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Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey 

The average is from 3000 to $ 4000. Neck Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey vary from person to person. Everyone’s request for neck lift surgery and the procedure performed vary, and prices are determined accordingly. Hospitals and clinics performing this surgery in Turkey are prohibited from explicitly writing prices on their websites. The laws of Turkey do not allow this. That is why we recommend that you contact the clinic to find out the net prices. Neck Lift Surgery Prices in Turkey are much more affordable than in other European countries. Transportation, accommodation, surgery and other medical expenses are provided in a single service package. Thus, you will receive services much more advantageously. This is the case in all cities of Turkey.

What is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery is an aesthetic operation performed to eliminate the bad image and uncomfortable condition caused by excessive growth and sagging of the neck skin. This sagging and profusion of the skin also leads to the loss of the angle between the chin and the neck to disappear. This can also make you look older. There may also be a bad appearance with greasiness in the jowl area. This condition, which may not go away even if you lose weight, can be easily eliminated with an aesthetic operation.

Who is Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Due to the anatomical features of our face, aging can affect each region at a different rate. For example, in some people, the neck area may age faster than the face area. Excess skin hanging under the chin, fatty tissues accumulating under the chin and thickening on the neck can lead to the disappearance of the taut jawline, which is one of the symbols of youth and beauty. Neck lift surgery can be performed together with face lift surgery, or it can be applied alone only to patients who have problems in this area. It is possible to get very good results with neck lift surgeries that will be performed in correctly selected patient groups and with proper planning.

Neck Lift Procedure

The muscles in the area called platysma can be shaped and sewn together like a corset, and the neck area is completely separated and stretched with a cut in front of the ear. A neck mask is used after neck lift surgery. The neck mask should be used strictly day and night for two weeks. During this time, edemas and bruises will also come down. After two weeks, only at night, with a neck mask, the seams are well adhered to and supported until they are thoroughly replaced. Genetic factors, gravity, environmental conditions, cigarette smoking, often, weight, age and stress on the face and neck with the impact of various factors such as the young and healthy image disappear with time, sagging skin and subcutaneous soft tissues, ultimately, a loss of volume and elasticity and wrinkles, a distinction emerges. Neck lift surgeries help to create a firmer, smoother and more elegant appearance for the neck and chin. Making a wrinkled or sagging neck taut, even if no other changes are made to the face area, can dramatically improve a person’s appearance; this also helps the patient to look younger.

Why Get a Neck Lift Operation in Turkey?

This surgery is very serious and requires expertise. If you want to have a successful, economical and ideal neck lift surgery, Neck Lift Operation in Turkey is the best option for you. Because there are many successful surgeons in this surgery in Turkey. Clinics and hospitals are fully equipped and affordable. You can get excellent results by choosing Turkey.

Is Neck Lift in Turkey Safe?

Of course, it is safe in every sense. If Neck Lift in Turkey was not safe, would thousands of foreign patients visit Turkey for this surgery every year? It is a country where you will feel safe both in terms of social life and health. One of the main reasons why Turkey’s health tourism is so popular is the environment of trust the country provides for foreign patients.

Neck Lift Surgery – Recovery Schedule

The recovery period for neck lift surgery is about 1 to 2 weeks. Dressings are removed the day after the operation, replacing them with a soft elastic bandage to reduce swelling and ensure the preservation of the neckline. Some bruising and swelling are observed after neck lift surgery, but in most cases it is not possible to notice it after the first week. After a neck lift, a person should refrain from strenuous exercises and lifting weights for two weeks. During the recovery period after neck lift surgery, a bandage can be placed on your face and around your neck so that it is not too tight to minimize the swelling and bruises that will occur after the procedure. A thin tube can be placed under the skin to drain excess blood or fluid that may be collected.

What to Expect After Neck Lift Surgery

Each operation has its own difficulties. It should be planned in the best way after surgery, as well as before. Thus, the healing process becomes more successful. A bandage is applied to the areas where the postoperative procedure takes place. The bandage remains on the patient for up to a week. After the operation, the patient may have a slight pain sensation in the neck area, swelling, bruising. But this will pass as you rest. The bruising seen shows improvement depending on the patient’s skin type. People get the form they want completely in a process such as about 6 months.

How much is Neck Lift Cost in Turkey?

We mentioned above that you need to allocate a budget between $3,000 and $4,000 for the Neck Lift Cost in Turkey. But in addition some individual expenses are not included. For example, transportation, accommodation and personal expenses are not included in the price. You can buy all-inclusive packages for neck lift surgery in Turkey. You are given an all-inclusive price and these prices are the most affordable prices in the world. You won’t find such affordable prices anywhere else in the world.

If you need a reliable guide for neck lift surgery in Turkey, please give us a call. Let us offer the most suitable options for you and help you have a successful neck lift surgery in Turkey. 

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