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➤ Why Choose Turkey As A Destination For Aesthetic Surgery?

Why Choose Turkey As A Destination For Aesthetic Surgery?

We live in a world with increasingly popular demand for aesthetic procedures, ranging from simple b 0 t 0 xs fillers, to complex and finely customized cosmetic surgeries. Turkey (formally known as Türkiye), has put itself on the International health and body cosmetic services map, by outlining and enforcing  the application of international medical standards in its private and public medical facilities. For example, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, is one of many regulating agencies that Turkey has deployed in recent years to ensure medical safety standards on medicine, health products, cosmetics, and personal care products and procedures. 

With that in mind, many people who are interested in upgrading their personal looks have set their sights on Turkey as their destination of choice. We ask you to take a look at the wide array of professional Turkish private clinics and hospitals that offer cosmetics procedures. Make sure to have a look at their online reviews, patient’s testimonials, Before/After pictures and videos, services included in their packages, etc.  

Why choose Turkey for your aesthetic/cosmetic surgery ?

It is no wonder that Turkey became a global contender for the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery markets. Due to a plethora of attractive reasons, people from all over the world set their destination to Turkey. The most important reason why people choose Turkey is the high-level of  medical facilities established, and the international standards set by the government and the private sector alike. Even more, the doctors in charge of aesthetic procedures across the country are both trained at the best medical schools the world can offer, and also have accumulated years of professional experience on their career records.   

Obviously, many will mention that doing these cosmetic surgeries in Turkey is cost-effective, however, that is not the only thing the country has got to offer. Turkey boasts one of the best tourism rankings globally, with Istanbul and Aegean coastal cities leading the race. Many of  those who choose to do their procedures here end up planning some extra vacation days along some of the touristic spots available throughout the country. Turkish airlines is a great helper as well, as it has daily, direct and connecting flights passing through Turkey all year round, from 100’s of destinations worldwide, making Turkey one of the most accessible nations on Earth. 

How does Turkey compare to other countries when it comes to Aesthetic Surgery ?

Having aesthetic procedures in Turkey turns out to be 70% more affordable and cheaper compared to having them in Europe or in the USA. 

Additionally, the multitude and significant number of facilities in the country offering these medical services are quite high, making it easy for the client to have the procedure quickly, without waiting for long periods of time, nor being put on a waiting list. This big number of medical institutions makes it a competitive market, with deals, offers and discounts that can be taken advantage of. Last but not least, some of the clinics offer referrals and all-inclusive touristic plans to enjoy before or after the medical procedure, as a way to appeal to the client in a non-medical way. 

What kind of aesthetic surgeries can you have in Turkey ?  

The expert doctors and medical professionals spared no expense nor effort in providing all different kinds of cosmetic surgeries and procedures available. Moreover, reconstructive surgeries for non-aesthetic purposes are also offered as well. However, eligibility medical reports and/or tests may be required from some patients to check their eligibility for some of these cosmetic surgeries or not. Some of many aesthetic surgeries offered in Turkey are :-

  • Mammoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Gastric & Bariatric surgeries
  • Liposuction
  • Hair transplantation
  • F-M transformations
  • Abdominoplasty

After the procedures are successfully concluded, the doctors also offer annual and/or monthly follow up visits for the patients, to monitor their overall health and recovery. Medical recommendations, nutritional tips, and diets, lists of precautions and warnings, and lifestyle change guides will be given to every patient before and after the operation. 

Price ranges of different aesthetic procedures in Turkey. 

Depending on the quality of the clinic/hospital, the experience of the operating doctor, and the number of requests/modifications needed, the price quoted to every patient will differ accordingly. Some of the doctors welcome you at their private clinics for the procedure alone, while some other larger hospitals offer all-inclusive packages that may include accommodation, airport and city transport, food, and postoperative services.  

Below are some price ranges for different types of cosmetic operations :

Body plastic/aesthetic operations :- 1000-3000 €

Face plastic/aesthetic operations:- 750-2000 €

Mammoplasty:- 1500-3500 €

Hair transplantations :- 1000 – 2500 €

Unique/customized/complicated surgeries: price depends on the doctor and patient’s case. 

Start your aesthetic journey in Turkey with us. 

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