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Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Types of nose in nasal surgery are divided into such types as African, Asian, Eastern and Caucasian. Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey is a specialized rhinoplasty technique performed for individuals with different nasal characteristics such as Caucasian, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latino. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a more individual approach, depending on the ethnicity. Therefore, there are special anatomical features that must be taken into account in the process of rhinoplasty operation. Usually, nose augmentation and cartilage insertion operations are performed in patients of Asian and African-American origin, while nose reduction operations are performed for patients of Caucasian origin. Especially when it comes to Asian noses that lack cartilage, cartilage transplants are often performed that change the structure of the nose and shape its appearance according to the patient’s wishes. In the past, it was thought that these noses could not be operated on. However, with the development of sophisticated reconstruction and correction techniques, noses with weak cartilage can also now be treated.

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey is an aesthetic nose surgery performed to change the appearance of the nose of individuals with different facial anatomy, including different ethnic groups or even in the same ethnic group. The anatomy of the nose of patients may be different, as well as the thickness of the skin and the speed of recovery, the shape of the nasal cartilage and the shape of the nostrils will also differ. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a method that also includes elements such as nose augmentation and cartilage insertion to correct a flattened nose, nostrils, or various aesthetic defects. Ethnic rhinoplasty is usually; it is practiced for patients of Latin American, Far Eastern or African descent.

Who Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Suitable For? 

Patients with a very small and flat nose, a nose imbalance incompatible with the structure of the chin and forehead, wide nostrils, low disproportionate or excessively upturned nostrils are suitable for Ethnic Rhinoplasty.

Who Can Have Ethnic Nose Aesthetic Surgery? 

The types of nose suitable for ethnic rhinoplasty can be listed as follows; those with a very small, very flat nose, if there is an imbalance of the nose that is incompatible with the structure of the chin and forehead, if there are wide nostrils, conditions that impair the aesthetic appearance of the nose, such as width and length. Patients with common nasal features such as drooping, disproportionate, asymmetrical noses, bulbous nose tips, and excessively upturned nose are also suitable candidates for this operation. As with other nose operations, ethnic rhinoplasty cannot be performed in children who have not completed nasal development, patients must be at least 15 years of age.

What are The Advantages?  

In ethnic rhinoplasty, the application of closed techniques that minimize tissue damage and thus protect the anatomical structures of the nose in the most effective way ensures much more successful and natural results. Rhinoplasty was a rather difficult operation in the past due to the fact that the technology has not yet been developed, and the healing process was also quite long. But as a result of technological advances, rhinoplasty operations can now be performed quite easily and successfully by doctors. The degree of difficulty of the operation depends on the problems that are present in the nose.

How is Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey Performed? 

It can be performed by experienced surgeons who require extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of facial standards of different ethnicities. The study includes more subtle surgical techniques than other methods of rhinoplasty. In these operations, materials such as grafts and implants may be required to obtain a more prominent and upturned nose structure. To obtain a nose that matches the patient’s face shape and ethnicity, reliable implants with natural texture and pores are used. As a result of ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey, the patient’s facial features are balanced without suppressing the patient’s ethnic origin. It can reshape the shape of the nose and improve the appearance; achieve a significant change in contour. The face is made symmetrical, the patient’s eyes, chin, cheeks and other facial features are redefined. The patient’s mood and self-confidence improve, and breathing problems, cartilage curvatures and other structural defects can also be corrected with rhinoplasty.

Afro-American Rhinoplasty

A successful Afro American Rhinoplasty is more detailed than a standard nose job in Turkey. That is why it requires more precision and care. Despite the widespread misconceptions, the African American nose shape has several differences. As for the surgical procedure of black rhinoplasty, there are various cosmetic surgery techniques that are used to change the nose, rejuvenate it, and restore the appearance around the nose. Afro American Rhinoplasty in Turkey vary depending on the characteristics of the nose to achieve a personalized result. Patients whose ancestors were from a certain part of the African continent may have a flatter nose and wider nostrils. But people from other regions have a higher bridge of the nose and a pronounced tip of the nose.

The Aim in Afro-American Rhinoplasty   

Instead of focusing on creating a uniform nose on noses of African-American ethnicity, a nose shaping operation should be planned that reveals the natural beauty of the ethnicity. For this reason, closed rhinoplasty technique is preferred to protect the anatomical structures of the nose and ensure that it has a natural appearance in rhinoplasty operations to be performed in African-American patients. Each breed has its own unique aesthetic characteristics. Although not every member of a particular race shares these characteristics, sometimes they choose plastic surgery to replace them. Types of rhinoplasty are a popular method of treatment among Dec with a broad nose of ethnic characteristics. Many patients of African and Asian origin consider cosmetic rhinoplasty to reduce the width from one end of the nostrils to the other. It is very important that your surgeon modulates his approach to the individual anatomical components of your nose. Your surgeon should not change your nose more than a point that will greatly change your appearance.

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