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What is a Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is actually a cheek fat removal or cheek thinning operation. This is the most practical and clear answer to the question of what is a Bichectomy. But of course, there is a different technical explanation. It is a procedure also known as Hollywood cheek. A bishectomy is the process of removing fat from the inner cheek with a small incision of about 1 cm that opens from the inside of the cheek. An aesthetic difference is formed on the cheek by removing this tissue, called Bichat adipose tissue. This difference allows you to have the Hollywood Cheek by providing a visible separation between the jawline and cheekbones. Recently, it has become a very popular practice to achieve the appearance of an inverted triangle between the cheekbones and Dec chin with a bishectomy operation. Thanks to the bishectomy operation, individuals achieve more prominent cheekbones and V-type facial structure.

Who is a Bichectomy suitable for? 

Although bishectomy is a procedure that can be performed on all adult individuals, individuals over the age of 25 are a more suitable population for the operation. Due to the fact that facial development continues until the age of 25 and the exact fit of a person’s facial structure corresponds approximately to these ages, there is a possibility that the desired result may not be achieved in people under the age of 25. However, patients who are overweight or obese are also not suitable candidates for a bishectomy operation. As we age over time, the amount of fat in the face area of individuals decreases, so the bishectomy operation in individuals over the age of 45 can lead to undesirable aesthetic appearance. Those who want to have this operation should first know the answer to the question of what is a Bichectomy, and it is important to know what this operation does.

How is a Bichectomy performed?

Bishectomy is also known as cheek surgery. It allows a person to have pronounced cheekbones, a sharper and thinner face line. Usually, people who have square and U-shaped facial contours or people who have plump cheeks prefer a bishectomy operation. Because Hollywood stars often prefer the operation of a bishectomy, which is a permanent aesthetic, it has become very common. Thanks to this procedure, which is performed by removing the buccal fat tissues from the cheek, the area becomes thinner and the face is given a triangular appearance. Because the cuts are in the cheek, no scars form on the visible part of the cheek and thus the aesthetic appearance of the face is not adversely affected. 

What should be considered before Bichectomy surgery?

Before operations performed within the scope of aesthetic surgery such as bishectomy, patients should clearly express their expectations and goals for the operation to their physicians. It is important that they indicate whether they have any chronic diseases and whether there are drugs or food supplements that they are already using. Physicians should also be informed about harmful habits such as allergies, previous surgeries, alcohol or tobacco use. Before the operation, be sure to get a clear answer to the question of what is a Bichectomy from your doctor and make sure of the pros and cons of this operation that you will have.

What should be considered after Bichectomy surgery?  

After the bishectomy operation, the person does not need to stay in the hospital. After a short rest, the patient is discharged and the process of returning to everyday life begins. Depending on the operation, the doctor may recommend using antibiotics so that the incision in the mouth is not infected. In addition, the doctor informs the patient that oral hygiene should also be taken care of in order for the healing process to be rapid. Brushing your teeth regularly and gargling Dec help prevent possible infections, while good oral care is also among the factors that accelerate the healing process. According to the type of anesthesia, eating and drinking can be started after 2-4 hours.  But it is recommended not to eat solid food for 2-3 days.  It is usually recommended to eat liquid and puree consistency for 3 days.  If the intervention was performed with local anesthesia, daily life can be returned immediately.  If general anesthesia is preferred, discharge can be scheduled after 4-6 hours.

What are the advantages of Bichectomy?

Bishectomy aesthetics provides a lot of benefits to people in eliminating the condition they complain about. The advantages of bishectomy aesthetics include:

  • Since the procedure is a short one, there is no such thing as hospitalization.
  • Because it is accompanied by local anesthesia, anesthesia symptoms are not experienced.
  • It allows you to achieve the desired facial contours.
  • A person has sharp, aesthetic, proportional, attractive and inverted triangular facial contours.
  • A smooth and effective result is obtained after the operation.
  • In case of weight gain by removing adipose tissue, facial features do not return to their former state.
  • The return to normal life after the procedure is rapid and there is no fear of surgical scarring.

What are the disadvantages of Bichectomy?

Your surgeon should give you a clear answer to the question of what is a Bichectomy before surgery and should also tell you about the risks of this operation. When the bishectomy operation is performed correctly, without any complications, and the patient completes the healing process, it can be said that there is no harm. But if the surgical procedure is not performed correctly and the patient does not pay attention to his care after the operation, undesirable situations may occur. It is important that the surgeon who will perform the procedure can easily find the fat pads that will be removed with the bishectomy operation. Making too many incisions, not having fat pads for a long time can traumatize the tissues and cause an increase in edema. 

If you want to have a Bichectomy operation and have perfect cheeks, give us a call and we will tell you all the details. Let’s create your appointment and give the best price for you. 

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