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When should you have a revision rhinoplasty?

Whether or not a revision nose surgery will be needed after rhinoplasty is not clear in the first 1 to 3 months when the swelling in the nose continues. If there is a very obvious asymmetry in the nose, revision nose surgery may be needed in the early period. It is necessary to wait at least 6 months, ideally, 1 year, to decide on the revision nose surgery and to determine the scope of the surgery. However, there may be some exceptional circumstances. After the operation, visible or occurring respiratory problems can be corrected in the early period, if there is any, preferably by the same surgeon, by surgery. Again, in cases where the nose is reduced too much, revision nose treatment can be preferred in the early period without the development of adhesions and tight connective tissue, without skin contracting.

How much is a revision rhinoplasty?

Revision should be as little as possible in rhinoplasty. Many uncontrolled, early revision nose surgeries can cause different problems by disrupting both the blood supply and the structure of the nose, especially the skin and soft tissue of the nose. For this reason, even if the desired result is not obtained after the nose surgery, it is necessary to wait for at least one year for the healing of the tissues and to plan the revision nose surgery after this operation, paying attention to the nose structure. Another point to note is that if the nose has an important problem that needs to be corrected, revision nose surgery should be planned. Sometimes, planning revision rhinoplasty for very small, very millimetric differences should be postponed or nasal revision surgery should not be performed, as it may damage the soft tissue and cause more difficult problems.

When is Revision Rhinoplasty Appropriate?

Some undesirable results are obtained in 7% to 10% of aesthetic nose surgeries. It may be necessary to have second revision surgery after rhinoplasty

. In revision rhinoplasty, nose deformity, as well as aesthetic and functional problems, can be repaired.

Is revision rhinoplasty more painful?

Revision rhinoplasty is not as painful or painful as the first rhinoplasty, as the nose structure is not altered as much as the first rhinoplasty. However, revision rhinoplasty includes a very broad category of operations, from making minor changes at the tip to correcting a small area, to completely overhauling and repairing all cartilage and bones. In other words, the pain or pain process differs according to different situations or the types of operations to be performed.