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Offering the revision rhinoplasty procedure according to your skin structure, Dr. Hasan Duygulu promises you a smooth and aesthetic nose appearance. The team at his private clinic aims for unconditional patient satisfaction and happiness, listens to your desires, and determines the most suitable revision rhinoplasty aesthetic treatment method for you.
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Revision Rhinoplasty Turkey

What is Revision Rhinoplasty (Secondary Rhinoplasty)?

Our revision rhinoplasty in Turkey offers natural-looking results that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!
Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a surgical operation performed to improve the appearance and functions of the previous nasal aesthetics. With revision rhinoplasty, the patient’s nose appearance is reshaped. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an open or closed manner. During nasal aesthetics, cartilage from the ear and rib is used, so in revision surgery, cartilage is taken from the ear and rib as well.

Revision Rhinoplasty Candidates

Revision rhinoplasty is performed on patients who are not satisfied with the result of their previous nasal surgery. The desired result is achieved with small touches during aesthetics. In addition, revision rhinoplasty is also applied to patients who experience breathing problems, sagging or deviation in the nose after nasal surgery, and those who have suffered trauma to the nasal area. The surgery is not performed on people with thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure; drug addicts, and those who regularly consume cigarettes and alcohol.

Why is Revision Rhinoplasty Needed?

Considering a revision rhinoplasty in Istanbul? Our aesthetic clinic offers exceptional care and attention to detail to ensure the best possible results!
Revision rhinoplasty is needed for functional and aesthetic problems that occur after nasal surgery. After the surgery, the nose may not fully perform its respiratory function, or the patient may not be satisfied with the aesthetic result. Some of the reasons for needing aesthetics due to inadequate surgery and insufficiently listening to the patient’s requests are as follows:

  • The patient having difficulty taking deep breaths due to the closure of the nasal valve,
  • Shape deformities due to the inadequate removal of the hump on the nasal dorsum,
  • Inability to resolve the drooping problem in the nasal tip or the nose tip appearing swollen,
  • The nostrils being visible from the front due to the nose tip being excessively raised during surgery,
  • Disproportionality between the face and nose,
  • Insufficient or excessive reduction of the nose compared to the face.
Why is Revision Rhinoplasty Needed?
When is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed

How Should A Nose Surgery Be Performed To Avoid The Need For Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is performed as a result of a failed nose surgery. In order to avoid the need for revision rhinoplasty, the first surgery should be strong both functionally and aesthetically. It is important to preserve the functional structure of the nose during the procedure. During the surgery, the functional problems of the nose should be corrected, and the aesthetic appearance should be shaped according to the patient’s demands.

When is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed

The clear results of the nose surgery begin to become apparent about 6 months after the procedure. During this period, swelling may occur in the nasal structure, so the outcome of the aesthetic surgery may not be clearly apparent. Therefore, revision rhinoplasty is generally performed 1 year after the first surgery. However, if there are urgent situations during this process, such as a noticeable asymmetry in the nose, revision nose surgery can be performed at any time.

What problems can be solved with Revision Rhinoplasty?

Nasal Deviation

Nasal deviation occurs when the region forming the nasal cavity bends to one side. Revision rhinoplasty can correct septal deviation in the nose.

Pointed and Asymmetric Nasal Tip

Asymmetry in the nasal tip refers to the condition where the nostrils are not identical. Revision rhinoplasty is performed when the asymmetry is pronounced. Cartilage tissue is modified to eliminate the pointed appearance.

Breathing Problems

Breathing problems can be resolved within 15 minutes with revision rhinoplasty.


Minor cosmetic procedures can correct deformities such as a hump or a “parrot beak” nose.

Nasal Adhesions

Adhesions can occur in the nasal tissues after surgery. Revision rhinoplasty can be used to correct these adhesions if they cause functional or physical discomfort.

Nasal Trauma

The nose becomes sensitive during the healing process after surgery. If the nose sustains any impact during this time, it may become damaged. A revision rhinoplasty can restore the shape of a nose that has been deformed by trauma.

Revision Rhinoplasty Types

Overview of Revision Rhinoplasty




3 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 Night


After 2 Days


1 Week

Work Leave

1 Week

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Revision Rhinoplasty Before And After

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Before Secondary Rhinoplasty

  • A thorough facial analysis is performed by the doctor prior to surgery to determine the proportions of the face.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery is not performed during menstruation.
  • The use of blood thinning medication should be stopped at least 1 week before the surgery.
  • Detailed information about medical history should be provided to the doctor prior to surgery. Routine blood and hormone tests are performed for control purposes.
  • Since general anesthesia will be applied, the patient should come to the surgery on an empty stomach.
  • Smoking and alcohol use affect the success of the surgery. It is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol consumption at least 1 month before the surgery.
  • The skin should be kept clean before surgery. The skin should not come into contact with any chemical and cosmetic products.
Revision Rhinoplasty Before And After
Rhinoplasty Revision Before and After

After Secondary Rhinoplasty

  • It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions for the success of the surgery and the healing process.
  • Since general anesthesia is applied during the surgery, the patient does not feel any pain. After the procedure, the patient is hosted in the hospital for one day for observation.
  • Swelling and redness may occur in the nose area after the surgery. This is a common effect and does not pose any risk.
  • For the first few days, the head should be kept elevated. Sleeping in a supine position with the use of two pillows is recommended.
  • To ensure a healthy recovery process, activities that will strain the body should be avoided. Prolonged exposure to computer and phone screens should also be avoided.
  • Cosmetic products should not be applied to the skin until complete recovery is achieved.
  • Smoking and alcohol use should be avoided until full recovery is achieved.
  • To achieve successful results from the surgery, a healthy diet should be maintained, and plenty of fluids should be consumed.

