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What is Jowl Aesthetics? How is it done? Non-Surgical Jowl Aesthetics

What is a jowl?

The jowl is the name given to the lower part of the chin. The fat layer in the jowl area may increase from time to time or sagging skin on the jowl can be seen. When we look at such factors, the jowl becomes much more prominent and this situation causes jowl aesthetic concerns in many people.

There is more than one cause of shape or image disorders in the jowl area. As the skin in the jowl area loses its elasticity, the structure of the person’s chin and neck, weight gain and excessive fat accumulation in the jowl, fat accumulates in the jowl, and aesthetic and health problems occur in the appearance of this area.

What are the Causes of Jowl Sagging?

The jowl area usually sags as a result of the loss of elasticity of the skin with the aging of the person. Gaining excess weight and lubricating the neck area is also effective on jowl sagging. Before performing chin aesthetic surgery, the main cause of jowl sagging should be diagnosed. One or more of the chin surgery methods may be preferred depending on the situation that causes the sagging of the jowl. The most common causes of jowl sagging can be listed as follows;
Genetic factors,

  • Fat storage and water retention,
  • Weak jaw structure,
  • Skin sagging due to advancing age,
  • Excessive weight gain and lubrication due to weight gain cause jowl sagging.

What is Jowl Aesthetics?

Double chin aesthetics is a preferred operation to repair deformities in the jowl area of the face and décolleté. Excess fat tissues in the jowl area are removed by preferring the liposuction technique. We use this method in our clinic by first melting the fat and then removing it with a diode laser device with a wavelength of 1440 nm. This allows us to remove more fat and achieve more effective results. If the sagging of the jowl is caused by deep structures in the neck and excess skin, the sagging skin is stretched during the operation and the neck area of the person has a more aesthetic appearance. In this surgery, a 3 cm incision to be made in the midline of the neck is usually sufficient; With this incision, the deep structures of the neck are corrected (sub-muscular fat, digastric muscle, salivary gland, and platysma muscle, if any, jaw retardation) and the operation is terminated.

For Whom Is Jowl Aesthetics Performed?

While the deformations that occur in some parts of the face can be corrected with make-up, the jowl cannot be repaired with make-up. Therefore, jowl surgery may be needed. Double chin surgery can be applied to people with the following criteria;

  • People aged 20 and over.
  • People with small chin structures.
  • People with sagging skin.

Double chin surgery can be applied to people who have aesthetic concerns in the jowl area.

Is Jowl Aesthetics Permanent?

As long as the person pays attention to his lifestyle, chin aesthetic surgery is in the category of permanent and does not need to be repeated. However, of course, since we cannot stop getting fat, there will be some loosening in the skin and muscle structures in the future, but this is usually not advanced. Care should be taken not to gain weight again.

How Is Operative Jowl Aesthetics Performed?

The operation of jowl aesthetics is performed as follows;

  • The fat in the jowl area is removed by liposuction.

In the liposuction operation, regional, that is, local anesthesia is applied so that the person does not feel pain and pain.

  • Liposuction operation takes about 40 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • If the unexpected situation does not occur in the patient, the patient does not need to be hospitalized.

If the patient’s chin is small, a chin implant added in the surgery will cause us to get better results in the jowl area.

In the operation performed, the fat tissues taken from the person’s jowl area can be injected into the tip and edges of the chin to enlarge and clarify the structure of the chin.

How is Non-Surgical Jowl Aesthetics Performed?

to have surgery. The biggest difference between non-surgical jowl aesthetic procedures compared to surgical procedures is that this operation is not permanent. There is more than one method applied in non-surgical jowl aesthetics. Non-surgical jowl aesthetics is performed as follows;

Monopolar radiofrequency waves called Thermage are the first preferred method. Thanks to these radio frequencies, heat is given under the skin in the jowl area and the area is tightened.

Mesotherapy is another non-surgical chin aesthetic operation. With the mesotherapy method, sagging skin in the jowl is treated. However, this treatment method is applied in more than one session and it takes about 2 months to get full results from this treatment.

What Should Be Considered After Jowl Aesthetics?

It is necessary to pay attention to the following situations after chin surgery;
Medicines prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly as recommended by the doctor.
Creams should be applied without neglect.
Hygiene rules must be observed.
It is necessary to avoid situations that will cause excessive weight gain.
After the operation, it is necessary to avoid heavy activity

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