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Eyebrow Lift is one of the most performed plastic surgical techniques in Turkey and as well as in the World.

Eyebrow Lift can improve nasal breathing which is called a functional treatment and also can provide cosmetic benefits which is also called aesthetic treatment. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide their patients happiness and satisfaction with a team that is diligent to serve at the highest level at his private clinic.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully operated more than 4.000 Eyebrow Lift surgeries for the last 12 years.

What is aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (brow lift) surgery?

Lines may occur in the forehead area of ​​the face. The depth of these lines on the forehead varies from person to person. These lines on the forehead occur due to aging. At the same time, there may be sagging in the face area due to aging, loosening of the skin, and deep lines depending on these. Depending on all these situations, the eyebrows may fall. There may also be a tired expression on the face of the person due to the drooping of the eyebrows. The skin structure may sag not only due to aging, but also due to reasons such as tobacco use, stress, polluted air, and irregular skincare. Eyebrow drooping and forehead recovery surgery are called aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (eyebrow lifting) surgery.


Dr Hasan Duygulu is an expert in his field and has a more than 12 years of experience. With the help of his professional team, you’ll definetly be in safe hands and get a memorable experience as you are expecting it to be!

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Who are The Best Applicants

for This Surgery?

Aesthetic forehead or temple lift (brow lift) surgery is a aesthetic  surgery operation. Aesthetic forehead or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery can be applied to individuals with the following problems;

Patients with low or drooping eyebrows that give a tired or sad appearance,

If there are deep lines in the forehead area of ​​the face,

Patients who have frown lines between the two eyebrows or on the nose,

Patients with sagging skin or adipose tissue on their eyelids,

Aesthetic forehead or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery can be applied to patients with drooping eyelids.

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    Is Brow Lift Permanent?

    The effect of the experienced doctor on the permanence of the brow lift treatment is very high. As a result of the eyebrow lift operation performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, the effect of the eyebrow lift operation continues for many years. At the same time, the permanence of eyebrow lift surgery may vary depending on the effect of aging. Since aging cannot be stopped, eyebrow lifting operation may lose its effect due to aging.

    Operation Process

    Eyebrow lift operation can also treat some of the lines around the eyes by lifting the eyebrows upwards. Aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (brow lift) surgery is performed by following the steps below;

    • In the surgery performed on the temple area;
    • A crown-like incision is made 4 cm to 5 cm behind the anterior line of the scalp.
    • With the help of this incision, the excess skin is collected.
    • If the patient does not have excess skin;
    • Aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery can be performed with endoscopic methods.
    • The incision made in the endoscopic method is not like the classical aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery.
    • The procedure is performed by making small incisions of 3 cm or 4 2 cm into the scalp from the back of the front hairline.
    • It is performed by applying general or local anesthesia.
    Eyebrow Lift

      Eyebrow Lift


      After forehead and temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery, the face can be wrapped so that the eyes, nose, and mouth remain open. This dressing is removed after two days. Stitches applied in the aesthetic forehead or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery are removed in about 1 week. Bruising, swelling, and edema on the forehead and around the eyes are considered normal. Facial tension and numbness may occur after aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery. Patients can return to their social life approximately 2 weeks after aesthetic forehead or temple lift surgery.

      After aesthetic forehead and/or temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery, it is necessary to protect the face areas against mouth exercise, sun, and heavy impacts. The recovery process after the surgery differs according to the patient’s social life and how much he protects the head area.

      Post-operative results vary according to the structure and lifestyle of the people.

      Is eyebrow lift surgery in Turkey permanent?

      Brow lift surgery is one of the surgeries with the highest relapse rate. Therefore, this should be discussed with the patient before the operation. Thus, much emphasis is placed on the failures of this surgery. Today, the bone is held in place and the dissection plan is made bigger with the help of an endoscope. This gives better results and reduces the number of relapses. 

      But if the surgery goes well, it makes a big difference in the way we look and makes the forehead area of the patient feel very refreshed. The original position of our eyebrows is that the central part is usually two to three millimeters above the eyeball bone in women and at the level of the bone edge in men. While in men it goes straight to the sides, in women it first creates an upward hill and then turns down again. 

      Operations are also performed on this basis. It can be done by cutting directly over the eyebrow, by cutting from the eyelid, by cutting from the scalp, or by making an incision on the entire forehead to the bottom of the hair. It is most commonly performed with a 3 cm incision made at the temple level, three to four cm behind the beginning of the scalp. It can often be combined with upper eyelid surgery.

      Eyebrow Lift
      Eyebrow Lift

      How many years does the eyebrow lift effect last?

      There are many ways to raise the eyebrows, and each one lasts for a different amount of time. Most people who have a brow lift with filler return to their old look in six months to a year. 

      Eyebrow suspension methods with threads can create an effect within a year or two. Surgical methods are the most permanent. When an incision is made on the eyebrow, which is called “direct eyebrow lifting,” the hair starts to fall quickly within one to two months. After that, the hair stops falling. 

