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Face aesthetic procedures include multiple surgical and/or percutaneous interventions on the face and head region for cosmetic purposes. The aim of each of these procedures is to decrease the effects of aging, modify facial structures/features, reconstruct damaged/ill areas, and improve overall appearance. According to the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) global survey, around millions of surgical and non surgical cosmetic operations happen every year, with more than 1 million of them happening in Turkey. Now lets know more about the most common types of aesthetic facial procedures:  

Face & Neck Lifting

Rhytidectomy, or more commonly known as face lifting, is a procedure that aims to counteract the marks of aging on the face. Many people choose this procedure because it helps them get a brighter, prettier, and younger look. When a face is lifted, the skin is tightened around the targeted area, usually around the cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, and neck. The procedure can be either a full facelift or a partial one, depending on the areas lifted. 

Another type is called a Mid face lift. In this procedure, the aging lines on the cheeks are lifted to make them look younger and healthier. These aging cheek lines are called the nasolabial lines. These lines are characterized by excessively sagging skins due to gravity and old age. A midface lift restores the beauty of a slender cheek and freshness of a lovely face.

When it comes to a Neck lift, the main goal is to eliminate wrinkles as much as possible. In case the neck lift was minimal, minor incisions are applied to improve the overall neck appearance. If the neck had stubborn fat however, a neck lift surgery may be needed. The excessive saggy skin is tightened with a liposuction and then firmed with a lift, thus restoring the slender look of a healthy neck. Contact our surgeons for more details about face/neck lifting. 

Eyebrow Lift

An eyebrow lift, as mentioned before, is a procedure applied on your upper face to make it look younger and better. This kind of lift is usually accompanied by a forehead lift. Once the procedure is done, you will notice that your eyes have gotten bigger, thus, making your face lit with its sight, quite literally ! The procedure is painless and the results are long-lasting. Safe to say, it is a lift that is patiently waiting for you to get. 

Nose Aesthetics

A rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is one of many cosmetic procedures you can have to improve your facial looks and health. Most commonly, the nose bridge is abridged, and the nose specs are altered to match the looks agreed upon earlier. Although nose aesthetics are mainly cosmetic, there are practical benefits gained after each rhinoplasty, like better breathing, less snoring, more oxygen retention, boosted morale etc. You can look at our before and after photos of our clients who had a nose job, and consult with our experts who can help you choose the best matching nose style for your facial features. 

Ear Aesthetics

Our faces will be the main source of first impressions and appearance we show to the outer world. That is why sometimes we need a little modification to set things straight to the standard we want. Otoplasty, or more commonly known as ear jobs, is one of many cosmetic operations which helps our clients modify their ear’s appearance. The operation is scarless and painless, making it an easy choice for many. 

Eyelid Aesthetics

Blepharoplasty is the medical term for an eyelid cosmetic procedure. Due to gravity and aging, the eyelids may become wrinkly and saggy, making the person look tired and exhausted all the time. A corrective eyelid procedure restores years to the client’s face, making them look younger. This procedure also takes some weight off the eyes, making the eyevison sharper. 

Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift

Sometimes a face lift operation is not enough to get the required results, nor the long lasting appearance intended, so an endoscopic mid-face lift may be the way to go, especially around the cheeks and the crow’s feet. The preferable age of having such a procedure is 40 or above. However, it is applicable for any person who wants a revision on their face-lift. If you are unhappy with your former face-lift results, contact our surgeons now. They will assess your case and recommend to you the best revisions you can apply on your original face-lift.  

Deep Plane Facelift

A deep plane facelift, or medically called SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), relies on the muscle’s appearance rather than the skin itself. Naturally, the results from such operations are more durable and last longer than normal lifting procedures. Deep plane facelifts help with anti-aging, and is preferable for clients above the age of 50. Deep face and neck lifts are some of many deep plane facelifts we offer. Contact our professionals now, and get an idea about the best procedure, whether normal or deep, you can have for your looks.

Face Aesthetic Procedures in Turkey

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, Turkey boasts a 50% to 70% more affordability compared to countries in the EU, USA, and South America. The development in the medical and medicinal infrastructure in the country made it a global hotspot for aesthetic procedures. Most clinics and hospitals also offer all-inclusive treatment packages, that includes transportation, tours and travels, accommodation, and postoperative follow-ups and tests. The prospective clients coming to Turkey for their aesthetic enhancements will find themselves within the realm of international medical standards, outstanding hospitality, and professional care.   

Shine and Look Fine with our Face Aesthetic services

A stunning image and a new look is what you deserve! Feel free to contact us and know more about the face aesthetics services we provide to you in Turkey. We have specialists ready to answer all your questions and cater to your medical needs. 

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