Steps of Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty


Before the surgery, a thorough facial analysis is conducted by the doctor. The necessary procedures for the aesthetic of the nose are identified and the patient is informed.

Revision Rhinoplasty


General anesthesia is applied during the surgery to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort.

Revision Rhinoplasty

The Incision Procedure

The surgery is performed using either an open or closed technique. Incisions are made in the nose area, and cartilage is taken from the ear and rib.

Revision Rhinoplasty


Interventions are made to the nose bone, cartilage, and soft tissue according to the need. The nose is reshaped again according to the patient's request.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Final Touch

After the procedure is completed, incisions are closed with stitches and tissue adhesives. To support the nasal structure, nasal packing is placed. To ensure the solidity of the healed nasal structure, a nose splint or cast is applied after surgery. The splint and cast can be removed after a week.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Considering a revision rhinoplasty? Our revision rhinoplasty clinic in Turkey offers top-notch treatment at a competitive price!
The prices of revision rhinoplasty vary depending on the scope of the surgery, the expertise of the doctor performing the procedure, and the clinic or hospital where it takes place. In Turkey, the price of revision rhinoplasty aesthetics is around 6000 dollars on average. For detailed pricing information, please contact us.
Revision RhinoplastyTurkeyUnited KingdomUSA
Cost5000$ - 8000$10000£ - 15000£10000$ - 20000$

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Don't Worry, Here’s What You Want To Know About Revision Rhinoplasty

Looking for a trusted and experienced clinic for your revision rhinoplasty in Istanbul? Our team of experts is here to help!
Revision Rhinoplasty

I had a nose job 2 months ago, and I'm not satisfied with the appearance of my nose. How long should I wait to have a revision nose job?

After a nose job, the results may not be clear for a few months. Side effects and swelling may continue. If you do not have results such as asymmetry, you should wait at least 6-12 months after the cosmetic surgery for a new procedure.

Revision Rhinoplasty

I need to take time off work for my revision nose job. How many days of leave should I take?

The recovery period for revision nose job varies depending on the individual’s condition. On average, sensitivity decreases and recovery is observed within 10 days after the surgery. The recovery period may vary depending on complications, so it is recommended that you take at least one week off from work.

Revision Rhinoplasty

I have had two nose surgeries but my nose wing collapsed. Would a third nose surgery be risky for me?

Rhinoplasty can be done for the third time without any significant risks. The important thing in cosmetic procedures is whether you need them or not. The collapse of the nasal valve can happen after rhinoplasty, but it is not a cause for concern. A revision rhinoplasty can correct the collapsed nasal valve.

Revision Rhinoplasty

I had a nose surgery but I am still not satisfied with the appearance of my nose and chin. Should I have a facelift or are there any methods to improve the appearance of my nose and chin together?

If you’re not sure which aesthetic procedure to get, don’t worry; Dr. Hasan Duygulu will perform a facial analysis before the procedure to determine the appropriate treatment for you. If you have a receding chin, your nose may appear larger than it actually is. Therefore, a chin implant is usually recommended in addition to revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Is revision rhinoplasty a permanent procedure? After my first nose surgery, I experienced nasal deviation. I don't want to have the same problem again.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is performed to treat the deviation experienced after nose surgery. Since it is a type of aesthetic procedure performed to eliminate the side effects of the first nose surgery, the likelihood of experiencing the same problem again is quite low. Moreover, Dr. Hasan Duygulu is an expert in nose surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty

When can I return to my normal life after revision rhinoplasty surgery?

Complete the healing process before resuming normal life after revision rhinoplasty. This can take a few weeks and varies depending on individual healing rate and procedure complexity. Rest and avoid movement for the first few days, and gradually return to normal activities. Avoid sports and heavy physical activity. Dr. Hasan Duygulu can provide you with more specific information and offer recommendations to follow your recovery process.

The Procedure for a
Revision Rhinoplasty at Hasan Duygulu


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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty What Our Patients Think?

Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Kamila Kisiel
Read More
Im 5 months after nose surgery and I can say that it was best decisions in mine life . It look amazing , better than I was expecting. Doctor Hasan is very good at his job and the team is great , in all mine trip to Istanbul I feel save and very comfortable.
Gary Clark
Read More
Very professional - a highly skilled surgeon and artist. I had a number of issues that needed fixing after breaking my nose including a deviated septum and bump. By chance, I was recommended to speak with Dr Duygulu in Istanbul; his team were extremely responsive and managed to fit my surgery in under a very tight schedule. Dr Duygulu did a fantastic job of listening to the issues I was having and made a detailed surgery plan. Like anyone, I was extremely nervous about undergoing surgery especially as I was travelling alone but was made to feel at ease at every step of the way. It’s only been 10 days and I’m already really happy with the outcome. I would like to personally thank Dr Duygulu and his assistant Ecem for an incredible, life-changing experience!
Michael Haile
Read More
I am from UK went to istanbul 1 month ago and I am really happy so far. Excellent service and amazing results big thank you Dr Hasan duyugulu. And if you are thinking to do a rhinoplasty you need to do it with Dr Hasan duyugulu for excellent results I promise you you.
Read More
I had rhinoplasty about 4 weeks ago, and this is my best decision ever. My nose was broken and my side profile was my biggest insecurity. I decide to go to Turkey to do my operation. My doctor was Hasan Duygulu. I find him on Instagram and his work is amazing. My nose is still swollen but I’m satisfied with the results. Can’t wait the final results. I recommend doctor Hasan Duygulu to everyone who wants to do rhinoplasty.
Josipa Čović
Read More
I had rhinoplasty 8 months ago. My sister found Dr. Hasan on Instagram and I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first and that going to another country created additional stress for me, but it was the best decision ever. I look and feel like a new person. All praise for Dr. Hasan and his team who made the whole procedure painless and pleasant.
Read More
I was extremely nervous to get my rhinoplasty done, especially in a country I have never visited previously, but it could not have gone smoother! I barely experienced any bruising or swelling and anything I did have went down back to normal within a few days after the surgery. It was completely painless and was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The rhinoplasty is also beautiful and exceeded all of my expectations. Dr Hasan and his team made my entire experience the best possible and they were so hospitable and caring. Thank you so much!
Read More
I highly recommend Doctor's Hasan Duygulu treatment and services.He performed a rhinoplasty for my crooked nose and also fixed my septum deviation.I was also impressed by his kind way of treating me as a pacient and by his professional demeanour. My nose is 2 wee?s now after operation and it feels very well and looks gorgeous from any angle. Thank you, Doctor Hasan!
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I was nervous since it was my first surgery ever, but the doctor and staff made me feel so comfortable and the process was so smooth! Love my result and new nose so much it’s exactly what I wanted and so grateful for everything.
Read More
I highly recommend Doctor Hasan and his team! Surgery went great, his team is taking a good care of you from the moment you arrive to Istanbul 🙂 When it comes to outcome, he had vision of fixing the nose but keeping it natural and according to rest of the face.

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Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
A young woman after her revision rhinoplasty in Turkey
Revision Rhinoplasty

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It can be applied to patients who have had nose surgery before, but whose problems continue or who are not satisfied with the appearance.
    If the patient’s skin texture is suitable for surgery, revision nose surgery can be performed.
    Revision nose surgery can be applied to people who do not have thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or problems in the blood circulation system.

    The duration of a revision rhinoplasty surgery depends on the details of the procedure. If there are functional and aesthetic problems in the nose after the first surgery, the operation can take up to 5 hours. In cases where there are minor irregularities such as drooping of the nasal tip, the procedure typically takes around 1 hour.

    Revision rhinoplasty surgery is performed to correct complications that occur after a nose job. It is applied to individuals who are not satisfied with the aesthetic outcome of their nose surgery and those who have respiratory and functional problems in their nose. The results of a nose surgery are usually noticeable within an average of 1 year. Therefore, revision surgery is typically performed at least 6-12 months after the initial procedure, except in cases of significant need.

    A second nose surgery is not a risky procedure. It is performed when the first surgery has been unsuccessful. Research shows that revision procedures are performed in 5-20% of nose surgeries. Revision surgery is usually performed one year after the nose surgery when the swelling and edema have subsided. There are no significant risks associated with this procedure.

    A person can have a third nose surgery. The most important factor is the professionalism and skill of the doctor and their team. The skin structure should be thoroughly examined before the surgery. The treatment methods for patients with sensitive skin should be carefully determined according to their specific needs.

    Revision rhinoplasty is the name given to the second surgery performed after a nose job. It is performed to complete the shortcomings of the first surgery. Nose surgery involves more comprehensive aesthetic procedures. In the first nose surgery, all of the cartilage is used, so in the revision procedure, cartilage is taken from different tissues.

    Revision rhinoplasty surgery duration  may differ according to the shape of the nose, bone and cartilage stiffness and the procedures to be performed. However, if we generalize the duration of revision rhinoplasty surgery, this surgery can take between one to four hours.

    The recovery period after revision nose surgery can vary depending on the extent of the revision and the individual’s overall health. In general, the recovery period after revision nose surgery can range from several weeks to several months.

    Revision rhinoplasty is not as painful or painful as the first rhinoplasty, as the nose structure is not altered as much as the first rhinoplasty. However, revision rhinoplasty includes a very broad category of operations, from making minor changes at the tip to correcting a small area, to completely overhauling and repairing all cartilage and bones. In other words, the pain or pain process differs according to different situations or the types of operations to be performed.

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