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17 Rhinoplasty Misconceptions & Myths

Most individuals have unfavorable feelings regarding rhinoplasty, popularly known as a “nose job.” Furthermore, there are several fallacies concerning such operations that are regularly spread. We also want you to have an idea about rhinoplasty’s benefits as well. 

We’ve discovered the top 17 rhinoplasty misconceptions & myths and rectified them so you may better understand rhinoplasty.

Negative Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

  1. Rhinoplasty surgery is very expensive.” 

It is possible to find a clinic, surgeon or hospital suitable for every budget for rhinoplasty surgery. Average rhinoplasty surgery fees are not expensive compared to other surgery fees. 

Plastic surgeries are much more affordable in Turkey compared to Europe; That’s why thousands of patients from Europe come to Turkey for rhinoplasty surgery every year.

  1. Everybody will notice that I had a nose surgery.” 

When a nose surgery is conducted by an experienced surgeon using procedures appropriate for anatomical principles, highly natural results are created and the operation is nearly undetectable by the patient’s surroundings. 

Of course, if the patient prefers a more rotating, curved nose structure, the physician will shape the nose accordingly.

  1. You must really hate yourself to ask for rhinoplasty.” 

The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. It is produced by the sensation that your nose does not fit with the rest of your face. However, many patients choose surgery because of previous nasal breathing issues and nasal fractures.

  1. Rhinoplasty is a very painful operation.” 

After nose surgery, there is usually no pain. Some individuals, however, may feel slight pain on the first day. This pain is likewise alleviated in this situation by medications supplied in the hospital, and the patient completes the postoperative day peacefully.

  1. My nose will fall out after nose surgery” 

After a nose surgery performed with the right technique, the nose  is not expected to drop much at the tip of the nose. A decrease of 2-3 degrees occurs after all nasal surgeries, but no further than that

  1. I’ll have to have the surgery done again.” 

When proper techniques are employed in nose surgeries, the necessity for reoperation is drastically minimized. However, if persons with excessively thick skin, weak cartilage structure, and patients with certain axis curvatures have unrealistic expectations, the rate of revision nasal surgery may rise. 

These issues, however, may not improve with a second or third surgery. Such patients should be aware of the risks involved before undergoing surgery, and they should make an informed decision.

  1. I won’t know what my nose will look like for at least six months after surgery.”

    Although the swelling may take a few weeks to go down, you will be able to see how your new nose will look right away after surgery. 

Because of improved technology, the patient’s nose does not bruise or swell following the procedure. It takes a year for the swelling to go away fully, however 70-80% will be gone within the first three months.

  1. Rhinoplasty has a high risk of complications and side effects

    As with all surgeries, this surgery also has risks. There are no life-threatening complications , but there are risks such as not meeting the aesthetic expectations. This cosmetic mismatch rate varies between 5-10%.
  1. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is not that effective

    Nasal correction techniques using fillers, commonly known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, have a transitory impact and can only be successful in a small number of nasal components. 

As a result, if the individual to be filled with the nose is carefully selected, the outcome may be successful.

  1. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is very simple and anyone can do it

    Nasal filling is a quick, 10-minute treatment that can be completed in the office. It is, however, not for everyone. Patients with a broad nose, axis deviation, a high radix, or a very low nasal tip should avoid filling injections. 

Patients with a slight nasal arch, low or moderate nasal tip, a straight nasal axis, a low nasal radix area (nasal root), and a medium or low volume nasal structure can reach good nasal results. However, these effects only endure 8 months to 1.5 years until the nose returns to its former state.

Myths about rhinoplasty

  1. I can have any nose I want.”

    Every nose may not fit every face, so patients need to be realistic about their expected looks after the surgery. Here are some real life examples in our rhinoplasty gallery
  1. It’s a pretty simple operation.

    Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex surgeries. The surgeon must pay close attention to detail to ensure that every part of the nose matches the entire face.
  1. Every plastic surgeon can do rhinoplasty.

    This surgery requires experience, you should choose a surgeon who has a special interest and experience in this matter.
  1. Any plastic surgeon can fix a badly done rhinoplasty.

    Only a surgeon with extensive experience performing revision or reconstructive rhinoplasty can achieve natural-looking results that the first surgeon could not achieve.

To sum up, you need to choose an experienced specialist.

  1. The insurance will cover the surgery.”

    If your health insurance is a non-cosmetic procedure that means it’s done to help you breathe better, briefly, you will have it done for aesthetic purposes, and your rhinoplasty will not be covered.
  1. Nose Aesthetics is for women only.

    Many men undergo rhinoplasty due to bumping their noses, breathing problems, low nasal tip or nasal curvature.
  1. Having nose surgery affects your breathing badly.

    An experienced plastic surgeon has to consider the functions of the nose and keep the nasal passage open while performing nose surgery. Therefore, on the contrary, this surgery affects your breathing in a good way.

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