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Choosing a aesthetic surgeon for your rhinoplasty operation is an important step in your journey to the nose of your dreams, and it is vital that you choose an experienced and professional surgeon such as Hasan Duygulu, a physician who is an expert in his field.

Hasan Duygulu has a lot of experience in nose surgery and there are various happy patients behind him. We welcome patients who want to achieve their dream nose in our clinic, where the latest technology methods are used, with an experienced team specialized in Rhinoplasty.


The nasal splint is usually removed 7 days after surgery. During this period, additional tape is applied to the nose wings for seven days and then these bands are removed. Most of the bruising and swelling that occurs after surgery usually disappears within two weeks after surgery. The nose should be protected from impact for four weeks after surgery.

Rhinoplasty Turkey

Rhinoplasty Operation

Nose-Job is a treatment method that is used to repair the deterioration that takes place in the nose’s shape, its bone, and cartilage structure. Nose-job is one of the prevalent aesthetic surgery treatments.

Rhinoplasty Turkey

Revision nose surgery

Revision is also known as correction surgery or “secondary nose surgery” and it is performed to correct the problems of patients who have had nose surgery before.

Rhinoplasty Turkey

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a non-surgical treatment method. In other words, it is also defined as “a 15-minute nose operation”. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is in the low-risk and low-cost procedure category.

Rhinoplasty Turkey

Deviated Septum Surgery

It is the shift of the middle part of the nose, called the septum, to the right or left. This slippage can block one or both nostrils, causing breathing problems.