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Eyebrow lifting methods in Turkey 

Eyebrow Lifting as A Face Aesthetic Method

The eyes, brows, and forehead area all play important roles in nonverbal communication. This area, like the rest of our bodies, begins to wrinkle and sag over time as a result of stress, excessive muscle activity, gravity, and the body’s loss of its natural skin structure, resulting in an aging appearance.

Eyebrow lift surgery alters general facial expression. Eyebrow lifting is right for you if you want to correct these natural changes in your body. Because of this procedure, the brows will appear rested, young, fresh, bright, and clear and reveal the beauty of the face and eyes

With eyebrow lifting, a permanent solution to this problem is possible. Sagging eyebrows appear natural and youthful with this method.

Different Methods of Eyebrow Lifting

Depending on the patient’s anatomical structure and aesthetic concern, brow lifting can be done surgically or non-surgically. In some patients, non-surgical Botox and Ultherapy achieve the desired youthful appearance in the brow area. 

Non-surgical methods will not suffice if the aesthetic problem has deepened and settled. Surgery is required in these cases. The specific technique your surgeon chooses will determine the location of the incisions and the results.


Botox is one of the eyebrows-lifting methods. The eyebrow structure is thoroughly examined by the doctor. The patient is informed about his or her appearance after Botox. Botox is commonly used on the forehead and around the eyes. 

Botox is also injected into the brow’s insertion points as an additional application if necessary. The most important aspect of eyebrow Botox is correct dose perception and balanced lifting of the two brows. If the dose is not properly adjusted, the brows either do not lift to the desired level or have an expressionless appearance.

Benefits of Eyebrow Lifting:

·        Wrinkles are reduced.

·        Increases the height of your brows.

·        It reshapes your brows.

·        It makes you appear younger.

·        It helps you with long recovery times, surgery and scarring.

These injections, however, are not permanent. You will need to repeat treatments several times a year to maintain your results.

Ul therapy

Ul therapy brow lift treatment is a treatment that is applied to the skin’s lower layer. The Ulthera system uses ultrasound waves to perform the procedure. The regeneration process begins immediately after a single application, but the full result does not appear for 60-90 days. 

This effect has reduced the relaxation around the eyes and the crease in the eyelid. There has been no non-surgical method that has produced the same dramatic results as surgical interventions. Ul therapy technology can perform excellent stretching and lifting.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

The most preferred technique for raising the brows is the endoscopic brow lift surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will make a series of very short incisions just behind the hairline for an endoscopic brow lift to create a naturally more youthful brow. This operation is carried out using small and thin cameras that leave no trace. It is simple to use in operating rooms under general anesthesia.

There is usually no bleeding or scarring in Endoscopic brow lift surgery. After the operation, it is possible to resume normal life in a short period. Endoscopic surgeries have smaller incisions, but the procedure may take longer.

This technique is recommended for patients who require forehead-lifting aesthetics as well as a permanent solution to wrinkles between the brows. The muscles responsible for the wrinkles between the brows can be resected using this method.

Classic Eyebrow Lift Surgery

The classic eyebrow lift surgery method is now used less frequently due to the introduction of invasive surgical materials. However, this method may be required to achieve the patient’s desired results. 

In this technique, a long incision is made behind the hairline from ear to ear. Your surgeon may recommend that the incision follow your frontal hairline to correct a high forehead. You may need to trim your hair if it is too long and will interfere with the procedure.

Well-qualified cosmetic surgeons can usually make needed improvements with less invasive techniques. As a disadvantage of this procedure, the scalp stitches expand after a certain period, causing the balding areas to open. 

As a result, when this operation is carried out, it may not be very persistent. However, in some cases, a coronal brow lift may be required to achieve the desired results for a patient. 

Eyebrow Suspension 

The permanent eyebrow-lifting method is supported by the use of suspension. It is worth noting that there is no operation and a long endurance period. This is a method that produces positive results while removing the risks and complications associated with surgical procedures. 

The permanent brow suspension is completed in a very short time, without leaving traces, without making deep incisions, and without feeling any loss. The advantage is that this problem eliminates these issues in people with low eyelids.

Permanent eyebrow suspension surgery employs highly effective anesthetic creams. Furthermore, the recovery period is relatively brief. With eyebrow suspension, looking younger becomes easier and affordable.

Recovery Process

After surgery, you will experience no significant pain and will be able to resume your normal activities immediately. Your forehead may be loosely wrapped after a brow lift to reduce swelling. A small tube may be placed along the incision site to drain any excess blood or fluid.

During the first few days following a brow lift:

·        Rest with your head elevated and take pain medication as directed by your provider.

·        To reduce swelling, use cold compresses.

·        Avoid exposing your incisions to excessive pressure or motion.

·        Itching and numbness may occur as your incisions heal, but this will likely subside over time.

·        If your incisions are bandaged, they will most likely be removed in 1 to 3 days. Sutures are typically removed 7 to 10 days after surgery.

When it’s safe to resume daily activities like washing and drying your hair and bathing, consult your doctor. Incision lines will gradually fade. Makeup can be used to conceal any severe bruising.

A Path to Youth with Eyebrow Lifting!

Face aesthetics is a technique that aims to restore drooping brows to their natural and attractive position. A brow lift is a tried-and-true way to rejuvenate the upper portion of your face if your expression is obstructed by a drooping brow. 

Eyebrow lifting tightens the soft tissues of the forehead, giving your forehead, upper eyelids, and brows a younger contour. Several brow-lifting techniques use varying length sections in different areas.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu and his team will make the necessary savings to ensure that this procedure is performed as precisely as possible. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us. 

Face Aesthetic Turkey is the right path for youth with their eyebrow lifting service. Don’t delay your desire to look younger and more confident with eyebrow lifting!

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