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With the developing technologies and techniques, eyebrow lifting can be done in an extremely simple way. This operation also makes the person look younger. There are some techniques and methods that are suitable for all genders.  So, what are the eyebrow lifting methods? The most preferred among them is eyebrow lifting surgery. Although it is a surgical intervention, it can be said that surgery is preferred more often because the results are permanent. Eyebrow lifting can be done in several ways; it can be done with a rope hanging method and endoscopically with a forehead lift. Surgical methods; eyebrow lift and classic eyebrow lift surgery.  Non-surgical methods are botox and Ultherapy.

How to raise eyebrows with Botox?

Botox is also one of the answers to the question of what are the eyebrow lifting methods the eyebrow structure is checked in detail by the doctor who will perform the application of eyebrow lifting with Botox. The patient is informed about how the appearance will be after botox. In practice, botox is applied to the forehead and around the eyes. If necessary, botox is also injected into the October points of the eyebrow as an additional application. The most important aspect in eyebrow botox is the correct perception of the dose and the balanced lifting of the two eyebrows. If the dose is not well adjusted, the eyebrow either does not lift at the desired level, or an expressionless appearance occurs on the eyebrows. Sometimes both eyebrows are raised at different rates. For these reasons, the experience of the doctor who performs the application in this field is very important.

How to raise eyebrows with Ultherapy?

Ultherapy eyebrow lift treatment is a treatment that is applied to the lower layer of the skin. It is carried out using ultrasound waves in the Ulthera system. There are three different titles in the system. Stimulation of the structure of collagen and elastin is achieved by acting on the skin layers. With a single application, the regeneration process begins immediately, but the process of the appearance of the full result is after 60-90 days. This effect has had the effect of reducing the relaxation around the eyes and the crease in the eyelid. People who have been applied to the neck and face area have stated that they have firmer, tauter and better quality skin. To date, there has been no non-surgical method equivalent to the dramatic results achieved in surgical interventions, but today there is the Ulthera technology, which is able to perform an excellent stretching and lifting.

What is endoscopic brow lift surgery? How is it done? 

This method will also be an answer to the question of what are the eyebrow lifting methods. In recent years, many methods have been applied to the eyebrow lifting technique. But the most preferred of these is the procedure called an endoscope, which is performed without the need to make an incision. This operation is carried out with the help of small and thin cameras and leaves no traces. It can be easily applied in operating room conditions with general anesthesia. With the endoscopic eyebrow removal method, the operation can be performed by making holes in the scalp from several different points, so that the operation can be completed without any bleeding. Thanks to this, scars that appeared in the old methods do not form after surgery. In addition, the recovery period also lasts quite a short time. In endoscopic surgeries, several small incisions are made in the scalp. The endoscope and other surgical instruments inserted through these incisions are used to separate the skin of the forehead from the underlying tissues. Incisions made in endoscopic surgeries are smaller, but the operation may take longer.

What is a classic eyebrow lift surgery? How is it done? 

In classical eyebrow lifting surgery, the scalp is removed from the temple part of the person and the corresponding area is stretched. As a disadvantage of this procedure, the stitches made in the scalp expand after a certain time, causing the balding areas to open. That is why when this operation is performed, it may not be very persistent. As another method, the eyebrow strap method can be easily applied under local anesthesia. Sewing is performed from the inside with a small hole drilled from the front of the hairline. Thanks to this, the eyebrow can be hung in the desired position. The disadvantage of this method is that the effect does not last long at the desired level and the eyebrows will return to their former state. Depending on the mimic movements, it can last from 6 months to 2 years. In general, it is useful to have this procedure performed by a specialist.

What is the eyebrow suspension method? How is it done? 

The permanent eyebrow lifting method is supported by the application of suspension in solving these problems. It is noteworthy that there is both no operation and a long endurance period. This is a method that gives positive results, eliminating the risks and complications of surgical operations. The permanent eyebrow suspension is completed in a very short time, it is completed without leaving traces, without making deep incisions without feeling any loss. The advantage is that this problem also eliminates these problems in people with low eyelids. Very effective anesthetic creams are used in permanent eyebrow suspension surgery.

What is the recovery period after brow lift surgery?

We hope that what we have told you so far has given you the answer to the question of what are the eyebrow lifting methods. Finally, let’s look at the healing process of this surgery. In all methods, edema and bruises may occur for an average of up to 10 days. However, apart from visual problems, the patient can return to his daily life as of the first day.

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