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Preparing for Neck Lift 

Before each operation, there is a certain preparatory period. Preparing for Neck Lift includes what needs to be done before this surgery. Because neck lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, it is necessary to stop taking food six hours before the operation. When you arrive at the hospital, your blood tests will be performed and you will be examined and evaluated by an anesthesiologist. After you have made the necessary drawings for neck lift surgery, you will be ready for the operation. Smoking can cause problems in neck lift surgery, as well as in all stretching operations. Again, aspirin and similar blood thinners must be discontinued in advance.

Who needs a neck lift?

Neck lift surgery or aesthetics is the relaxation and removal of sagging muscle the neck skin and muscle tissues under the skin, which also includes the tickle area under the chin. It is made for people with wrinkles, sagging and loosening in the neck area due to aging, the effect of gravity, prolonged exposure to sunlight and genetic factors. People who have wrinkles on their neck, deflated balloon image, sagging and loss of form, those who have deformities muscle their neck muscles, those who have the image of turkey neck and those who have a sagging salivary gland are candidates for this surgery. Neck lift surgery is suitable for individuals where aging in the neck area occurs earlier than the age required. It is important that people who are candidates for neck lift aesthetics do not smoke. These people get more effective results. People who are considering a face lift and also have neck sagging, neck wrinkles, and tickling problems should also consider neck lift surgery during face lift surgery. 

Result of Neck Lift

If the Preparation for Neck Lift was performed correctly and a specialist surgeon performed the operation, the results of the operation will be excellent. The success rate of neck lift surgery is very high. The results of the operation and the durability of the result depend on the technique used. In general, the result of operations in which only the skin is stretched is far from natural. Depending on the quality of the patient’s skin, it can be permanent for at least 10 years, and sometimes for life. 

What are non-surgical methods of neck lift?

If the neck sagging problem is in the early stages, non-surgical neck lift methods can be applied. If the degree of sagging on the person’s neck is excessive, surgical methods are recommended. Botox or HIFU procedures can also be used for your youthful appearance in the chin and neck area. HIFU, also known as Ultherapy, provides point heating with ultrasound waves. Due to heat stimulation in the tissues, collagen production increases and the skin tightens. HIFU can also be applied to other areas such as cheek, eye area, and forehead, décolleté where skin loosens and sags occur. Another procedure for non-surgical neck lift is the rope stretching method, which has recently gained popularity. A certain tension can be achieved by means of special threads placed under the skin. Effective results are obtained with the correct application protocol in the non-surgical neck lift application where mesotherapy and AWT applications are applied in a combined manner. Anesthetic creams are used before the mesotherapy procedure in patients with a low pain threshold in the non-surgical Neck Lift, which is a comfortable application. Although there are slight rashes in the application area after the application, these rashes can be returned to social life immediately because they pass by themselves.

Double chin

The subcutaneous fatty tissues of the neck consist of two layers with the placement of the platysma muscle above and below. The adipose tissue just under the skin and above the platysma muscle contains less thin and fibrous tissue than the adipose tissue of the body and thigh area.  Also under the platysma muscle is the second and denser adipose tissue. In this layer, the submandibular salivary gland is located under the jaw. The genetic or age-related increase of this adipose tissue is defined as a “double chin” or under-jaw tickle and causes the cervicomental angle to disappear. However, it is quite difficult to understand by examination that the upper and lower adipose tissue of the platysma muscle are responsible for the negative aesthetic image caused by excessive accumulation and sagging of adipose tissue in the neck. In these cases, US can be used.

What is non-surgical double chin treatment?

The most effective way of double chin aesthetics without surgery is to have liposuction. In the liposuction technique, the fat cells in the food are permanently removed from the body. Depending on how extensive the operation is, double chin Liposuction can be performed locally or under sedation. Very thin cannulas are inserted into the double chin area and excess fat is removed. There is also more than one method applied in non-surgical double chin aesthetics. The first of these are monopolar radiofrequency waves called Thermage. Thanks to these radio frequencies, heat is supplied under the skin located in the double chin area and is aimed at tightening the area. In addition, it is possible to get rid of negative images in the jowl by using ultrasound. During the ultrasound process, sound waves are directed on the jowl and the fat tissue in the area is reduced by these sound waves. 

Are the results of neck lift and double chin procedures permanent?

In fact, many surgeons say it is permanent, but some say it is effective for at least 10 years. If the Preparing for Neck Lift and the operation process are managed successfully, you can experience a life-long process. The condition of the patient, the success of the surgery and similar factors determine this. The technique used is one of the factors affecting the permanence of the success result.

You can call us right away for Neck Lift surgery and answers to all your questions. Let us tell you the best Neck Lift methods for you. We are waiting for you to call us.   

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