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Jawline is one of the most performed plastic surgical techniques in Turkey and as well as in the World.
Jawline can improve nasal breathing which is called a functional treatment and also can provide cosmetic benefits which is also called aesthetic treatment. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide their patients happiness and satisfaction with a team that is diligent to serve at the highest level at his private clinic.
Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully operated more than 3.000 Jawline surgeries for the last 12 years.

What is Jawline Jaw Filling?

One of the important factors affecting the physical facial appearance is the chin. Various aesthetic operations can be performed on the chin area. One of these operations is “Jawline Filling” chin filling. This is a procedure that can be done in 5-10 minutes while the patient is in a sitting position. The procedure is performed with hyaluronic acid fillers containing hard dense cross-collagen bonds. A square face appearance is obtained by clarifying the chin corner and jawline of the patient. While this gives a more masculine appearance to men, a more attractive facial appearance is obtained for women when done carefully without disturbing the golden ratio.

How is it Done?

Hyaluronic acid is considered a harmless substance for the human body. For this reason, hyaluronic acid material is highly preferred in facial fillings. The content of Jawline chin filler is also hyaluronic acid. Jawline filling is done by following the steps below;

– The operation begins by applying an anesthetic cream around the chin.

– Hyaluronic acid is injected into certain points of the chin according to the needs of the patient.


Dr Hasan Duygulu is an expert in his field and has a lot of experience. With rhinoplasty,

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In order to have information about rhinoplasty, the photos in the Before and After Nose Aesthetics section can help you and you can see the results of others, and you can get detailed information by meeting with Dr Hasan Duygulu.

Before & After

In order to have information about rhinoplasty, the photos in the Before and After Nose Aesthetics section can help you and you can see the results of others, and you can get detailed information by meeting with Dr Hasan Duygulu.

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    What Are the Effects of Jawline Fill?

    Jawline Filling helps the face to have a much more aesthetic appearance. The effects of jawline chin filling can be listed as follows;

    It helps the balanced appearance between the face, neck, and jowl.

    It gives a chin appearance with sharp lines.

    The chin tip becomes more prominent.

    It treats the wrinkles in the chin area.

    It is a solution to the jowl problem.

    The jawline can be reshaped.

    It gives the face a V shape and thus the face gets a more aesthetic appearance.

    How Long Does Jawline Jaw Filling Last? Can It Be Taken Back?

    Filling types consisting of hyaluronic acid material are preferred for the jawline filling operation. These preferred fillers are excreted by the body in an average of 1 to 1.5 years. If the patient is not satisfied, the fillings can be dissolved early. Therefore, the Jawline filling operation is temporary, that is, a reversible type of aesthetic operation.

    Does the Patient Feel Pain?

    Pain is not felt during and after the jawline filling operation. It won’t hurt. It is not a painful and painful operation. Before the application, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the area and helps to numb the area. After the anesthetic cream, the operation is performed by entering under the numb skin. Thus, pain or pain is not felt before and after.

    When are the Results Visible?

    The effects of the chin filling operation are seen immediately after the operation. Edema and bruises occurring in the first few days after the chin filling operation are considered normal. These bruises and swellings heal in a short time.