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Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed plastic surgical techniques in Turkey and as well as in the World.

Rhinoplasty can improve nasal breathing which is called a functional treatment and also can provide cosmetic benefits which is also called aesthetic treatment. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide their patients happiness and satisfaction with a team that is diligent to serve at the highest level at his private clinic.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully operated more than 4.000 rhinoplasty surgeries for the last 12 years.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Nose-Job is a treatment method that is used to repair the deterioration that takes place in the nose’s shape, its bone, and cartilage structure. Nose-job is one of the prevalent aesthetic surgery treatments. Nose-job takes place as “rhinoplasty” in the medical literature. Rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred and applied aesthetic surgery treatments.

Rhinoplasty is a method that is preferred to cure;

  • Innate nose’s shape, bone and cartilage defects,
  • Ensuing nose’s shape, bone and cartilage defects,
  • Caused by trauma’s nose’s shape, bone, and cartilage defects.

While rhinoplasty is generally preferred to treat nasal shape, bone, and cartilage disorders, it is also  applied to treat existing respiratory disorders in some patients. Regardless of the reason why rhinoplasty aesthetic operation is preferred, it should not be overlooked that the most important point is to adjust the regular breathing. During the surgery;

  • Re-shaping the nose (Reconstruction),
  • Treating the shape defects by repairing,
  • Changing the shape of a part of the nose can be performed at the same time. During the surgery, a single operation can be performed, or more complicated procedures also can be done .


Dr Hasan Duygulu is an expert in his field and has a lot of experience. With rhinoplasty,

your nose can be made smaller, more prominent, thinner or wider. Just imagine the nose you want to have.

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Before & After

In order to have information about rhinoplasty, the photos in the Before and After Nose Aesthetics section can help you and you can see the results of others, and you can get detailed information by meeting with Dr Hasan Duygulu.

Before & After

In order to have information about rhinoplasty, the photos in the Before and After Nose Aesthetics section can help you and you can see the results of others, and you can get detailed information by meeting with Dr Hasan Duygulu.


    Rhinoplasty operation is performed to obtain aesthetically more pleasing proportions on the face and to

    improve the physical appearance of the person, to reshape, correct or reconstruct the nose.

    The operation Rhinoplasty Rest time 10 days
    Technique Used Piezo Ultrasonic Teknic Lenght of hospitilization 1 day
    Operation Time 2.5 hours Time to return to work and social life 10 days
    Anesthesia General Full recovery time 1 year
    Sensitive Time 3 days Persistance of results 3 months
    Cast Removal Time 7 days Operation Cost 2500 euros

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    Types of Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred and applied aesthetic  surgery methods. While rhinoplasty is generally preferred to treat nasal shape, bone, and cartilage disorders, it should also be paid attention to the correct functioning of breathing. Rhinoplasty can be performed in two different ways. Rhinoplasty treatment methods can be listed as follows;

    • Open Rhinoplasty: In this type of rhinoplasty surgery, nose surgery is performed by making a small incision between the nostrils. There are two reasons for choosing this operation. These are;

    Advanced nose shape, bone and cartilage disorders

    For the patient to have previous rhinoplasty-nose aesthetic surgery treatment

    • Closed Rhinoplasty; The incision is made inside the nostrils. With this rhinoplasty method, the view of the plastic surgeon becomes narrow. After this operation, no incision is made from the outside, all incisions are made from the inside. This technique is preferred for patients with smaller deformities.

    How a Rhinoplasty Procedure is Performed ?

    Nose surgery is performed in two different ways, open and closed. Nose surgery is performed by following the steps below;

    The common application step of two different nose surgeries is anesthesia. General anesthesia is used in closed and open nose surgeries. If only a nasal tip operation is to be performed, local anesthesia can be applied only to the tip of the nose.

    Open technique rhinoplasty: An incision is made between the two nostrils. The opening of this incision is to see the inside of the nose comfortably and to perform the surgery easier. The field of view is wide. If major changes are to be made on the patient’s nose, open nose surgery is preferred to apply the right treatment to the right points. The incision made from the outside becomes invisible after a few months. There is no significant difference in recovery time compared to closed surgery.

    Closed rhinoplasty: closed nose surgery is preferred for minor changes in the structure of the nose. In closed nose surgery, incisions are made through the nostrils. Thus, no incision scars are seen from an aesthetic point of view. Other nasal surgery procedures are performed like open surgery.

    Who is Rhinoplasty Applied To?

    Belt on the nose,

    low nasal tip,

    Rhinoplasty may be required if breathing is difficult.

    Rhinoplasty is performed after the age of 16 for girls and after the age of 18 for boys.

    curvature of the nose,

    asymmetry in the nose,

    Rhinoplasty surgery is performed in cases such as the width of the tip of the nose.

      Is Rhinoplasty Painful Operation?

