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Jowl Liposuction

Jowl Liposuction is one of the most performed plastic surgical techniques in Turkey and as well as in the World.

Jowl Liposuction can improve nasal breathing which is called a functional treatment and also can provide cosmetic benefits which is also called aesthetic treatment. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide their patients happiness and satisfaction with a team that is diligent to serve at the highest level at his private clinic.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully operated more than 4.000 Jowl Liposuction surgeries for the last 12 years.

What is Double Aesthetics?

The jowl starts from the chin area and extends down from the lower part of the chin. Double chin aesthetics covers the distance between the chin level and the décolleté area. It is an operation to treat the area of chin , lower face and neck . Jowl liposuction is a method used in jowl aesthetics. Excess fat tissue in the jowl area or adipose tissue that causes sagging is removed by liposuction. If there is a serious sagging of the skin, the excess skin in this area is treated with neck lift surgery. The problem in elderly patients is usually neck skin sagging and surgery is more appropriate. Jowl liposuction is more suitable for young non-smoker patients with tight skin and increased subcutaneous adipose tissue. The jowl area of ​​patients with submuscular fat tissue does not improve with liposuction, and the fat should be removed with open neck surgery. In other words, the fats taken with jowl liposuction in the jowl area are subcutaneous adipose tissue. Patients with sagging jowl areas due to excess weight gain and loss are also more candidates for surgery.


Dr Hasan Duygulu is an expert in his field and has a more than 12 years of experience. With the help of his professional team, you’ll definetly be in safe hands and get a memorable experience as you are expecting it to be!

Jowl Liposuction

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Jowl Liposuction
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Jowl Liposuction
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Jowl Liposuction
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Jowl Liposuction

In Which Situations Is Jowl
Liposuction Performed?

The jowl starts from the chin area and extends down from the lower part of the chin. It is applied due to the following situations occurring in the jowl area;

  • Due to excessive fat tissue of the jowl area,
  • if fatty tissue of chin / neck area is subcoutaneous type (  You can understand with palpation of chin. İf fatty tissue is soft nad slight it is probably subcoutaneous fatty tissue ; if it is hard ana excessive and specially in men it is gennraly subcoutaneus + submuscular fatty tissue )
  • Neck lift operation is performed due to wrinkles in the jowl area.

Jowl liposuction can be applied to patients of all genders, regardless of male or female. However, since sagging and lubrication of the jowl is more common in women than in men, more women undergo jowl surgery.

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      Jowl Liposuction

      Jowl Liposuction Process

      Jowl liposuction is a procedure that takes sixty minutes. The patient who has excess fat from the jowl area does not need to be hospitalized. Edema and bruising may occur for one week after the operation. Bruises can last up to 6 -8 weeks. If the chin aesthetic operation was performed with liposuction, it is possible to return to social life within 1 week. Patients do not remove the corset for the first 2 days, and then they should use the corset more frequently for 5-6 days. Some pink liquid may come from the treated area. For 2-3 weeks after the procedure, the patient is recommended to perform a self-made jowl massage to ensure lymph drainage.


      If the chin aesthetic operation was performed with liposuction, it is possible to return to social life within 1 week. If the jowl aesthetic operation and neck lift operation was performed, it is possible to return to social life within 10 days. Since the incisions in neck lift surgery are behind the ear and on the scalp, scars are not visible. There are no scars in the double-chin liposuction procedure. There may be redness, bruising, and edema in the applied area for a few days after the double-chin operation. These are considered normal situations. There are no criteria for eating, drinking, or nutrition. However, in the first two days after the procedure, the patient’s jaw movements may be somewhat restricted due to the corset and the pain of the procedure, and she may have to eat soft foods  for 1-2 days . It may take several months for the skin to take its new form after it is taken from the jowl area to its fat. The final result is achieved within 3 to 5 months.

      Jowl Liposuction

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      How many days should a corset used after jowl liposuction?

