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➤ Cat Eyes Surgery in Turkey

Cat Eyes Surgery in Turkey

In this week’s article; We will talk about the cat eyes procedure that provides attractive looks. Cat eyes maintains its place as an aesthetic method that has recently become widespread among men and women. Cat eyes are also called bella eyes. The reason for this is that the looks obtained after aesthetics are similar to the eye structure of model Bella Hadid. You can find the curious information about cat eyes (bella eyes) in our content. We wish you pleasant reading.

What is Cat Eye Surgery?

Cat eyes surgery is an aesthetics that allows the eyes to be pulled upwards to achieve a sharper gaze. It is also popularly known as bella eyes surgery. Cat eyes surgery, which can be performed by anyone over 18 years of age, takes approximately 2 hours.

Why Should I Have Cat Eyes? Why Should I Have Cat Eyes Aesthetics?


Why Should I Cat Eyes?

If you wish a younger and sexier look in your eye structure, you can have cat eyes. Often cat eyes are applied for cosmetic purposes. Cat eyes, which is a popular look, is a frequently applied aesthetic among celebrities and phenomena. You can also choose cat eyes aesthetics for a refreshed facial structure.

Advantages of Cat Eyes Lift

  • Dynamic structure around the eyes and forehead
  • A youthful look on the face
  • Young and sexy looks
  • Lasting beauty
  • Easy aesthetic method

Who Can Get Cat Eyes? Who is Suitable for Cat Eyes?

Cat eyes are performed on people who desire tense and attractive looks. Cat eyes surgery is suitable for people who have no problems in body health and who have completed their development. It is important for the success of the surgery that those who want to have cat eyes do not smoke.

How Is Cat Eyes Surgery Performed?


How Is Cat Eyes Performed

Cat eyes surgery is performed under general anesthesia. This surgery includes a slight brow lift to shape the eye. During the cat eyes surgery, an incision is first made on the edge of the eye to position the eyes upwards. After shaping, the incisions in the eye structure are closed with aesthetic sutures and the surgery is completed. As a result of aesthetics, the person is offered a beauty reminiscent of a cat look.

Is Cat Eyes Permanent?

The results of bella eyes surgery are permanent. The eye is repositioned during the surgery. Therefore, the surgery does not lose its effect easily. However, there are factors that affect the permanence of cat eyes aesthetics. The most important of these are the expertise of the plastic surgeon and the lifestyle of the person.

Cat Eyes Recovery Time

The recovery process after cat eyes surgery is directly related to how the patient takes care of himself/herself. With a healthy diet and regular skin care, recovery can be easily achieved within 2 weeks. Heavy exercises should not be done during the cat eyes recovery process. The final results of the surgery are seen a few weeks after the surgery.

Cat Eyes Surgery Before and After

Before cat eyes surgery, the patient’s facial structure is examined. After the customized treatment method is determined, routine controls are performed during the examination. In order to avoid any complications during the surgery, the patient should inform the doctor about the medications he/she uses regularly. After cat eyes, skin care should be done carefully. It is recommended to use the medications prescribed by the doctor for mild pain that may be experienced after surgery.

How Much Does Cat Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey 2024?

We can say that Turkey has the most affordable prices for cat eyes surgery. On average, cat eyes prices in Turkey are around 3,500 dollars. It should be noted that cat eyes prices may vary according to the procedures to be applied.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has international success in cat eye aesthetics. You can also have aesthetics to get attractive looks; you can contact us to learn more about the procedures. You can review our fox eyes  Turkey and blepharoplasty Turkey services to read about our services on different eye aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bella eyes is a method applied within the scope of eye aesthetics. The aim of the surgery is to achieve a lifted and healthy eye appearance. It is called this way because the appearance after aesthetics resembles the eyes of model Bella Hadid.

Bella eyes prices have an average price of 3,500 dollars in Turkey.

Bleeding, swelling and infection are side effects of cat surgery.

The result of Bella eyes lasts on average up to 6 years.

Recovery after Bella eyes lift takes 2 weeks.

There is no obvious scar after cat eyes. Stitches are made with aesthetic methods.

No, cat eye lift does not hurt. Since general anesthesia is used during the surgery, the patient does not feel pain.

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