      After rhinoplasty plastic surgery, the pain situation may differ according to the pain threshold of the person. However, in general, rhinoplasty surgery is not a painful operation. If the pain condition can be confused with conditions such as facial swelling and tension. Pain, swelling, and tension are not the same thing.

      The Process of Preparing

      for Rhinoplasty

      There are some rules to be considered before having rhinoplasty surgery. These rules can be listed as follows;

      The information about the operations and regularly used medications before the nose surgery should be shared with the doctor and the doctor’s team.

      Before the operation, blood thinners should be interrupted. The use of blood thinners should be discontinued at least one week before the nose surgery.

      It is not right to have rhinoplasty surgery during menstruation. This process should be reported to the doctor.

      Smoking complicates the healing process of wounds after rhinoplasty.

      The Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty

      After rhinoplasty nose, plastic surgery, bruises and swelling around the eyes may occur. Rhinoplasty takes between 1 week and 10 days to heal. The most important factor affecting the recovery is the patient’s complete compliance with the doctor’s recommendations. Blows to the nose or the development of complications may also prolong the healing process. For this reason, it is very important not to hit the nose and to use and care for the drugs recommended by the doctor.

      Rhinoplasty Cost

      While rhinoplasty nose surgery is priced differently in private hospitals, it is priced differently in public hospitals. At the same time, the prices of rhinoplasty nose surgery are also affected by other operations to be performed together with the nose surgery. There are several different methods of rhinoplasty. The price of the preferred rhinoplasty treatment method can also affect the price of the whole surgery. For this reason, we recommend that you consult a surgeon to get the most accurate price.

      Rhinoplasty Surgery Process

      The rhinoplasty surgery process is usually 7-10 days. After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital for one day and is discharged from the hospital with a nasal packing and a cast on his nose. Afterwards, the patient applies ice to his forehead and fae area for 2 to 3 days. The patient can return to his social life 8-10 days after the operation, and the patient can stand up 1 day after the operation. Between 7-10 days, tampons and casts are removed and the patient can return to jis work life. He stays away from sports and swimming activities for 1 month. He can’t use glasses for 6 months.

      Nose Aesthetics After Surgery

      The recovery period of rhinoplasty may differ depending on the complications. If a complication does not occur after the rhinoplasty operation, the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day as a result of the necessary examinations. After rhinoplasty;

      Bruises around the eyes

      Swelling may occur around the eyes. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, swelling and bruises around this eye may decrease day by day. About 10 days after rhinoplasty, patients can return to their social life. The best results begin to be obtained in about 6 months after rhinoplasty.

      Ask Our Experts!

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      Can concha operation and rhinoplasty be performed together?

        Yes, both concha and rhinoplasty can be performed in the same surgery. When the shape and the function of the nose are evaluated as a whole, nasal aesthetic surgery is usually performed, and the problems in the nasal concha are also eliminated in the same session. Concha problem is very common in society. Before performing rhinoplasty, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the conchas during the examination.

      Will I get the result I expect immediately after the surgery?

       The final expected result from nose surgery does not appear immediately. In the first month, there is significant edema and swelling in the nose, 60-70% of the swelling goes away within one month. At the end of six months %90 of the swelling will pass and at the end of a year there will be no more edema and the result will appear. In other words, we can say that in the third and fourth months, the result gives us an idea in general, but if we want to have an idea about the final result, we have to wait for a year.

      Will there be bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty?

      There will be some bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty. This is not as much as before. Thanks to the micromotor cutters and piezo ultrasonic cutters which have been used in the recent years, swelling and bruising have decreased significantly. However, the skin structure of the individual is also very important here. Individuals with very sensitive skin, bruising and swelling may occur even if microcutter is used, but these are all temporary.

      Do My Feelings on the Tip of the Nose Disappear After Nose Surgery?

      After all surgeries, there is some loss of sensation and pain at the incision site, and after a while this numbness goes away. The same is the case with rhinoplasty. After rhinoplasty, there may be a temporary loss of sensation at the tip of the nose, but when the regeneration of the affected nerves is completed a few months after this operation, the loss of sensation disappears. There may be occasional aches and pains in the form of tingling in cold weather, all of them are temporary.

      How Many Hours Does Revision Nose Aesthetics Take?

      Revision nose surgery varies a lot according to the procedure to be performed. This process may take 1 hour or 5 hours. It is directly related to  problem . During this procedure, rib grafting may be required frequently, and in such cases, the operation usually takes a long time. In cases such as slight irregularities in the dorsum of the nose, low nasal tip, minor retraction problems, a rib graft may not be needed and the procedure may take a short time.

      How Many Hours Does Nose Tip Surgery Take?

