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➤ Does Losing Weight Affect a Facelift?

Does Losing Weight Affect a Facelift?

In this week’s article, we will address the answer to the question “Why do people worry about facelift and weight loss?”. You too; Should you reach your target weight before facelift surgery? Do I need to lose weight before a face lift?, Can you have a facelift if you are overweight?, Can a facelift slim your face?, Should I lift if I’m overweight?, What happens if you gain weight after a facelift? and Can I lose weight after facelift surgery? We wish you good reading.

How Weight Loss Affects a Facelift

Excessive weight loss in facelift surgery may affect the results of the procedure. Facial aesthetics is a surgery that preserves its permanence for up to 10 years. However, genetics and living habits are factors that affect the permanence and effect of facelift. Excessive weight loss after facelift causes lines on the skin, jowl sagging, and collapse on the cheeks. Signs of aging that are eliminated with aesthetics may start to be seen again in uncontrolled weight loss.

So, why does excess weight loss after facial surgery affect aesthetics? In facelift surgery, excess skin in the face and neck area is removed and tightening is applied. A strong and dynamic tissue is created in the skin structure. After excess weight loss, there is a loss of volume in the taut skin. Therefore, sagging occurs again in the tight tissue that has lost its elasticity.

How Weight Gain Affects a Facelift

Facelift is a long-term investment in oneself. In order for the facelift surgery, which leads to a wonderful change in facial appearance, to be perfect, the person should maintain his/her weight balance. If the patient is overweight, he/she must reach his/her ideal weight before the procedure in order for the surgery to be performed. Generally, people who are as close as 6 kilograms to their ideal weight are allowed to undergo surgery.

The weight gained slightly over time after the surgery does not radically affect the facelift. Facelift has very durable results when performed with high quality. The weight gained in response to living conditions does not deeply affect your rejuvenation process, but serious weight gain and weight fluctuations can cause differences in your skin.

However, facelift often includes neck lift as well. During the surgery, the neck is rejuvenated along with the facial appearance. Therefore, the weight gained after facial aesthetics also affects the appearance of the neck. Excess weight gain causes jowl formation on the neck. To maintain safe and permanent results; you should pay attention to your general health and weight in order not to lose the youth on your face.

Weight Before Facelift Surgery

Does Losing Weight Affect a Facelift?

Do I need to lose weight before facelift and neck lift? remains among the questions we frequently encounter. Facelift involves reshaping the tissue by removing excess fat volume from the skin. Therefore, it is important to maintain weight balance before the procedure. Maintaining your weight balance before facial aesthetics is essential for the functionality of the surgery. Unfortunately, surgery is not performed in irregular weight gain or loss. First of all, the person must have a healthy body for the surgery. Consulting your doctor for your ideal weight before facelift will support the success of aesthetics. However, you can consider our recommendations to ensure weight control before facial aesthetics:

  • Before facial aesthetics, you should have a comprehensive interview with your doctor and share your goals and expectations. In this direction, your doctor will guide you in the best way.
  • You can adopt a healthy diet program within the framework of your eating habits. A healthy diet provides both weight control and supports body health.
  • You can incorporate regular exercise into your life. If you are someone who avoids doing sports, even a daily 30-minute walk will positively affect your body health.
  • You should avoid sports that will damage your face.
  • Fluid consumption is important in weight control. You can consume drinks such as mineral water, fruit juice and smoothies along with the water your body needs during the diet.

The Benefits of Losing Weight Before a Facelift

Does Losing Weight Affect a Facelift?

If you want to have a facelift surgery; you should make a few arrangements in your life before the procedure. In order for the aesthetics to be perfect, you need to reach your ideal weight before surgery. The best possible facial aesthetic results are achieved when weight control is achieved. You should learn the ideal weight for you in your interview with your facial aesthetic doctor. And most importantly, you should request detailed information from your doctor about what you need to do before surgery.

Weight After Facelift Surgery

After facelift surgery, the person has younger and healthier skin. In the surgery, deformations that make the face look old are improved. Weight control is important to support permanence after facelift surgery. Maintaining weight balance, especially during the healing process, both ensures a healthy recovery and helps the permanence of aesthetics. However, there is no harm in gaining and losing weight for people who cannot fully reach their ideal weight during the procedure. The most important point to be considered is to maintain a stable weight balance under the control of a doctor.

Ideal Facelift Candidates

Facelift surgery is an aesthetic procedure that offers a visible rejuvenation procedure on the skin. It is especially preferred to repair the deformations that occur on the skin as a result of aging. Lifestyle is the secondary reason for the surgery. These symptoms begin to appear in people over a certain age. Therefore, ideal candidates for facelift are considered to be people over the age of 40. Healthy people who maintain weight control are among the suitable candidates for facelift surgery.

Facelift Alternatives in Turkey with Dr. Hasan Duygulu

In this context, excess weight gain and loss can affect facial aesthetics. However, it should be known that facelift aesthetics gives permanent results when performed by a specialist doctor. It continues to maintain its aesthetic appearance except in cases such as obesity after surgery. In order not to encounter uncomfortable situations and not to experience great disappointment after surgery, you should contact a successful facial aesthetic doctor. Facial Aesthetics Doctor Hasan Duygulu in Istanbul is very successful in his field. You can also witness the success of our doctor by examining the aesthetic results of our doctor on our service page. You can contact us for detailed information about Facelift in Turkey and procedures.

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