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3 Benefits Of Nose Job

A rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as a nose job, is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. It revolves around reshaping of the bones and cartilages of the nose, which are the two components responsible for the shape of the nose and, as a result, shape the looks of the face. Our face is the most important part of our bodies when it comes to physical appearances and first impressions. Consequently, the nose plays a vital role in our good looks. 

Sporting your new look will not only boost your confidence, but it will change your life for the better. Your new nose will reduce risks of serious health problems. With a healthier and more attractive nose, you’ll have an easier time breathing and enjoying life in general! 

Not to mention the boost in confidence and self esteem every client gets after a nose job. It really works wonders for people who are adamant on adding a new chapter of enhanced beauty and gorgeous looks to their lifestyle. 

The benefits of having a rhinoplasty in turkey are divided into both health and aesthetic benefits. The top 3 are mentioned below:

Breathing is Easier Now

A nose job can help you breathe easier, reducing snoring and sleep apnea, which can lead to hypertension. Some people are unfortunately born with birth defects that affect normal breathing and/or overall voice pitch. Restoring your nose canals to normal would be of great help.

Not only are we surrounded by dangers around us, but some accidents may literally happen to our faces, leading to fractured and/or broken noses. A broken nose affects breathing and propagates health problems unless treated quickly. 

Additionally, the structure of the nose might not be optimal, like people having enlarged sebaceous glands, which causes the nose to enlarge abnormally.

A Better Facial Foundation

A well reconstructed face consists of a series of enhancement procedures and healthy postoperative habits. One of these procedures is a precisely done Rhinoplasty that can help the client reduce their nose if it is very large or asymmetrical, or enlarge the nose if it is too small.

Another redefinition would be reshaping the angle of the nose in accordance with the upper lip, correcting the shape of the front of the nose, and correcting bumps or other defects in the nose.

 A well done nose job will redefine your face’s aesthetic features and beauty by manipulating the skin overlying the nose, the underlying cartilage, or the nasal bones. 

New Looks 

Since every nose surgery is different, a nose job can accomplish many things. It can be used to straighten the septum and smooth out the hump in the middle of the nose. However, most people opt for a nose job to remove unsightly bumps on the bridge of their nose that are caused by a deviation in the nasal cartilage. When this bump is removed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, your face will look more symmetrical, younger and more appealing.

A well-proportioned nose can balance the face and make you look younger. A narrower than usual nose, for example, will give your face more definition, which is why so many women request rhinoplasty to add natural definition to their faces, especially if they have had children.

What Are The Stages Of Recovery After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Since rhinoplasty is a one-day surgery, it does not require the patient to stay in the hospital unless the patient performs more than one procedure at the same time or if some complications occur.

After the procedure is over, the doctor places a splint on your nose to protect and maintain its shape, and then removes it a week after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is painless, so there is no need to worry about that. The patient may have to be off work for about two weeks to fully recover from the surgery.

After surgery, the patient needs to rest in bed, preferably with his head raised in a straight position, in order to help reduce swelling and bleeding.

A woman who had a nose job, with a profile pose.
3 Benefits Of Nose Job

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Do you need a solution to add definition and balance to your face? Then why not turn to a surgeon who is highly qualified and has experience in rhinoplasty to give you a natural-looking nose, just like celebrities do. Contact us now for more information about your next rhinoplasty in Turkey.

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