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Lip Lift in Turkey 2022. Costs, Types, & Tips.

ft in Turkey 2022. Costs, Types, & Tips.

Are you unhappy with the way your lips look? The lips don’t match the facial appearance ? or lips that feel they aren’t the suitable size and shape you want, making you lose confidence in your smile? Do you want to trim  your lips and get a natural, silky, and soft look?

If you are interested in restoring your charming smile, Lip Lift is your best choice! We all deserve a face that is glowing and proportionate. Such a procedure will be one of the most important steps to regain your self confidence and beauty.  

What is Lip lift ?

The lip lift surgery is a procedure that can help reduce the skin gap between your nose and lips. It is a procedure that may even give better results in some cases rather than other lip fillers. It is important to mention that this procedure is a treatment that will last a lifetime, in contrast to temporary solutions like lip augmentation.

Types of Lip lift 

They comecome in a variety of options to choose from. Your doctor will discuss the best options available, after showing you different models to choose from. The models given to you by the operating doctor are either from celebrities who did similar operations, or from ex-patients the doctor himself/herself operated on. There is a wide array of looks you can choose from before proceeding with the session.

  • Direct lip lift

Also known as gullwing lip-lift, is the most popular for ladies with thin lips. Incisions are cut around the upper lip to make it look fuller.

  • Central Lip Lift

The central technique is similar to the direct one, as a small incision is made to the vermilion border. (The area above the lip)

  • Italian Lip Lift

The Italian lip-lift is made with 2 direct small incisions under the nostrils, thus removing the excess skinny and lifting the lips upwards

  • Subnasal Bullhorn

 The subnasal lip-lift removes the excess skin under the nose , medically known as the Philtrum. Which in turn makes the lips glossier and full. 

  • Corner Lip Lift

Also known as grin lift, is the most famous among people who have downawars sided lips (sad looking). This technique restores a beautiful smile to the upwards facing lips.

Price Comparison (Lip Lift Price in Turkey vs Other Countries)

Having your cosmetic surgery in Turkey is one of the most economically smart decisions you can ever make. The country is much more affordable than its European and American counterparts. The range of savings you can reach may go up to 50% to 70%. Prompting you to spend less on your aesthetic lip lift procedures.

The costs may vary from one medical facility to another, depending on the wellness package chosen. Some people pay for the operation alone, others pay for additional service like: hotel & flight bookings, touristic tours, airport transfers, etc. 

Always make sure you get the best deal by contacting more than 1 agency. The more you know about the services and offers given to you, the more informed and economical your decision will be. Turkey will always be a place providing good value for money spent on cosmetics and aesthetics. 

In the table below we get an understanding of who affordable Lip-lifts in Turkey are. Feel free to check out the article linked earlier for more details about such pricing.

CountryLower Range (USD $)*Upper range (USD $)*
Turkey1000 $2750 $
France 1800 $4500 $
Germany2000 $5500 $
USA2250 $6000 $

* Prices may vary from one clinic/hospital to another. 

Your face will glow with the a well done Lip Lift in Istanbul

The price you pay shouldn’t be a burden on your finances. FaceAesthetics will assure affordable and professional cosmetic services for all of your aesthetic operations. Moreover, your plastic surgeon will determine whether you are a good candidate for a surgical lip lift or not. Based on the pre tests and checkups made prior to the operations. 

Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have about the procedure. Feel free to contact us on our Email , Phone number, or write to us on our Contact Us page. 

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