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Thick Skin Rhinoplasty

In this week’s article, we discussed the details of thick skin rhinoplasty surgery. Please contact us for thick skin rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. We wish you good reading.

What is Thick Skin Rhinoplasty?

Thick skin rhinoplasty involves mild or extensive thinning and reshaping of the nose. Small-scale procedures performed on noses with thick skin may not have an effective power in appearance. For this reason, structural rhinoplasty techniques are often preferred in thick skin rhinoplasty, but techniques can be differentiated according to the aesthetic needs of the person.

People with thick nasal skin are more likely to be from ethnic backgrounds such as South East Asian, Hispanic or African. However, it is not always correct to generalize completely. You can also visit the relevant link to learn about ethnic rhinoplasty.

Does Thick Skin Affect Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty aims to change the structure of the nose, so the condition of the skin also affects the course of the aesthetics. Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic that processes the cartilage and bone tissue of the nose in fine detail. In order for the preoperative rhinoplasty to be perfect, each procedure is structurally planned within the framework of the wishes. In this direction, the structure of the skin is important. The thickness of the skin affects the structure of the tissues inside the nose and the quality of the area to be improved, thus affecting the basic function of rhinoplasty.

What Can Affect Skin Thickness?

The main cause of thick nasal skin is, of course, genetics. We get the basic appearance of our nose from the genetics of our origins.

Due to aging, collagen levels in the skin begin to decrease and skin damage occurs. Therefore, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. The nose structure evolves towards thinning and sagging.

Prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun affects the thick skin structure. The skin wears out over time due to the sun’s rays.

Who Gets Thick Skin Rhinoplasty?

People who want to reduce the nose structure and achieve a more refined appearance prefer thick skin rhinoplasty. For thick skin rhinoplasty surgery, people must be over the age of 18 and their body health must be sufficient for the procedure. Thick skin rhinoplasty surgery is not performed on people with risk disorders in body health.

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

The recovery process after thick skin rhinoplasty is similar to traditional nose surgery. Edema and swelling on the face are experienced for the first 2 weeks after the surgery. It is important to eat a healthy diet for the edema to pass in a healthy way. The final results of thick skin rhinoplasty will gradually become evident after a minimum of 6 months. It is important and necessary to use the creams recommended by the specialist after thick skin rhinoplasty and to adopt a healthy life until the final recovery.

Edema of patients with thick nasal skin may take a little longer after rhinoplasty. Because the fat layer under the thick nose causes the edema to hold for a while. However, there is no dangerous side effect.

How Thin Skin Can Affect Your Rhinoplasty

A thick nasal structure is one of the main factors affecting the final outcome of rhinoplasty. A thick nasal structure can affect rhinoplasty both positively and negatively. However, negative situations do not have risky consequences. The weight of the thick skin may cause the tip of the nose to point downwards. However, the specialist rhinoplasty doctor ensures that all these possible complications or difficulties are avoided. However, thick nasal skin helps to shape the skin more comfortably during rhinoplasty and can relieve the doctor’s functions.

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty Cost

Thick skin rhinoplasty cost varies according to the country where the procedure will be performed and the experience of the doctor. When analyzed worldwide, it is possible to see that thick skin rhinoplasty costs in Turkey are more affordable. So, how much are thick skin rhinoplasty prices in Turkey; what are the factors affecting the prices? Thick skin rhinoplasty prices in Turkey are determined according to the doctor, specialization, surgical technique and additional services. Please contact us for affordable personalized thick skin rhinoplasty prices.

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey

The experienced rhinoplasty doctor improves the nose with thick skin with meticulous workmanship. Specialist rhinoplasty doctor Hasan Duygulu evaluates your skin type before rhinoplasty. During the physical examination, he plans the thick skin rhinoplasty steps that are healthy for you and shares them with you. If you are considering having a thick skin rhinoplasty in Turkey; do not hesitate to contact us at the first opportunity. It is always possible to access detailed preliminary information on our Rhinoplasty in Turkey service page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The thick-skinned nose has a more fleshy structure and has wide nose wings.

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