sun, unhealthy diet and lifestyle have become a common problem for men and women. In this case, many solutions have emerged. However, the most reliable of these solutions is the facelift procedure. Contrary to popular belief, changes occur on your face month by month after the facelift procedure, which has a very easy and fast healing process. If you want to have information about the changes that occur on your face after facelift operation and to have information about the healing process, you can take a look at our content. We wish you all pleasant reading and healthy days.

Week 1 After Facelift Surgery

Face Lift Recovery Time Week to Week

Facelift Recovery Stages Between Days 1 and 6

The first weeks, which is the most important process in facelift operations, is a time period that determines the entire process of the facelift operation. During this period, your surgeon will remove the bandages on your face on the first day after surgery. After the bandages are removed, you can notice the changes after facelift surgery. After the drains and bandages are completely removed, if you want to wash your face, you can gently wipe your face with tampon movements. In addition, you should take care to never let water touch your face.

On the 3rd day of the healing process after facelift, there may be minor and not unbearable pain. This is a normal situation. There is no need to worry. You can use painkillers in the amount recommended by your doctor for such possible pain. Since there is edema and swelling on your face during this process, you can see small line changes on your face, although it seems that there is not much change in terms of appearance.

Week 2 After Facelift Surgery

Face Lift Recovery Time Week to Week

Recovery Time After Facelift 7-14 days

During this period, slight bruising and swelling may occur in the operated areas. This is a normal situation. Therefore, there is no need to worry. Because this is a common situation after facelift operations. If you feel good in the 2nd week of facelift recovery, you can take routine walks slowly. In this way, you will also activate the blood flow in your body. However, you should definitely consult your surgeon while doing these sports routines.

Again, there may be mild pain during this period. However, in this process, your pain will be alleviated compared to the first week and your possible swelling will go down. In addition, your facial features may have become a little more prominent than in the first week.

Weeks 3 and 4 After Facelift Surgery

Face Lift Recovery Time Week to Week

Days 15-30 After Facelift Surgery

The removal of the stitches varies from the end of the first week to the 3rd week. This process depends on how careful you are during the healing process. For this reason, the specified period varies from person to person. There may still be some swelling and tension in the 3rd and 4th weeks of facelift recovery. However, swelling and tension decrease compared to the previous weeks. In addition, you can observe the shaping of your facial contours more clearly during these weeks. You can also return to your exercises and personal activities during the 3rd and 4th weeks of facelift recovery.

In this process, the treated areas now have red and pinkish tones instead of bruises. This is a sign of the healing of the treated area. In addition, the cheekbones and the lower part of the face begin to become more prominent, and at the same time, the feeling of tightness in the skin disappears and a softer skin is obtained.

6-12 Months After Facelift Surgery

Face Lift Recovery Time Week to Week

The 6-12 month period, which is the period in which you can see the results most clearly in the recovery process after facelift, is a process in which visible changes are experienced. During this period, there is a complete healing in the treated area. The stitches have been removed and possible pinkness and redness have passed. In addition, the tension on the skin has completely disappeared. While the low areas on the skin have a more raised and taut appearance, at the same time, possible wrinkles and the effects of age are eliminated. In addition, facial features can be sharpened significantly and a clearer expression can be achieved.

You can now return to all the sports activities or vital routines you did after facelift surgery. You will not have any problems in this regard. You only need to keep your routine checks during the period specified by your surgeon. In this way, you can maximize the excellent results you have achieved and achieve healthy and excellent results.

Tips for Fast Recovery after a Quick Facelift

One of the most curious questions after a facelift operation is undoubtedly how to recover faster after the operation. For this, there are a few points you need to do and pay attention to. By paying attention to these points, you can speed up facelift recovery. These points are as follows;

  1. Do not use hair straighteners, straighteners, curling irons or wear hairpieces for three weeks after surgery. Because devices such as hair straighteners and curling irons produce high heat. This heat can be harmful to the healing skin. It can also cause burns or irritation on the skin.
  2. It is better to dry your hair with a hair dryer set to a cold air setting. The main reason for this is that a dryer set to hot air causes skin irritation. It also causes the treated area to heal late.
  3. You should not dye your hair for three weeks after the surgery. The reason for this is that the skin may show possible reactions after the facelift procedure and at the same time, since the skin barrier is treated in the facelift operation, it has weakened a little more. It is important not to weaken the skin barrier further with dye.
  4. It is recommended not to wear a sweater for three weeks after the operation. Because the sweater has a narrow structure, it may touch the treated areas and cause irritation. This may affect the healing process.
  5. You should stop using cosmetics for ten days after the operation. In this way, you will prevent the products in the make-up from causing irritation in the treated area and minimize the risk of infection.
  6. If you have had simultaneous eyelid surgery, do not use eyelid or eyelash cosmetics for seven days after surgery. This will protect your eyelid against infections.
  7. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight; use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 20 for at least six months, even on cloudy days. These sunscreens will protect your face from the harmful effects of the skin and at the same time help to relieve your skin sensitivity.
  8. Use moisturizing creams such as Vaseline to gently message the bruised area. In this way, you can ensure that bruising that occurs after facelift surgery heals more quickly.

If you want to achieve excellent results in facial aesthetic procedures and have a natural and eye-catching facial appearance. You can contact FaceAesthetics’ expert and professional doctors and experience a facelift in Turkey. You can also click on the link if you want to examine the Facelift Before and After Turkey photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

After 3 weeks of facelift procedures, the feeling of tension and pain gradually decreases. In addition, the edema on the face has gradually decreased. Therefore, you can go out more comfortably.

Although this situation varies from person to person, improvement is generally observed within 4 to 6 weeks after facelift procedures. However, it may take more than 6 weeks for a complete recovery to be observed.

The worst process in facelift procedures is the first 3 and 4 days after surgery. The situations that occur during these days are at the peak level. Therefore, it causes the person to feel bad mentally and physically. This process gradually improves day by day.

It is quite normal for the face to be swollen in the 4th week after the facelift operation. There is no need to worry at this point. This temporary swelling gradually goes away on its own.

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