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When should you have a revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty treatment may be preferred when the patient’s unwanted results are obtained after rhinoplasty. The reasons for performing revision nose surgery can be divided into different categories. These categories can be listed as follows;

Minor problems category: Revision nose surgery can be preferred when there are minor irregularities on the nasal dorsum and mild asymmetry problems at the tip of the nose.

· Moderate problems category: Revision nose surgery can be preferred when there are asymmetry and irregularities that negatively affect nasal breathing.

· Major problems category: Revision rhinoplasty may be preferred in cases where there are severe asymmetry and deformities that may adversely affect nasal breathing, along with loss or deterioration in cartilage or bone structures.

How is Revision Nose Surgery Performed?

Is revision rhinoplasty more painful?

Revision rhinoplasty is not as painful as the first rhinoplasty, since the nose structure is not altered as much as the first rhinoplasty. However, revision rhinoplasty includes a very broad category of operations, from making minor changes at the tip to correcting a small lump, to completely overhauling and repairing all cartilage and bones. In other words, the pain process differs according to different situations or the types of operations to be performed.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

In order to determine the price of revision nose surgery, the person who wants to have aesthetic surgery should be examined by a specialist surgeon, because some respiratory problems may need to be resolved in addition to revision nose surgery. In short, the price of revision nose surgery varies according to the needs of the patients due to the different nose structure. For the price of revision nose surgery, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor.

Revision nose surgery, one of the aesthetic surgeries, can be applied to patients living in Turkey as well as patients coming from abroad for surgery. Detailed information about how many days the patient should stay in Turkey before and after the surgery can be provided by the clinic.

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