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Lip lift in turkey

Lip-lift in Turkey (types and costs)

The Lip-Lift Procedure, or Upper Lip Lift, is a lip enhancement surgical procedure, more commonly known as the philtrum, that can help reduce the distance or length of tissue between your nose and lips. Lip-lift surgery is a permanent lip treatment, in contrast to the temporary results of using lip augmentation, and may even give better results in some cases. Thanks to Lip lift, you get a younger look.

If you want your lips to look fuller and younger, but do not want to have fillings frequently, this method will be good for you. As you get older, your ligaments and skin lose their elasticity and begin to sag. Lip Lift reduces this appearance.

However, the long filtrum isn’t just a problem that affects aging skin. Some people are born with a relatively long philtrum, which makes their lips look thin. Lip augmentation does not help with this because the vertical length of the lips is limited. Lips can be enlarged without making them look like duck lips.

The lip lift process not only increases the amount of visible pink lip tissue, but also makes the upper middle teeth more visible, especially when the lips are resting, giving you all you need to create the perfect smile.

Types of Lip Lifts

  1. ITALIAN LIP LIFT: The skin is cut under both nostrils, then the upper and lower parts are sutured and the wound is closed. Few scars are left just under the nose. Thus, upper lip becomes thicker and the distance between the lip and the nose decreases.
  2. BULL-HORN (SUBNASAL) LIP LIFT: This surgery is named as bull horn because the skin is cut under the nose in the shape of a bull horn. Then the upper and lower parts are sewn. There are very few scars under the nose, the lip grows and the distance between the lip and the nose decreases.
  3. GULL-WING ( DIRECT ) LIP LIFT : Lips are enlarged by cutting the lip line, that is, where we normally draw with a lip liner. It can also be applied to the lower lip. However, it is not preferred as it is more difficult to hide the trace.
  4. CORNER LIP LIFT: It is an operation performed on the lip edges. It is mostly applied to patients with lower lip edges. It is made by taking small triangular incisions from the lip edge (Oral Commisure) towards the Vermillion. However, just like in Gull-wing, it must be done carefully as the trace will be very obvious.

Risks and Complications of Lip-Lift Procedure

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood or hematoma accumulation
  • Nerve injury or damage
  • Damage to nearby structures
  • Apparent scar
  • Poor wound healing

Lip lift is a surgical procedure and as with all surgical procedures, there are several risks and complications associated with it. Some of the side effects of the lip lift procedure have been mentioned above.

Many of these risks and complications can be reduced by opting for a lip lift procedure under the supervision of a board-certified specialist plastic surgeon.

How Lip-lift is operated?

Lip-lift is a surgical procedure performed in the operating room. The surgeon removes the excess skin under the nose and shapes the lips. The procedure takes about 40 minutes and is performed under general or often local anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition. As a result, the upper lip appears larger and the filter becomes shorter. Lip lift usually leaves no trace. The scars are hidden under the natural skin under the nose. The scar formed under the nose disappears over time, acquires the relevant skin color and is almost never seen.

Lip lift cost in turkey

Lip Lift process worldwide varies between $3500 and $6500.

Lip Lift prices in Turkey vary between $ 1500 and $ 2000

Due to the fact that Turkey has developed in the health sector, many patients prefer Turkey for aesthetic treatment procedures. Patients can both have a pleasant time in the country and return to their daily lives by getting their procedures done in a short time.

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