      Therefore, after the surgery, the eyebrow will be positioned slightly below the point where we raise the eyebrow, and it will be permanent for many years. With endoscopic methods, the connections between the brow and orbital bones are broken, and the skull bone is held in place. 

      When done with these methods, the effect can continue for many years. However, over time, with the effects of aging, smoking, and environmental factors, the entire forehead and scalp will stretch, and after a long period of time, it starts to decrease a little.

      How is eyebrow lift in Turkey done?

      Today, many methods are used for eyebrow lifting in Turkey. If we take a quick glance at the non-surgical methods, methods such as eyebrow tattooing techniques / microblading  techniques, creating new eyebrows, lifting the eyebrow tail with Botulinum or filling methods, and eyebrow lifting with the threads method are the most common methods. 

      However, since the effects of these procedures are short, patients tend to have the surgery again. So, which methods are used in the surgery? This surgery, which is performed with an incision on the eyebrow called direct eyebrow lift in Turkey, is a frequently used method. It is preferred in patient groups with sufficient number of eyebrow hairs. Because there should be sufficient amount of eyebrows to hide the scar that will occur due to the incision made. 

      Eyebrow Lift

      In male patients with a long eyebrow-scalp distance or who do not have hair, endoscopic methods made from the scalp will result in visible scarring, so this method is more applicable. The other  direct eyebrow lifting method, which is performed by removing the skin from the scalp; It is ideal for patients with insufficient eyebrow density, no hair problems, normal eyebrow-scalp distance, but who do not want general anesthesia or too invasive procedures. 

      These two direct eyebrow lifting methods can be performed under local anesthesia. In male patients with a long forehead and a lagging scalp, a coronal incision can be made across the entire forehead, and both eyebrow lifting and shortening of the eyebrow-scalp distance can be targeted. 

      Deep-plane eyebrow lifting using endoxop with small incisions on the temples and forehead is the most common and preferred for women. Apart from these, an eyebrow lifting method is also used, which is done through the eyelid surgery incision.

      Eyebrow Lift

      Is eyebrow lift aesthetics necessary for droopy eyebrows?

      Today, brow drooping is addressed in a variety of ways. While women used to hide this situation by drawing with a pencil in the past, today they can draw more raised eyebrows with tattoo techniques. However , other investigations  continue among women due to reasons such as not being effective for everyone , having to be repeated frequently , having a quick effect , the fact that the original eyebrow hairs continue to protrude from the bottom and must be removed continuously. 

      Botulinum Injections is another frequently used method. It inactivates the depressor muscles of the eyebrow and raises the eyebrow with the logic of pulling the eyebrow upwards by dominating the elevator muscles. Its effect lasts for four-six months, it should be repeated at intervals. Thread suspension methods are another method. The eyebrows are stretched upwards with the help of threads that are passed to the skin around the eyebrow tail, just under the skin. 



      However , since its effect is only on the skin, and the deep tissues are not separated from the bone and the ligaments connecting to the bone , the skin that rises always fails to the subcutaneous deep tissues and the ligaments holding the eyebrow and returns to its former place in a short time. 

      This is why deep-plane endoscopic brow lift surgery is performed. The deep tissues under the eyebrow skin are separated from the bone, the ligaments holding the eyebrow in place are cut, and the eyebrow, deep tissue, and periosteum are lifted up in blocks and suspended on the bone and muscle sheath. Thus, the result will be more permanent and more effective.

      Is a brow lift combined with other operations?

      All cosmetic surgeries on the face can be performed in combination, and we can combine eyebrow lifting surgery with a facelift, rhinoplasty, bichectomy, lip lift, eyelid aesthetics, and fox eye surgeries. It is most commonly combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or fox eye (almond eye) surgery. One reason for eyelid drooping is the stretching of the eyelid skin, while the other reason is that excess skin, which we call dermatochalasia, accumulates on the eyelid margin due to eyebrow droop.

      Therefore, if we are going to treat the eyelid, we will only solve the eyelid part by removing the excess in the eyelid; if we want to solve the other reason, eyebrow lifting surgery in Turkey should be added to this surgery. That’s why brow lift surgery and eyelid aesthetics are two operations that are often performed together. 

      The operation, also called fox eye or almond eye, can be done with external incisions, or the edge of the eye can be lifted up with an endoscope through the same incision as the brow lift. Brow lift surgery and forehead lift surgery are also frequently combined surgeries.

      Eyebrow Lift

      Ask Our Experts!

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      What is the best age to have a brow lift?

      It just depends on when the brow is low enough for the procedure to be effective; browlifts are not indicated by age.

      What type of results can I expect?

      The results of a brow lift procedure can be mild or striking. The surgical goals stated during your consultation will determine your unique results.

      How do the results and recovery differ between an endoscopic and open browlift?

      The open browlift can maintain a higher elevation of the brows and has a tendency to be much more dramatic. However, there is a lot more swelling, a scar across the top of the head, and frequently numbness in the scalp’s back.

      What are the risks associated with brow lifts?

      Despite the low likelihood of serious risks and complications, all surgeries carry a certain amount of risk. Some patients experience anesthesia-related side effects or facial tissue injuries.