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Big and Long Nose Surgery

This week we will talk about the aesthetic method that improves the large and long nose structure. Big nose aesthetics in Turkey provides successful results to the person. You can read our article for detailed information about aesthetics and contact us for aesthetics.

Long Nose Surgery Procedure

Surgery Time

1 – 2 hours



Hospital Stay

1 nights

Recovery Time

2 & 3 weeks

Stay in Turkey

7 days

What is Big Nose Rhinoplasty?

Big nose surgery is one of the functional nose aesthetics. It is also known as long nose surgery. In long nose surgery, nose lines suitable for the face shape and proportion in appearance are obtained. In the surgery, the nose structure is reduced according to the anatomy of the face. It is frequently preferred by people with unbalanced and disproportionate noses.

What Causes a Big Nose?

Although the structure of the large nose varies depending on various factors, the main reason is genetics. Nasal structure is shaped by genetics and ethnicity, except in special cases. However, a large nose can also be caused by injuries and medical conditions. Accidents, blows and chronic diseases cause the shape of the nose to deteriorate.

What is Considered a Big Nose?

Medically, there is no universal definition of a large nose. Specialist surgeons shape the nose in line with the facial proportion during the examination. The appearance accepted as a big nose is basically personal and social. This view varies from person to person. Especially in some cultures, a large nose is considered more attractive, while in others it does not meet the standard of beauty.

Common Big Nose Concerns

The biggest common big nose problem is that people see themselves aesthetically inadequate. People with large noses are concerned about their facial proportions and appearance. This anxiety causes the person to experience a lack of self-confidence. However, a large nose can also cause functional problems other than aesthetic appearance. Curved and large nasal septum can make it difficult for the person to breathe.

How is Big Nose Surgery Performed?

Rhinoplasty of the large nose is a procedure performed under general anesthesia. In the surgery, an incision is made through the nostrils. Depending on the situation, the septum cartilage is shortened, the tip of the nose is lifted, the dorsal region is reduced, the bridge of the nose is repaired and reshaped. The operation takes approximately 1 and a half hours. This time varies according to the detail of the procedure.

How To Fix a Big and Long Nose?

You can correct your big and long nose by having a safe rhinoplasty in Turkey! For successful rhinoplasty, you should choose a surgeon who specializes in facial anatomy in Turkey. Dr. Hasan Duygulu is a highly experienced surgeon in long rhinoplasty. If you think your nose is big and you are uncomfortable with its size; you can contact us immediately. To learn more about nose surgery, you can review our Rhinoplasty in Turkey service content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nose sizes of 2 inches in length are not large. Generally, nose sizes between 2-2.2 inches are considered aesthetically normal.

Generally, normal nose lengths are between 5.1 cm and 5.8 cm. Therefore, a 6 cm nose is slightly longer than normal aesthetic proportions.

A long nose is considered attractive in some ethnicities.

The size of the nose with one-fifth of the facial proportion is best.

The normal nose size for men is 2.2 inches and for women it is 2 inches.

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