       Nasal tip surgery is a procedure that usually takes between an hour and one and half hours. In this procedure, no operation is performed on the back of the nose, the dorsum of the nose cannot be risked at all. This procedure can be applied with the closed method or the open method. If the patient only wants a change in the tip of the nose, this procedure is performed. When it is done with the closed method, there is no incision at the tip of the nose, if it is done with the open method, there is an incision. The incision scar disappears in three to four months. It is applied to patients who are satisfied with the appearance of the back of the nose but are not satisfied with the appearance of the nose tip.

      Can a Rest Report Be Obtained After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

      A rest report can be obtained after rhinoplasty surgery. During this period, patients are not recommended to work or do heavy work. It is recommended that they rest at home or do activities that will require minimal effort. During this period, citizens working in public institutions such as police, teachers, bank employees; may want a document for rest and give it to their institutions. In this case, the doctor issues a rest report and gives it to the patient. In nose surgery, the duration of this report usually does not exceed 15 days.

      Is the Result of Rhinoplasty Surgery Permanent?

       Rhinoplasty surgery is a permanent procedure. It should not be confused with temporary filling application. In rhinoplasty surgery, excess cartilage and bone tissues are removed and reshaped. This process will be permanent. One year from the procedure the full result can be obtained. After that, the shape of the nose does not change much. However, the nose filling process must be repeated at certain intervals, it is a temporary procedure.

      Can the Nose Be Operated for the Second Time?

       Nose surgery can be performed many times in the same patient. There is a risk of revision or correction surgery in all surgeries. Due to the inadequacy of the old methods, the second nose surgery is performed very frequently nowadays. In most patients, secondary nose surgery is a necessary procedure. However, it should not be forgotten that the next operation is always more risky than the previous one, as the skin will experience a little more nutritional problem in each operation. This nutritional problem is not experienced in the second surgeries, but in the fourth or fifth surgeries, attention should be paid from now on.

      Can the Dorsal nasal hump and Low Nose Tip be Corrected at the Same Time?

       It is possible to correct only the tip of the nose, or only the bridge of the nose, or both, while performing nose surgery. The doctor presents his own suggestion to the patient, but here, the patient’s request holds primary importance. Often both problems are solved at the same time. In rhinoplasty surgery, the nose should be considered as a whole. Both the tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose should be in a ratio with each other. Therefore , when one of them is to be intervened , the other part usually requires intervention . Your doctor’s recommendation is crucial here.

      How Many Hours Does The Nasal Hump Surgery Take?

      Nasal hump  surgery is a procedure that usually takes between one and half to two hours. This procedure is applied to patients who are satisfied with the tip of the nose but are not satisfied with the appearance of the ridge of the nose. In this procedure, the tip of the nose is not touched, only the nasal hump is removed. After the nasal hump is removed, the nasal bones,  are cut from the sides and brought closer to create the final shape of the nasal ridge ( which we call that application as “osteotomy” ,. It can be done with a closed method and the tip of the nose may not be opened at all. If it is done in this way, there will be no incision marks on the tip of the nose. If it is done with the open technique, there will be an incision scar at the tip of the nose, and the scar will disappear between three to six months. Usually, this procedure is done with the closed technique.

      How Many Hours Does the Concha Surgery Take?

      Concha surgery is a procedure that takes approximately half an hour. This process can show different variations. Ablation of  the conchas with radiofrequency, shrinking the conchas by emptying them or breaking them to the sides or cauterization  can be done. All four procedures are short procedures, usually during the nose surgery, in addition to the nose surgery. However, if there is a nasal polyp which is gennerally confused with chonca hypertrophy in public ,  surgery can take as long as rhinoplasty. Therefore, preoperative diagnosis is important.

      How Many Hours Does Broken and Crooked Nose Surgery Take?

       Broken and crooked nose surgeries generally take longer than standard noses. This time varies depending on the location of the curved and broken part. In some cases, the area that causes the curvature of the nose is in the back of the nose towards the root of the nose, so it may take time to correct it. In this case, the operation may take three-four hours. Here, the duration of the operation is not very important, what is more important is the result. If the result of a short operation is not good, it is not considered as a successful operation. Therefore , the duration of this surgery is the least important part .

      How Many Hours Does Nose Curvature Surgery Take?

      The location of the curved area of the nose curvature surgery varies depending on the degree of curvature. If the curvature is severe and starts at the back of the nose, close to the root of the nose, it may take time to correct it during the surgery, which may prolong the surgery. In this case, the operation may take three-four hours. Here, the duration of the operation is not very important, what is more important is the result. However, in some cases, the curvature of the nose can be corrected with a short maneuver and the surgery takes a short time. It is not always possible to foresee this situation beforehand, it is usually evident during the operation.

      Is an Examination Necessary After Nose Aesthetics?

      After all surgical procedures, patients are called for controls, as well as after rhinoplasty. The result of the surgery is evaluated by the doctor, the necessary massage or additional suggestions are made to the patient. However, many patients come from abroad due to health tourism. These patients usually return to their country seven days after the operation. Controls of these patients can be done by video conference, photo or video, it does not pose a problem.