      Jowl liposuction is the process of removing fat from the chin, neck and lower face with liposuction  cannulas. The process takes about an hour. I usually do this procedure under local anesthesia. There is no pain during the procedure. After the procedure, the doctor or nurse massages on the area of procedure for five-ten minutes, ensuring that the existing blood and liquids are removed from the  area of jawl, the neck is bandaged, tightly wrapped and a corset is worn. This is because subcutaneous adipose tissue is removed during liposuction, creating a gap between the skin and the muscle. In order to prevent the accumulation of blood and fluid in this space, a corset is worn for 2 days, allowing the skin to adhere to the muscle tissue under the skin. In my own practice, I  remove the corset after two days and use it for five-six days while the patient is at home, and take it off when going out. Moreover, I recommend intermittent use of the corset for five-six days after the first forty-eight hours without removing it.

      Does jowl liposuction leave scars?

      If the jowl liposuction procedure will be performed under the neck and chin; It is made from small hole-shaped incisions on both sides under the ear and one side under the chin. These incisions are very small and there is no scar after the procedure, they become invisible a few days after the procedure. The fat which is removed by jowl liposuction is the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Subplatysmal adipose tissue under the muscle cannot be removed by jowl liposuction, a two-three cm incision under the chin is required to remove this adipose tissue. Subplatysmal adipose tissue is located gennerally in the midline  under the chin and exists genneraly in men and has a more rigid structure. If you put your hand on the sagging skin and adipose tissue in the midline on your jowl area and look at its consistency, if it is soft, it is usually subcutaneous adipose tissue and the fat can be removed by liposuction, but if it is hard, especially in men, this is usually subplatysmal adipose tissue and needs to be removed surgically.

      Is jowl surgery difficult?

      Surgery for jowl sagging is known as neck lift surgery, and it takes approximately one and half hours to three hours. There are various techniques for this. In an operation to be performed for a sagging jowl with submuscular adipose tissue in the midline, a neck lift and an incision under the chin and fat removal are combined. If neck bands accompany this, muscle modification is also performed with an incision under the chin. Neck lift surgery can be performed in the form of superficial SMA application,or by removing some  muscle or with a deep plane under the muscle. All these interventions take time separately and change the duration of the operation and the degree of difficulty.

      Is pain felt during jowl liposuction?

      While jowl liposuction surgery is performed under local anesthesia, there is no pain after or pain during the procedure. The process takes about an hour. After the procedure, patients can return to their home and rest. After the procedure, patients are given an antibiotic and painkiller that they will definitely use, which prevents the formation of post-procedure pain. In general, since there will be some restriction in jaw movements due to the corset and the procedure, it is recommended to eat soft foods such as soup at small and frequent intervals. On the fourth-fifth days, patients can take a bath. After the firsst week, patients are recommended lymph drainage massage.

      How is massage done after jowl liposuction?

      After the jowl liposuction surgery, there is an uncomfortable accumulation of lymph fluid. After this surgery, manual lymph drainage massage is recommended for rapid relief of edema, bruises and hardening. With this massage technique, the lymphatic fluid, blood and serous fluids accumulated under the skin after the surgery are given to the lymph circulation by massage in the direction of the lymph flow. Patients are advised not to smoke for a week before surgery and three weeks after surgery, if they smoke, subcutaneous fluid accumulation such as “seroma” may occur. With a few sessions of massage, the effect begins to be seen immediately. Edema and swellings decrease and the patient relaxes and the area gets softer. This massage is done with all the fingers of one hand, starting from the midline of the neck and coming back to the same point in a circular motion, by pressing first slightly and then with increasing intensity.This massage is for neck . And also this massage  is applied to the area under the chin, starting from the midline right under the chin with the thumbs of both hands, and pressing first slightly, then increasingly,moving  towards the ears. If the operation is performed on the lower face, it is rubbed from the midline to the ears in the same way. It is necessary to do the procedure for ten minutes a day for a month.